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Meet the Full Throttle Rock Team

The Rock Man





This will sound corny and cliché but I really don’t care because I know it is true. Music is as important to me as breathing oxygen. I can’t imagine life without it. It is my fortress of solitude, where I go to escape or find peace, maybe even my best friend - that is what it means to me.
My musical journey began in the early 1980s, the first record I bought was Billy Idol – Rebel Yell, back in 1983. To this day I still consider that album as one of the top five greatest rock albums ever.

From there I graduated to Van Halen, Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister. I had been bitten by the hard rock/metal bug and my appetite for more grew stronger and stronger.   

I began my career in radio straight out of school with Gippsland FM where I was the producer/presenter of “Rock The Hard Way” – a weekly show dedicated to melodic hard rock and metal.
I spent 10 years at the station before moving to Melbourne where Full Throttle Rock was born.  Originally running on community radio as a weekly 2 hour energetic thrill ride through the world of melodic hard rock and classic metal, Full Throttle Rock shifted gears and joined UK’s Get Ready to ROCK! Radio in 2008.
Much like Rock The Hard Way, Full Throttle Rock was born out of a passion to share a love of classic rock, hard rock and metal with others that longed to hear music on the radio that wasn’t accepted by the mainstream.
In 2013 Full Throttle Rock online was launched, combining my love of music and writing. Like the radio shows, the aim of this venture is to bring hard rock and metal fans together to share news, opinions and a love for this music. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy presenting it to you.
Rock on!

Dave Smiles

Australian Correspondent



My name’s Dave and I’m 33 years old. I’ve lived in Melbourne Australia my whole life.


When I was about eight two things happened, without which I might have turned out ‘normal.’ One was seeing the movie Robocop, the other was hearing Guns N Roses. Twenty-five years later and I can say I’ve been drawn back to each of these every single year.


Over the years I’ve ventured into different styles of metal, but I always return to the classic hard rock of the seventies and eighties. The older I get the more I shudder of what is happening to music, but I don’t think all hope is lost yet. There will always be kids who seek out creative and honest music, kids who will be into a band for life, not just a trend.


While I love metal, I also like blues and some jazz. Passion and energy will always been the basis of good music.


I love collecting albums on CD and vinyl and I can honestly say that I’ve never downloaded a song.


I’ve been playing guitar since I was fifteen, and I’m a bit of a music theory geek.

Juliano Mallon

Brazilian Correspondent



"My name's Juliano Mallon, born in 1972 and raised in Brazil. My passion for music begun in the late 70s and when I was around 8 years old I bought my first album. It was a compilation that featured songs by Peter Frampton, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Toto, Asia and more. And I never stopped buying music since then.


Many albums and concerts later, I decided to start a blog about rock.


So, in 2007, the now defunct AORShrine came to be, 100% dedicated to AOR/Melodic Rock. But it was short lived, having lasted only a couple of years. I changed some things, added a few ideas and on April 2009 the AORWatchTower (http://aorwatchtower.blogspot.com) was born.


Still operational, it is one of the few blogs dedicated to AOR/Melodic Rock in Brazil. It features exclusive interviews, weekly album reviews - the Recommendation Of The Week - and daily updates.


And now I'm proud to become a member of the Full Throttle Rock team. I hope I can bring something to the table and help spread the word on all things AOR/Melodic Rock. Hope to see you soon... Rock on :)"


Antony Scholefield
Australian Correspondent

To be honest, I couldn't hit the right note on the triangle. Despite my personal lack of talent, however, I've spent my still-quite-short life surrounded by music, especially '80s, '70s, and '60s rock.

I fell into music writing after a stint at an Adelaide mag, where I was handpassed from the high-nosed political section to reviews. I suspect I had a lot more fun than everyone I left behind.

It was during this time that I developed my approach to reviews. There are four things to remember: What do I like? What will everyone else like? What is actually good? And what's the difference? Also, sometimes you need to grit your teeth and forget the first one.

The plan has worked, so far. I've published music reviews, music news, music feature articles, and music lists. I've also watched a lot of AFL, played a lot of poker, and taken a lot of experimental photos with my DSLR. Yes, that picture of me is one of them.

My personal taste in music is very broad. Nowadays, instead of listing two dozen bands, I give people my "dream team" group: Steven Tyler on vocals, Joe Satriani on lead, Malcolm Young on rhythm, Duff McKagan on bass, and John Bonham on drums. Probably won't happen, but still...