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CJ SNARE: Why FIREHOUSE Fans Shouldn't Hold Their Breath For New Music

Posted on May 15, 2019 at 9:05 PM

In a recent interview with "Another FN Podcast", FIREHOUSE singer CJ Snare was asked if there are any plans for the band to release new music. "That's a good question," he replied (hear audio below). "It comes up often. I think that the inkling is there. We're together a lot, 'cause FIREHOUSE never stops touring, and we talk about this all the time.


"I think if we can find the right riff, the right hook," he continued. "Because we have kind of a sound, we have a bit of a legacy and some sterling songs that are indelibly stamped in time, and we don't wanna diminish that in any way, shape or form. Of course, as an artist, you have to also have the testicular fortitude to put your head out there on the chopping block; you've just gotta go for it. So we have entertained the idea of possibly doing a single."


Snare went on to say that releasing new music is "not what it used to be. I don't know that it sells any more concert tickets.


"Do you like hearing new music from older bands? Do you really wanna hear them play that in their set at a show, or would you prefer to hear the old classic standards? And that's part of the discussion when FIREHOUSE is entertaining the idea of doing new music.

"Has Frontiers Records approached us? Of course they have," Snare admitted. "Have we entertained the idea? Of course we have. But we think about it, and it's, like, we have such a large catalog of songs to draw on right now that we can bring out something from a more obscure album and people will think of it as a new song. 'I never heard that before. That was great.'


"I've gotta tell you, sometimes when [I see other older artists releasing new music], I'm going, 'Jeez, do I wanna take all that time and effort and energy and put it into that? And there's that artistic side of me that's, like, 'Absolutely! Hell yeah! Fuck yeah!' And then there's that other side of me, which is, like, 'And how will that fit into the set of the nuts and bolts and the day to day of what we're doing out here on the road?'"


FIREHOUSE hasn't released a studio album since 2011's "Full Circle", which featured re-recorded versions of some of the band's older songs. The group's last collection of new material, "Prime Time", came out in 2003.


FIREHOUSE reached stardom during the early '90s with hits like "Reach For The Sky", "Don't Treat Me Bad" and "All She Wrote", as well as its signature power ballads "I Live My Life for You", "Love Of A Lifetime" and "When I Look Into Your Eyes".

Check out the interview here:

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