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Interview: Robert Sall - Work Of Art

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 7:45 PM

Interview with Robert Sall

By Juliano Mallon

Swedish trio Work Of Art is now well established as one of the best AOR acts on this day and age. With three awesome albums under their belt, filled with catchy and powerful songs, guitarist/songwriter Robert Säll stands out as the brain of the band. And with the recent release of “Framework”, I decided to contact Säll for a talk about their latest album, their career, a quick look back to the past and a glimpse of what the future holds for Work Of Art.

Now that “Framework” is out and getting excellent reviews around the globe, what are your views on this album?

ROBERT SÄLL: I think it is a worthy follow up to our two previous albums. While we were working on it, I didn't really know if it would live up to the standards of our earlier albums but now, after a couple of months have passed since its release, I really enjoy it!


How would you compare it to its two predecessors, musically speaking?

ROBERT SÄLL: Basically I think it stays within the same style and direction as those two previous albums. But I think we play, sing and produced it a little better and hopefully the songs are a little better as well. I tried to write more catchier choruses for this album for example. Our goal was to take the best elements from "Artwork" and "In Progress"and just make the best WOA album we possibly could.


The japanese bonus track “On The Edge Of Time” is awesome. Who decides what songs will be included in the tracklist and what is left off? And who gets to pick the bonus tracks?

ROBERT SÄLL: We decided on the bonus track ourselves and it was a mutual decision between me, Herman and Lars. "On The Edge Of Time" was a track that we didn't record until the very last minute and I believe Lars recorded the vocals and mixed it two day before we mastered the album. So really, that track was quickly written and recorded but I think it turned out pretty okay.


You have a whole lot of great music written for Work Of Art. What would be your favorites, from all three albums?

ROBERT SÄLL: Ah, it's really difficult to choose but okay, two songs from every record: Why Do I?, Camilia, The Great Fall, One Step Away, Time To Let Go & Shout Till You Wake Up. Ask me tomorrow and I probably would choose different songs!


What is easier for you: writing by yourself or with some collaborator? Why?

ROBERT SÄLL: Sometimes it is easier when you write with a collaborator because you can bounce ideas back and forth and finish a song much quicker. But I usually find it much more rewarding to write on my own and let the song come to life in its own pace. Song writers work differently but for me, it is kind of a personal process.


Is there any songs written for another artist or band that you wish WOA had recorded? If so, which one(s) and why?

ROBERT SÄLL: Probably "Elaine" that I wrote for Fergie Frederiksen or "Worth Fighting For" that I wrote for the Kimball/Jamison album. I think those would really have fitted on a WOA album and Lars demo vocals on those tracks were so incredibly good…but then again, they always are. But having said that, I'm really happy that those track ended up on those albums and I love how Fergie, Bobby and Jimi sang on those tracks. I feel really blessed that I got the chance to write for those guys, especially for Jimi and Fergie who sadly passed last year.


Talking about songs, are there many unreleased material? And if so, do you plan to make it available someday?

ROBERT SÄLL: Not really, there are a couple of songs that didn't make it to any the albums but for a good reason, they just weren't good enough. And usually the songs that didn't make it to an album usually turns up on the next album in an improved version. For example, "Fall Down" was a song that didn't' make to "Artwork" but ended up on "In Progress" with new verses. "Natalie" was a left over from "In Progress" that ended up on "Framework" with a new chorus.


You’re gonna tour in support of the new album. Where is the band going, so far?

ROBERT SÄLL: Spain in May for three dates and then Väsby Rock Festival here in Stockholm in July.


Is there a chance of any of those concerts be recorded for a future DVD release and/or a live album?

ROBERT SÄLL: I don't think so. We've only played like six or seven shows all together so far so playing live is still pretty new to us. I think we would need a lot more shows under our belts before we sound and perform good enough to record anything.


Back in 2011, when we last talked prior to the release of “In Progress”, you told me that Work Of Art had an idea of releasing three albums. Since they’ve all been released, what are the plans for the band?

ROBERT SÄLL: What I meant was that when we started this band, way back in the early nineties when we still were teenagers, we use to day dream about some day becoming rock stars. We made all kinds of grand plans the way you do when you're at that age. And one thing we figured out was the names for the three first albums. And actually, we stuck to that plan, at least for our two first albums. "Framework" we wanted to name "Piece of Work" but we changed that to shorter and more memorable "Framework".

Robert, it has been a pleasure talking to you again. I wish you even more success and I can’t wait to hear more music from WOA.

ROBERT SÄLL: Thank you, Juliano. I want to say hello and THANK YOU to all our wonderful fans. You are the reason this band keeps going and I really hope to see you on the road one of these days.


For more information about Work Of Art visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/workofart


Work Of Art – Framework is available on Frontiers Records.


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