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Album Review: Nickelback - No Fixed Address

Posted on December 11, 2014 at 11:15 PM

Nickelback – No Fixed Address

Written by The Rock Man


For reasons that I simple cannot fathom, no other band in music history has polarised public opinion like Nickelback. I guess a strong case could also be made for Creed; but that is another argument for another time. Over the course of their eighteen year journey Nickelback have fought hard for their success, and since their breakthrough Silver Side Up album of 2001 they have sold in excess of 50 million albums worldwide, had numerous Billboard Hot 100 Top 20 singles, toured the world extensively and yet appear to be the most hated band on the planet. If I may borrow a line from Denzel Washington in his 1993 film Philadelphia, “Explain this to me like I’m a five year old”.

What is it about this band that brings out the venom in people? Well whatever it is the haters better get ready to vent some more because the Canadian rockers have just released their eighth studio album, No Fixed Address, and it is full to the brim of all the things that infuriate the non converted.

The opening track of any Nickelback album takes off like a bullet from a gun which leaves the listener in no doubt what they are in for, and again on No Fixed Address the band employs this strategy with Million Miles An Hour. This is a full steam ahead ditty about … well, getting high quite frankly. Edge Of A Revolution is far more serious in subject matter and is the album's lead single. It is classic Nickelback as they execute driving, edgy guitars over thunderous drums while frontman Chad Kroeger rallies for social change in the modern world.

Expect What Are You Waiting For? to be a single as well. The sentiment behind this track is pretty basic and straight forward, what is it in your life that is stopping you from reaching your goals or living your life to the full? It is also the first of three mid-tempo ballads. Of all the tracks on No Fixed Address, She Keeps Me Up is the most interesting as it features this 1970's boogie guitar feel throughout the song. It also features Ali Tamposi on guest vocals. Tamposi is responsible for writing hits for Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, One Direction and Christina Aguilera, so her inclusion on this track may seem odd at first but her vocal abilities suit this track and its style.

Get ‘Em Up is a hilarious tale about a robbery gone wrong as Kroeger laments “The only thing I wish that one of us had known/That it was Sunday and the God damn bank was closed/Too bad we didn’t see the cops across the street/We dropped our guns and tried to run/And there went all our dreams”. Got Me Runnin’ Round is somewhat Lenny Kravits in attitude with its horn, trumpet and saxophone arrangements. The track also features a mid-section rap from Flo Rida which I thought was not necessary but it does not diminish the song. The album comes to a conclusion with the foot stomping rocker Sister Sin.

For me the beauty of Nickelback is their short, sharp, straight to the point approach. Is it repetitive and predictable? Sure. But that is what I want from my bands, does anyone really want AC/DC for example to sound any different? If you are looking for music that will expand your mind or leave you with thought provoking moments you are probably better off listening to Pink Floyd. For those looking for a rockin’ good time you really cannot go past Nickelback, and No Fixed Address hits the spot just nicely. This record won’t win over any of the haters that is for sure, but it will satisfy those devotees of the band. Good job boys!

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