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Album Review: Tango Down - Charming Devil

Posted on October 11, 2014 at 9:05 PM

Tango Down – Charming Devil

Written by The Rock Man


When I first heard about Tango Down I must admit I honestly had no idea who or what they were about. Over the course of a year so many albums come out, so many bands and side projects are formed, and from time to time some things just simply fall through the cracks. For me Tango Down was one of those bands. Then I heard about former Accept/Bangalore Choir frontman David Reece’s involvement and I suddenly had newfound motivation to get up to speed to what I would learn is an amazing band.

In 2005 the band released Take One with Phil Naro on lead vocals. A follow up release in 2009 titled Damage Control would see the band change lead vocals for a second time with Alex Barbeiri handling the mic duties. For the next record the band would turn to Reece to sing on the 2012 masterpiece Identity Crisis. I suspect long term fans could only wonder if the band would change singers for a third time on their next release. Thankfully a period of stability has come to the band’s vocal ranks and Reece has returned to lead them on their brilliant new album Charming Devil.

When Reece joined the band his vocal versatility allowed the band to redefine the parameters and boundaries that they could work in. On Charming Devil the band are able to up the ante and take the music to a new level with stunning results. Bad Reputation kicks of this 10 track collection of gems with big meaty guitars, a chest bounding rhythm section and the effortless soulful crunch of Reece’s vocals. The title track is simply superb. The price of the album is worth it for this track alone, a definite highlight for sure. As Reece boldly states “I’m a serpent that you can’t resist” and he is right, you can’t. The albums great opening is backed up by Tunnel Vision which has a solid punchy groove to it and very catchy chorus, which stays with you long after you have put the album away. Too Many Roads is a big, big ballad. Everything on the track appears to be larger than life, the guitars, the drums, the lead vocals and wall to wall gang vocals.

New Addiction deals with addiction from the drug’s point of view which I though was great writing all around, singing in defiance “Welcome to your new addiction/Welcome to the pain”. There is a long line of hard rock songs about love gone south, I’m Done Loving You is another to be added to the list. On this track Reece is matter of fact in his position as he harmonizes “I’m done loving you baby/I've been through this game before/I'm done loving you/I got lucky when I left you”. Nothing But Rain brings the album to a close and is the second ballad featured on the record. I found this track to be a nice way to wrap up things. Like everything on the album it is full of big warm sounds, both vocally and musically.

Scott ‘Rif’ Miller is the main axeman in Tango Down and his playing on this record is exquisite. His technique is well executed and at times bares a striking resemblance to Zakk Wylde. If I did not know Miller was in the band I would swear it was Wylde playing guitar especially on Change My World and I’m Done Loving You. The band introduces us to its new bass player in Ronnie Parkes who along with original drummer Keith Michaels delivers a solid foundation for the songs. And with the talent of Reece leading the way this is one band to keep an eye on. Charming Devil is a very classy album by a very classy act.

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