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Album Review: Theory Of A Deadman - Savages

Posted on October 11, 2014 at 8:50 PM

Theory Of A Deadman – Savages

Written by The Rock Man


For thirteen years Canadian rockers Theory Of A Deadman have successfully been going about their business. The band have released a number of top shelf masterpieces, scored seven Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and toured extensively. Some may even suggest that they are carbon copies of countrymen Nickelback, yet I cannot recall a time when Theory Of A Deadman have been spoken about with the same venom and spite that Nickelback are. In any case, Theory Of A Deadman are far from being a Nickelback clone, the band has worked hard to establish its own identity which is proudly on display on their new studio record Savages.

The intent of any Theory Of A Deadman album is to kick you in the teeth with its edgy hard rock approach, Savages, the band’s fifth release is no different. Drown is the opening cut and from the get-go takes no prisoners with its dark, grinding, chugging guitar sound and is a good indicator of what is to come. Blow is social commentary and pure comedy gold, I seriously could not stop laughing when I heard the lyrics to this track. It might be more of a reflection of my sense of humour but check this out as vocalist Tyler Connolly declares, “The lovable NRA, they're totally to blame/The only people to actually have a "give your kid a gun" day/The governments a joke, a fuckin sinking boat/But hey, don't complain, you're the one who cast the vote/Kanye West says rock is dead, I guess he's off his meds again/He lost his mind, about the time he got with that Kardashian/What happened to De Niro/Reality stars are heroes/It's the proof that our IQs has finally dropped to zero”.

The title track is a go-for-the-throat rocker which features guest vocals from shock rock legend Alice Cooper and would have been at home on Cooper’s 2000 album Brutal Planet. Misery Of Mankind and Salt In The Wound pour on the power and aggressive attitude. As they have done before on previous albums the band find time to shift gears with the ballads Angel and The One. These tracks are very radio friendly and slightly Nickelback-ish is tone for those insisting on comparisons, but relax Nickelback haters they are the only two.

Heavy is just that - heavy; and an awesome salute to hard rock/metal music. An unexpected turn was the country rock sounding Livin’ My Life Like A Country Song. At this stage let me point out that I am no fan of country music, yet somehow this really works and to my surprise I enjoyed the track. Towards the back end of the album it is back to the grinding heavy rockers with World War Me and The Sun Has Set On Me.

Savages was a thoroughly enjoyable listen and I think darker in sound than previous work. If you are new to Theory Of A Deadman I suggest taking a listen to some of their earlier work like Theory Of A Deadman or Gasoline for instance before taking a listen to Savages as a way of tracking the band’s progress to this point. For long time hardcore fans of the band, Savages will have you drooling with pure delight.

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