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Album Review: Work Of Art - Framework

Posted on September 7, 2014 at 10:20 PM

Work Of Art – Framework

Written by Juliano Mallon


The year 2008 saw the Swedish trio Work Of Art debut in the universe of good sounds. Since then, the band released two awesome albums, filled with classy, sophisticated AOR and left their fans waiting for more. Well, in Spetember this issue will be solved with the release of “Framework”, the band’s eagerly awaited album that gives closure to the trilogy imagined by the band’s mastermind, guitarist, keyboardist and songwriter Robert Säll. Keeping intact all elements that became distinctive features of their music, Work Of Art’s third effort also brings a few surprises to the table making even better what was already incredible.

The album is filled with rockers - but carries one ballad at the very endo f the tracklist – and this helped define its identity. The guitars were given more room, but the keyboards are always around, just not with the same emphasis as we’re used to.

Talking about rockers, songs like "Time To Let Go", "How Will I Know?", "Can't Let Go" (the first song to be released by the band), "How Do You Sleep At Night?" and the beautiful "Hold On To Love"(that would fit in any Toto album) will blow your mind away!!! Soaring vocals by the always flawless Lars Säfsund show he’s a force to be reckoned with.

The excellent "Shout Till You Wake Up" reveals a little more weight in the arrangement (drums and bass, more speficially) and a surprising chorus. Bringing the band’s sound signature we have the catchy radio friendly AOR anthems "Over The Line", "Natalie" (what a chorus!!!) and "The Turning Point".

And t the very end there’s "The Waking Dream", a beautiful ballad filled with keyboards and guitars in a perfect mix.

With that being said, there’s very little room for more positive comments on “Framework”. I can assure you this album is a serious contender for any “Album Of The Year” award you can possibly think of. Not only Robert Säll and Lars Säfsund’s performances are irretocable (and I gotta give kudos to the excellent drummer Herman Furyn as well), the albums brings a very tight tracklist, with songs carrying their distinctive sound mixed with elements that made it more dynamic and diverse.

“Framework” is a mandatory title in your collection and a mandatory purchase.

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