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Album Review: Massive - Full Throttle

Posted on August 22, 2014 at 12:40 AM

Massive – Full Throttle

Written by Dave Smiles


As far as debut albums go Full Throttle is a killer! If you’re a fan of high energy rock n roll with great hooks, shredding guitar solos, tight performances and memorable songs then this is the album to check out. Eleven straight up hard rocking tracks from four guys who put everything they have into their music.

Massive consist of Brad Marr on vocals and guitar, Ben Laguda on lead guitar, Aidan McGarrigle on bass and Jarrod Medwin on drums. Having already honed their skills in various bands around Melbourne, these four hell raisers came together in mid-2012 to become Massive.

The album kicks off with Burn The Sun grabbing your attention with a quick driving beat, infectious and rocking. This is also a great opener for a live show. Hollywood follows, and if the first track didn’t get you to turn up the volume then this sure will. A fast paced song about life at the same speed.

Tracks like One By One and Big Trend Setter have the cool guitar riffs and anthem type chorus similar to days of old. While it’s a familiar sound, it’s been a too long since anyone has done it this well. These are fun, infectious songs that bring the band and audience together as one.

Dancefloor stands out, being both tongue-in-cheek and serious. A song about a rock band taking over a dance club can only bring a smile to your face. (And who said ‘you can’t dance to this shit?’)

Interestingly the two longest tracks on the album, Best of Both Worlds and Ghost, especially, would be perfectly suited for radio. They’re the type of songs you listen to in your car on the drive home from work. With the right exposure they could be ‘hits’ – if that’s even important these days. Ghost would be a perfect choice for a duet with Steven Tyler, but then Brad Marr does a damn good job on his own. This brings up another good point about Massive. This is the only instance within the album where you can say ‘Brad Marr sounds like someone else, which is common when people describe new bands. Everything gets compared to what has come before. His voice is perfectly suited to rock, but it’s unique. Another great example of his killer vocal skills is Now or Never; and in terms of the playing and song writing this track has some various textures and changes within its four minutes that run seamlessly into each other.

The album closes with Full Throttle, an all-out rocker with killer riffs and a killer solo. This is a great closer to an album and a live set. Just check out when the band kicks into double time before the solo!

You’ll find enough energy and joy of life on this album that you’ll be wanting more. This is Massive and this is Full Throttle.

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