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Album Review: Tarja Turunen - Left In The Dark

Posted on July 14, 2014 at 8:50 PM

Tarja Turunen – Left In The Dark

Written by Nicky Zardis


‘Left In The Dark’ is Tarja Turunen’s special release of alternative versions of the ‘Colours In The Dark’ album track list. Originally, ‘Left In The Dark’ was only available to those who had purchased a ticket for the ‘Colours In The Dark Tour 2014’ in selected countries. However, due to the success of the ‘Colours In The Dark’ album, reaching top ten in no less than twelve countries, it was decided that ‘Left In The Dark’ would be released on its own, on 4 July 2014.

You may think that an album of B Sides is not very interesting, offering nothing new but I assure you, that is not the case with this album.

The alternative versions of the ‘Colours In The Dark’ tracks are refreshingly significantly different enough to change the whole experience and feel of the album. Each track on this release offers something new and for fans of ‘Colours In The Dark,’ it will be a very exciting listen.

The album starts with the first demo of the song, ‘Victim Of Ritual.’ This is unquestionably a great song with a beautiful melody and a groovy catchy chorus. As this is the first demo of the song, there is less background music on the track than there is on the ‘Colours In The Dark’ version and I much prefer it. It paves the way for more exposure of Tarja’s deep powerful vocals that can now be heard more prominently. It is an enjoyable track to listen to and it is definitely different from the version released on ‘Colours In The Dark.’

My favourite track on the album has to be the live radio recording of ‘500 Letters,’ as I enjoyed listening to the story as it was being told, whilst the music was unfolding. The lyrics can be summed up with the desperate plea for an answer to ‘Why do you love me? Why do you want to hurt me?’ It is a well written track with a great melody and drama. Again, though both versions of the track are absolutely fantastic, I prefer this version, as there is less background music and I get to concentrate on the powerful lyrics more.

Overall, I think this album is pretty spot on and it will not disappoint fans; it offers demos, live radio, full orchestra, instrumental and solo versions of the ‘Colours In The Dark’ album. The tracks on the album are significantly different enough to make this album a worthwhile purchase. Each alternative version offers a different experience; offering a refreshingly different take on each track. It is a must buy for anyone who enjoyed the ‘Colours In The Dark’ album but also, I’d recommend it to any Tarja fan, as it is a great album showcasing Tarja’s magnificent vocals.

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