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Album Review: H.E.A.T. - Tearing Down The Walls

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 1:05 AM

H.E.A.T. – Tearing Down The Walls

Written by The Rock Man


When I first heard H.E.A.T. in 2008 on their debut self titled album I knew I was about to enter into a long lasting love affair with this group from Sweden. This was right up my alley combining elements of Europe, Danger Danger and Hardline to create an exciting brand of hard rock in a world dominated by symphonic metal bands and bubble gum pop divas.

The follow up album Freedom Rock would consolidate their status as a genuine hard rock force, but unfortunately they would part ways with original vocalist Kenny Leckremo. The band would introduce a new singer in Erik Gronwall and a new album with Address The Nation which would propel the band to a new level.

In 2014 the band raises the stakes again with their new 12 track masterpiece Tearing Down The Walls. The album kicks off with Point Of No Return, this track opens up with a nice acoustic piece at the beginning before launching into a seriously heavy and melodic guitar riff. It is clear the boys have come to play and play hard. The first single A Shot At Redemption follows and is a real rock radio friendly toe tapper, Inferno on the other hand is a foot to the floor melodic firecracker and possibly the paciest song I have heard the band perform. For a brief moment the album shifts gears with The Wreckoning which is a one minute introduction to Tearing Down The Walls, the first of two ballads.

The next batch of songs which include Mannequin Show, We Will Never Die and Emergency are full of melody and punch and really defines what the band does best. All The Nights is the second ballad and is quite moving with its simple vocal and piano approach, from here the album heads back into full on rock mode with Eye For An Eye which I found a real highlight. The foot stomping Enemy In Me and the easy rocking, clap along Laughing At Tomorrow round out what is a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

In terms of the musicianship displayed here, guitarist Eric Rivers pulls out some awesome face melting solos and memorable melodic riffs while singer Erik Gronwall’s vocal performance is flawless. Keyboardist Jona Tee creates some beautiful sounds and textures while the rhythm section and backbone of the band bassist Jimmy Jay and drummer Crash lay down some incredible grooves and rib cracking beats.

There is little doubt that when I look back at the end of the year that Tearing Down The Walls will be one of my standout highlights of 2014. H.E.A.T. knows who they are and they know what they do well and they execute that formula perfectly. If they continue to produce the quality of albums that they have thus far this band is going to have a long career, watch this space.

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