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Album Review: Gamma Ray - Empire Of The Undead

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 1:00 AM

Gamma Ray – Empire Of The Undead

Written by Nicky Zardis


Describing Gamma Ray’s latest release, ‘Empire of the Undead,’ as another great power metal album isn’t enough. Gamma Ray’s eleventh album may be described as one of the best albums the band has produced to date. Power metal doesn’t get better than this.


The album is packed with incredible and interesting tracks, which are certain to expand the band’s fan base. The album begins with the unusual opener, ‘Avalon,’ which has received rave reviews. ‘Avalon’ is a powerful track, beginning slowly and softly with a slightly eerie feel, before breaking into a thumping power metal tune that gradually builds up drama and eventually pace before the catchy, high energy chorus. With fierce ripping lead guitar, powerful riffs, strong guitar solos and vocals that create drama and intensity throughout the track, this a very entertaining song indeed and it will not disappoint.


‘Pale Rider’ is another fantastic track on the album and in fact, is my favourite. It begins with a strong rock beat and is reminiscent of an AC/DC track, with a magnificent catchy chorus that has hints of Lordi and reminders of Avantasia, this is an amazing track; the constant fast paced beat, great powerful raging riffs, mind-blowing solos, unrelenting drama and strong vocals, it an incredibly interesting track and like the first track, I immediately wanted to listen to it again and again, it’s incredible.


Other notable tracks on the album include, ‘Master of Confusion,’ which is a great track with a strong guitar solo. The constant variation in pace and shredding riffs on the track, make it another entertaining track. Likewise, ‘Built A World’ is an eventful track, which slowly builds to a magnificent powerful catchy chorus. While ‘Time for Deliverance’ is a lovely ballad, that showcases great guitar playing.


Overall, this is a fantastic, very well produced album with awesome tracks and is a must have for any power metal fan.

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