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Album Review: Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 12:50 AM

Iced Earth – Plagues Of Babylon

Written by Nicky Zardis


Iced Earth’s latest album ‘Plagues of Babylon,’ is the band’s second studio album with vocalist Stu Block and shows that the band are better than ever. The album has received rave reviews and reminds us of why the band have the respect and dedicated fan base that they have….because they earn it.


‘Plagues of Babylon’ is a fantastic opening track, I can’t stop listening to it; I must have listened to it four times in a row before writing this review. There is so much to the track, each listen makes me love it more and more. It’s jam packed with shredding earth trembling riffs, hard hitting drums and venomous vocals. The chorus is solid and even the accompanying official lyric video is fantastic, drawing us into the song with the lyrics, which are shown against a backdrop of the world the band has created with the music. It is definitely the best track on the album and showcases Iced Earth at its full force and strength.


Other classic Iced Earth tracks on the album include ‘Democide,’ ‘Among The Living’ and ‘The Culling,’ due to the masterful guitar playing and immense drummings on the tracks. The tracks showcase what the band does best, strong heavy raging guitar playing, fierce ripping riffs, relentless drums and strong chords. They are a truly high quality band.


There are also great slower tracks on the album, such as ‘Spirit of the Times,’ which has a beautiful emotional chorus and the ‘Highwayman’ cover, which was well done and an enjoyable listen.


Overall, this is a solid album with many fantastic tracks that show that after eleven studio albums and a relatively recent change of vocalist, the band haven’t run out of ideas and continue to sound as fresh and fierce as ever. This is a must have album for any Iced Earth fans and in fact, I’d recommend it to any metal fan, as it is one of the higher quality metal album releases of this year.

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