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Album Review: Night Ranger - High Road

Posted on June 1, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Night Ranger – High Road

Written by The Rock Man


There are some bands that have had a long career but only regurgitate the same album again and again and then there are those who are like a fine bottle of Penfolds Grange Hermitage they simply get better with age, the latter boys and girls, is Night Ranger. For over three decades Night Ranger has been synonymous with quality American hard rock and roll recording such iconic albums as Dawn Patrol, Midnight Madness and 7 Wishes, now in 2014 that same spirit is realized on their new album High Road.

The album opens up with the title track High Road. This is classic Night Ranger in attitude and tone with its high energy vibe and uplifting free spirited lyrics. This one you can put on in the car, hit the open road and crank up the volume, up next is Knock Knock Never Stop and again the spirit of the band is captured on this track. These first few opening tracks have been the bands stock in trade for over 30 years, Rollin’ On is another serious rocker that should keep the faithful satisfied while Don’t Live Here Anymore is the first ballad that features on this record. I’m Coming Home and X Generation pick up the pace once more and ooze melody and punch, Only For You Only is the second ballad on the album and starts with a nice piano intro, Sister Christian anyone? Hang On is a nice solid mid-temp rocker and that is followed by St. Bartholomews, which kicks off with an awesome drum/bass groove before a smoking guitar intro melts you face off, in short some very cool stuff and a definite highlight. The album comes to a close with Brothers which takes the foot off the gas and brings the album home in a more relaxed light tempo manner. The album is available in two formats, the standard 10 track album and a deluxe version which contains bonus tracks and bonus DVD featuring the making of the album and video clips.

In terms of the musicianship, anyone who has been a fan of the band for longer that 10 minutes will know what to expect. The vocal duties are shared by bassist Jack Blades and drummer Kelly Keagy and as on previous releases are of the highest quality. Their respective bass and drum playing is also off a high standard while guitarists Brad Gillis and Joel Hoekstra pull out some incredible solos and melodic riffs. The band have always had a knack for using keyboards appropriately in their music and in this regard keyboardist Eric Levy does a fine job.

Over the years Night Ranger have become one of my favourite American hard rock bands and like other American classics like Apple Pie and the Ford Mustang are just as reliable. You know right off the bat what to expect and they continue to deliver with reliability and that same ethos that the band has held true too for all theses years continues to shine through on High Road.

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