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Album Review: FM - Futurama

Posted on April 27, 2014 at 1:00 AM

FM – Futurama

Written by Juliano Mallon


Over the last few years, FM have released several EPs preceeding their albums, and 2014 sees them putting out yet another collection of great songs in “Futurama”, an EP of sorts, since it features 11 tracks, being 4 brand new, 7 live recordings and one extended mix.

The first new song is “Futurama”, an instrumental piece that serves as intro for "Cold Hearted", a thrilling rock anthem that has smooth verses and a heavier chorus, a combo that works perfectly most of the time, and it’s no exception here. Bring the volume up to 11 and brace yourself for "Bad That's Good On You", another killer radio friendly, contemporary AOR track filled with delicate keyboards and rough guitars, not to mention the soaring vocals of the one and only Steve Overland. And with an outstanding arrangement, “Preying On My Mind” appears as the last new song. A beautiful ballad, built with acoustic guitars, a heavy bass line and some keyboards on the background, creating a scenery where poignant backing vocals shine through.

Most of the live songs were taken from both “Rockville” albums, released last year, but there are a couple of classics thrown in the mix. And the selection is flawless. The catchy "Tough Love" is here, followed by the infernal “All Or Nothing” and the emotional “Closer To Heaven”, one of FM’s most beautiful songs ever. And “Crosstown Train” has more evident guitars and heavier drums, details that brought more edge to the song and made it better.

But the highlight is "Story Of My Life" with its new arrangement, where Mr. Overland’s vocals are accompanied only by Jem Davies’ keyboards, resulting in a beautiful and intimist song. You gotta listen to this song over and over again, at full volume. Then there’s “Breathe Fire”, another one of FM’s tracks from the 90s, which is followed by an extended mix of “Cold Hearted”.

The band’s new album may come out later this year and if the new songs in “Futurama” should serve as an indicator of what’s to come, than we can chill and wait. Something pretty good will come our way.

Futurama is out now...


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