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Album Review: Primal Fear - Delivering The Black

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Primal Fear – Delivering The Black

Written by The Rock Man


I do not know what it is about Germany but they sure know how to develop great hard rock and heavy metal bands. It must be something in their genes or maybe their water, who knows? But they have given the world such powerhouse bands such as Scorpions, Bonfire, Accept, Helloween, Warlock/Doro, Michael Schenker Group, I mean, I could go on for days about the exceptional talent that has come from that country. One band that deserves to be in this same illustrious company is Primal Fear, since they burst onto the music scene in 1997, Primal Fear have been assaulting the world’s ears with its unique, aggressive, melodic brand of power metal and those attitudes continue on their latest studio release Delivering The Black.

Delivering The Black is the band’s 10th studio release and packs an almighty punch combining elements from previous recordings such as Primal Fear, Nuclear Fire, New Religion and Unbreakable. In traditional Primal Fear style the band comes out swinging with King For A Day, a classic full speed ahead, balls to the wall rocker and it is not hard to see why this track was chosen as a promotional single for the album, it captures the spirit of the 50 plus minute disc perfectly. The audio onslaught continues on Rebel Faction, if you like you metal with a bit of pace then you’ll love this track, close your eyes and listen and I swear you would think you are listening to a Rob Halford project. Up next is When Death Comes Knocking which is the first single from the album and one hell of a song, this is one of many highlights on this album as is Alive & On Fire, the opening drum groove and guitar riff is very 1980s and that chorus stays with you all day.

Other tracks worth checking out include the epic Nine and a half minute One Night In December which never gets boring and the full on rockers Road To Asylum, Inseminoid and the tile track Delivering The Black. In terms of the musicianship, a special mention has to go out to drummer Randy Black, I don’t know what he was putting in his coffee, but for heaven’s sake don’t stop, he is on fire on this record, his double bass drum work is simply off the planet. Of course there is also the twin guitar explosion of Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson, right now I am not sure if there is a better guitar duo in metal music, there is also Matt Sinner’s contribution as bass player, songwriter and producer, on all three counts he is on top of his game which brings us to vocalist Ralf Scheepers. It still staggers me to this day that Scheepers was overlooked to replace Rob Halford in Judas Priest, his vocal work is of the highest quality and worth the price of the CD alone.

If you are already a fan of this band you do not need me to tell you how good this is, no doubt you have bought previous releases and know what this band is capable of. For those just joining the party you are in for a real treat, Primal Fear successfully blend sounds from the 80s and 90s with a sprinkle of today to create an exciting brand of metal. It is kind of cliché to say, but it is true, if you only buy one Primal Fear CD in your life time make sure it is this one, enjoy.


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