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Album Review: House Of Lords - Precious Metal

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 10:35 PM

House of Lords – Precious Metal

Written by Juliano Mallon


Three years after releasing their last album, House Of Lords is back with "Precious Metal", an album that can be described in one word: dynamic! This time, the band balanced heavy elements with their traditional melodic approach, but I must emphasize the “heavy” part.


Almost every song on "Precious Metal" sounds heavier that anything the band has done so far and it can be interpreted in two ways: either the band is marching into new territory and taking some risks with it, or the band is marching into new territory and, by doing so, showing versatility and bringing fresh air to their atmosphere. No matter what opinion you lean towards, this album deserves your full attention.


Take, for instance, songs like “Battle”, “Epic” and “Permission To Die” (with soaring backing vocals by the one and only Robin Beck), killer rockers with that heavy approach mentioned earlier and that can be taken as perfect examples of the balance between the hard rock and heavy elements the band presents here. Believe me, each of these songs are better than the other.


But "I'm Breakin' Free" shows the band playing that traditional hard rock they know how to do so well, but within an arrangement with barely no keyboards, guitar-centered with a killer chorus. One of the highlights of the album, just like "Live Every Day (Like It's The Last)", a beautiful mid-tempo with explosive chorus and – once again – poignant backing vocals by Ms. Beck.


Another excellent surprise is "Precious Metal", an acoustic-based ballad that has so many elements working at the same time that you’ll need multiple plays to figure everything out. And that’s a huge plus, in my opinion.


Other songs worth mentioning are the powerful rockers "Swimmin' With The Sharks”, "Raw", the catching “Turn Back The Tide”, the beautiful mid-tempo “Enemy Mine” and the explosive “You Might Just Saved My Life”, a song that sees House Of Lords showcasing the hard rock sound that made them famous.


So, my dear ones, believe me when I say that “Preciuous Metal” brings the House Of Lords’ sound to new and exciting level. Not only the band is at its best – musically speaking – but James Christian is also in top form, delivering flawless performances of infectious songs.


“Precious Metal” is out now on Frontiers Records. And it’s a must have...



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