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Album Review: Scott Stapp - Proof Of Life

Posted on February 6, 2014 at 11:35 PM

Scott Stapp – Proof Of Life

Written by The Rock Man

From the outset let me declare my bias towards anything related to Creed. From the moment I first heard them I couldn’t get enough, releasing their debut album, My Own Prison in 1997, they were a shining light in what I considered a pretty poor decade for music. Seventeen years on I’m still listening to them and their side projects, Alter Bridge & Scott Stapp (solo) and speaking of the latter, Mr. Stapp has just released a follow up album to his 2005 release The Great Divide titled Proof Of Life.

In my opinion when the four members of Creed get together in a room to create music something magical happens that can’t be created anywhere else and so when they go off and pursue there own individual projects they create their own magical moments which separates them from Creed. This is definitely the case with Alter Bridge and it is so with Scott Stapp, his records have their own style and sound, vibe and energy and Proof Of Life deliverers plenty of vibe and energy.

Anyone who has followed Scott Stapp/Creed over the years knows what to expect lyrically, the songs are spiritually uplifting, sometimes social commentary, so why is it that if Katy Perry or Pink sing songs full of positive/uplifting notions it’s considered brilliant, pure genius, gold, but if Scott Stapp/Creed does it then it’s simply dismissed as self righteous religious nonsense? seriously, someone needs to explain that to me. Proof Of Life follows a tired and true lyrical formula which works for him and fans won’t be disappointed.

The album kicks off with Slow Suicide, the first single from the album which deals with Stapp’s own private issues with drugs and alcohol, to me, this track could have wound up on an Ozzy Osbourne album. The albums next track is Who I Am which packs as serious punch musically and lyrically, the title track Proof Of Life simply states “So just name your price, I’ll give anything to justify the reason I’m alive, what’s your proof of life” this is a killer song with a powerful chorus that builds from a nice acoustic intro. As the album rolls on you come across some real gems such as Break Out and Hit Me More which could be potential future radio hit, these are followed by Jesus Was Rock Star, for me, this track is worth the price of the album alone, here Stapp declares “He gave us everything and more, he was the party we’ve been looking for, maybe just maybe … Jesus was a rock star! Can I get a witness?”

Several tracks on this record feature guitar from Phil X, who recently filled in on the 2013 Bon Jovi tour, having seen him on that tour I thought he was an okay guitar player, he seemed to know his stuff, but he didn’t exactly blow me out of my chair when I saw him live. My opinion of him quickly changed when I heard his contribution to this album, his work on Slow Suicide, Who I Am, Hit Me More, Crash and Dying To Live is some serious playing, at times really raw and edgy, yet heartfelt when needed. In terms of drumming this album features a true legend with Kenny Aronoff on drum duties on several tracks, having previously worked with John Mellencamp, Meat Loaf and Cinderella, among others, his work here is outstanding.

Honestly I’m not even going to bother trying to convince any of the non believers to take a listen to this record, I have no doubt you’ll hate it, this one is purely for the fans. And as fans you’ll know what you’re buying and you’ll know its top quality from a much underrated artist.


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