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Spread Eagle will release their first album in over 26 years, Subway To The Stars, on August 9 via Frontiers Music Srl.

The song "Grand Scam" is available for streaming below:



Pre-order the album here:



A limited amount of signed copies of the album available for pre-order here:



"Our primary intention was to go back to the egg. Not to the debut album, but even before then. When we were unsigned, rehearsing in the East Village NYC and just putting our first songs together. We worked every day and night on our dream. We were a gang and no one could tell us we couldn’t accomplish something. That’s when we were at our rawest and nastiest and the intensity was completely off the meter. Of course, you can never truly go back in time, everyone learns and evolves; however, I wanted to remember that feeling of writing razor riffs in those basement spaces in 1989, then add it to current experiences," says founder and bassist Rob De Luca on what fans can expect."


Spread Eagle burst upon the hard rock scene of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s playing a brand of rock that hailed straight from the mean streets of New York City. When Paul DiBartolo (guitar), Rob De Luca (bass), and Tommi Gallo (drums) moved to New York City and met up with Ray West (vocals), East Coast Streetmetal was born. The group was quickly snatched up and signed to MCA/Universal Records, then sent straight into the legendary Record Plant studios to record their debut album. The self-titled debut was produced by Charlie Gambetta and featured a gritty and dangerous sound, wailing vocals and razor sharp guitar, demonstrated through songs such as "Switchblade Serenade", "Scratch Like A Cat", and "Broken City". Four years later, after the release and touring of their second album, "Open To The Public" (also produced by Gambetta), the band took an extended break and went about their own personal projects.


Spread Eagle reformed in 2006 under the direction of Ray West and Rob DeLuca (who has also worked with UFO and Sebastian Bach) along with two new members, Ziv Shalev (guitar) and Rik De Luca (drums). The band has been together ever since and decided to start production on a new album, scheduled for release in August 2019 on Frontiers. Songs for “Subway To The Stars” were put together in the Music Building in NYC, which is the exact same place where the songs for their debut album were rehearsed and written. Recording took place at Studio E in Brooklyn, NY with Grammy Award winning engineer Tom Camuso. The new album does not disappoint and picks off up where the band left off. Spread Eagle is a welcome addition to the Frontiers' family, where they will become yet another vital band from the '80s/'90s rock scene to release amazing new music in the 21st century.



"Subway To The Stars"

"29th Of February"

"Sound Of Speed"

"Dead Air"

"Grand Scam"

"More Wolf Than Lamb"

"Cut Through"

"Little Serpentina"

"Antisocial Butterfly"

"Gutter Rhymes For Valentines"


From: http://bravewords.com/news/spread-eagle-streaming-new-song-grand-scam

Geoff Tate Has A Lot Of New Music Written

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Former Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate revealed in a new interview that he has plenty of new material that he has written, but he is unsure at this point how he plans to release it.


Tate released his last full length, "The New Reality", in late 2017 under the Operation: Mindcrime moniker and he told Mitch Lafon that he has "a lot of material that I've been writing over the last year or two that I wanna release in some format that I need to finish up. And I think I'm gonna do that this summer as I'm in Europe most of the summer."


Lafon asked him a follow up how he plans to release that new music when it is complete, and Tate responded, "I have a lot of stuff, and I don't know how I'm gonna release it. Is it gonna be an album? Is it gonna be two albums? Is it gonna be released as individual tracks? That's sort of sounding a lot more attractive to me nowadays rather than trying to make a record, a full album of stuff. I just don't know.


"There's all kinds of interesting ways of doing things now. There's no rules anymore, so it's really about what you want and how you wanna go about doing it. It's a brave new world."

Check out the full interview here:



From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/June/24Geoff_Tate_Has_A_Lot_Of_New_Music_Written.shtml


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On Saturday, June 22, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson was one of the speakers at this year's Campus Party Brasíia technology festival in Brasíia, the capital of Brazil. The third annual event gathers developers, gamers and computer enthusiasts.

Video footage of Bruce's appearance can be seen below:



Dickinson joined IRON MAIDEN in 1981, replacing Paul Di'Anno, and made his recording debut with the band on the 1982 album "The Number Of The Beast". He quit the band in 1993, pursuing several solo projects, and rejoined in 1999.

Dickinson, who turned 60 in August 2018, has several other interests beyond music. He is a licensed commercial pilot and owns an aviation company. He has also done some acting and brewed beer.


Bruce recently announced the fall 2019 European leg of his "What Does This Button Do? An Evening With Bruce Dickinson" spoken-word tour. The trek sees the rocker sharing stories from his autobiography, "What Does This Button Do?"


"What Does This Button Do?", landed at No. 10 on the New York Times "Hardcover Nonfiction" best sellers list. It was released in the U.S. in October 2017 via Dey Street Books (formerly It Books), an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


"What Does This Button Do?" is Dickinson's third book. He has previously published two satirical novels, "The Adventures Of Lord Iffy Boatrace" about the English upper classes and "The Missionary Position" about televangelism.


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Def Leppard's Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell were interviewed at Graspop Metal Meeting, and in the clip below, discuss their relationship with the other festival headliners, KISS and Whitesnake.

Def Leppard performs next on June 27, at Trondheim Rocks in Trondheim, Norway. Find the band's tour itinerary here: 

Alice Cooper denies 'suicide pact' with wife

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Alice Cooper has denied reports that he has a death pact with wife Sheryl Goddard.


In an interview with The Mirror, Alice reportedly said of his wife of 45 years: “I couldn’t live without her. We always said there will never be a time when one of us will be mourning the other.

“Whenever it does happen, we are going to go together.”

But the singer has subsequently shot down that he suggested the pair had made a suicide pact, instead insisting that they had made a “life pact”.


“What I was meaning was that because we’re almost always together, at home and on the road, that if something did happen to either of us, we’d most likely be together at the time. But neither of us has a suicide pact. We have a life pact. And, besides, I’m booked through 2028, so…”


Ailce is currently on tour with Hollywood Vampires, the band he formed with Johnny Depp and Joe Perry. Their second album, Rise, is out now.

From: https://www.loudersound.com/news/alice-cooper-denies-suicide-pact-with-wife

MICHAEL MONROE On MOTLEY CRUE's 'The Dirt' Movie: 'I Doubt That It's Truthful To What Really Went Down'

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Michael Monroe says that he doubts MÖTLEY CRÜE's "The Dirt" biopic is a truthful portrayal of the iconic 1980s rock band.


The former HANOI ROCKS frontman was asked to comment on the film in light of the fact that CRÜE frontman Vince Neil caused the tragic car accident in 1984 that killed his passenger, HANOI ROCKS drummer Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley.


Asked by The Metal Gods Meltdown if he has seen "The Dirt", Michael replied (hear audio below): "Nah. I never read the book [that the movie is based on]. I'm not interested in that band. Why bother? To me, it's nothing. I'm not saying this because of the accident or anything like that. I'm just not interested. It's not my kind of thing. I was never into that band before or after the accident. It was a tragic thing that happened, but I doubt that it's truthful to what really went down. People are telling me, 'Oh, yeah, Razzle is in the movie.' 'Oh, yeah? Did they also mention the two teenagers who got paralyzed from the neck down?'"


Back in 2004, Monroe slammed MÖTLEY CRÜE for the band's decision to title a box set "Music To Crash Your Car To", calling the move beyond disrespectful and referring to the group's bassist Nikki Sixx as "shallow," "ignorant" and "stupid". "The 'Mostly Crude' gotta be as dumb as they are to have done that," he told Metal Sludge. "I'm not only talking about Razzle, but also for the other families involved in the accident... As we've previously stated: The most tasteless and murderous gimmick to cash in on the past we've ever heard of. There's nothing 'cool' or 'funny' about death or winding up a paraplegic for life. How low can you go? I'd say this gave bad taste a bad name."


Three years later, Monroe publicly apologized to Sixx, saying that his "unflattering comments" about the bassist were "really childish and stupid." He explained: "I just took it a bit personally when they called their album at the time 'Music to Crash Your Car To'. I thought it was inappropriate since it came across as if they were making fun of the accident, which I'm sure was not their intention."


Neil's drunk-driving death car crash happened back in December 1984 when he smashed his car into another vehicle in Redondo Beach, California, killing Razzle and seriously injuring two other occupants.


Vince was charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of alcohol. His blood alcohol level was 0.17, which was over the legal limit.


Neil served half of a 30-day jail sentence, received five years probation and had to pay $2.6 million in restitution, as well as perform 200 hours of community service.


In 2011, Monroe gave Sleaze Roxx his take on what happened that night: "There was an accident, and unfortunately our drummer was killed. As far as Vince Neil, I have nothing to say. It was an accident. What happened happened, and it can't be changed. Everybody suffered from the whole thing."

Check out the full interview here:

Megadeth Optimistic About Dave Mustaine's Cancer Treatment

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Megadeth's David Ellefson says that the band is optimistic about the frontman Dave Mustaine's treatments for throat cancer and discussed the group's decision to shut things down for a bit for Dave benefit.


Ellefson made the comments during an interview on The Classic Metal Show last week, following Mustaine sharing the news with fans that he is battling cancer and the group had decided to cancel most of the shows for the remainder of the year.


During the interview, Ellefson was asked is he believes that Mustaine having throat cancer may mean that there may never be another Megadeth album.


He responded, "Well, I think, at this point, we're optimistic about the treatments. Other cases have shown that it's... throat cancer is treatable. It's at a place where it's certainly, I don't think, beyond a point of repair. So I think it's good, and that's why I think shutting down right now, at least the touring side of it, is good, because I think if we tried to continue to go out and force Dave to sing and perform, yeah, that may not have such a good outcome.


"And it's funny, I think about it when I broke my foot a couple of years ago - this was three years ago now. The 'Dystopia' tour was just rolling, man, and we were just right in the middle of it, and I freaking break my foot backstage. And I was going, 'Dave, I'll play the next three shows.' And he was, 'No. You're going home. We're going home right now.' He goes, 'If that doesn't heal right right now, you can have lifelong problems. So we've gotta shut down and you've gotta go home.'


"And we did. And I know some fans, obviously, were upset and disappointed, as you would expect. I would be too, if I was a fan in the audience. But it was real, and we had to do it. So I was thinking about that same thing today with Dave, that the best thing we can do for him, certainly as a singer and as a member of our group, but also as a human, let him... Let's just shut down. Let's take the pressure off of him. And fortunately, the studio, the house that we have is right next door to Dave's property in Franklin - literally, he can drive his little ATV over there; it's that close.


"So it's easy enough to be able to check in on stuff. And the days when Dave's feeling good, great. If there's days he's not, hey, no worries. The good Lord has set up a pretty workable scenario that it's not like we're in some situation where we're way behind the eightball on an album or way in debt. Believe me, we've been in those situations before years ago, where it's, like, 'Oh my God.' It's, like, 'We couldn't break up now if we wanted to. We couldn't stop if we wanted to. There's no way out except forward.'


"And I think we're in a good position now to be able to have this break. And you never know when creativity hits. Sometimes creativity hits in some of your darkest moments. The darkest moments where there's struggle can often bring about some of the greatest music. 'Dystopia' was an album like that. I mean, we'd been through a management change, a lineup change... I mean, we were down to just me and Dave. Everything was completely just in shambles, and out of that, we made a Grammy Award-winning album.


"Dave's a warrior, he's a fighter, and he's got pretty good sensibilities about when to hit the gas and when to hit the brake. So it's what it needs to be right at this exact time."

Check out the full interview here:



From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/June/24Megadeth_Optimistic_About_Cancer_Treatment.shtml


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Mark this one on your calendar, as the fall will provide a great tour pairing with Godsmack hitting the road with Halestorm for a month of shows.


The tour gets underway Sept. 20 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, crossing the country and wrapping up just shy of a month later on Oct. 18 in Tulsa, Okla. All dates for the run can be viewed below.


“This tour leg is going to be KICK ASS, no doubt!!! We can't wait,” stated Godsmack, making the announcement on Twitter.

Tickets for the fall run will go on sale this Friday (June 28) at 10AM local time. Get ticketing details via each band’s websites.


Both acts are promoting highly successful 2018 albums, with Godsmack still going strong off their When Legends Rise album, while Halestorm have been rocking hard off of the Vicious album.


Godsmack / Halestorm Fall 2019 Tour Dates:


Sept. 20 - Green Bay, Wis. @ Resch Center

Sept. 21 - Madison, Wis. @ Aliant Energy Center

Sept. 22 - Moline, Ill. @ Tax Slayer Center

Sept. 24 - Sioux Falls, S.D. @ Denny Sanford Premier Center

Sept. 25 - Wichita, Kan. @ Intrust Bank Arena

Sept. 27 - Cape Girardeau, Mo. @ Show Me Center

Sept. 29 - Alpharetta, Ga. @ Ameris Bank Amphitheatre

Oct. 1 - West Palm Beach, Fla. @ Coral Sky Amphitheatre

Oct. 2 - Estero, Fla. @ Hertz Arena

Oct. 4 - Pensacola, Fla. @ Pensacola Civic Center

Oct. 5 - Southaven, Miss. @ Landers Center

Oct. 6 - Rogers, Ark. @ Walmart Amphitheatre

Oct. 8 - Loveland, Colo. @ Budweiser Arena

Oct. 9 - Salt Lake City, Utah @ USANA Pavilion

Oct. 12 - Bakersfield, Calif. @ Rabobank Arena

Oct. 13 - Ontario, Calif. @ Citizens Bank Arena

Oct. 15 - San Diego, Calif. @ Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theater

Oct. 16 - Phoenix, Ariz. @ Comerica Paviliion

Oct. 18 - Tulsa, Okla. @ BOK Center

From: https://loudwire.com/godsmack-halestorm-fall-2019-tour/

Sammy Hagar: 'I don't want a Van Halen reunion'

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Sammy Hagar has revealed that he wouldn’t want to participate in a Van Halen reunion.


Speaking to Classic Rock, the former VH singer revealed that he has been reticent to contact his former bandmates Eddie and Alex Van Halen in case they thought he was trying to engineer a reunion.

“I’m afraid if I ever reached out and really tried to contact Ed and Al, they would think that I was trying to get back in the band or I was trying to do a reunion,” Hagar tells Classic Rock. “And I'm not. I am so content with [current band] The Circle – we play the Van Halen songs that I wrote with Ed as good as anybody, but I’m happy to have just five or six Van Halen songs in my set. It's almost like I don't want to be asked to do because i'd feel like I had to do it, but I don’t really want to. I'm sorry I don’t.”


Hagar formed The Circle in 2014 with guitarist Vic Johnson, drummer Jason Bonham and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. They initially played songs from Hagar’s past bands and solo career, but recently released debut album, Space Between, which featured all-original material, including the single Trust Fund Baby.


“It’s about the division between good and bad,” says Hagar of the album. “All these big corporate guys that are billionaires to begin with ripping off their employees, people bombing churches, the right hating the left, the left hating the right, the blacks hating the whites. It used to be that you could go to hell, the devil was somewhere else. But the devil is at sea level now. The solution lies in the space between us – that handshake in the middle.”


Space Between is out now via BMG

From: https://www.loudersound.com/news/sammy-hagar-i-dont-want-a-van-halen-reunion


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James "J.C." Curleigh, the new CEO of Gibson Brands, Inc., which owns the Gibson guitar line, filed a lawsuit against competitor Dean Guitars, alleging multiple breaches of trademark and unfair competition.


Gibson, which emerged from bankruptcy last year and later appointed Curleigh, claimed in new Texas court papers that Dean – which is owned by Armadillo Distribution Enterprises infringed seven trademarks. The document listed the shape of Gibson's Flying V, Explorer, ES and SG guitars, its “dove wing” headstock plus its Hummingbird and Moderne trademarks.

Gibson further accused Armadillo of attempting to give the impression that Dean guitars are affiliated or connected to Gibson, thus committing trademark counterfeiting. Gibson have called for profits, damages and costs from Armadillo, with the request that the profits and damages element should be “trebled or otherwise multiplied to the extent permitted by statute.”


The move follows a comment by Gibson’s director of brand experience, Mark Agnesi, who sent a message to other manufacturers: “We want you to know you have been warned. We’re looking out and we’re here to protect out iconic legacy.” Gibson social media posts containing the comment were later removed, apparently as the result of negative reaction from the playing community.


“We believe that Gibson's claims are baseless and will vigorously defend ourselves,” Armadillo said in a statement. “As the proud owner of some of the most famous brands in the music industry, we respect and value the intellectual property rights of others. But we also recognize that some things are just too commonplace and basic for one company to claim as its property.”

The statement went on to argue that some of the guitar shapes named in the lawsuit had been used by Dean for “over the part forty years." “Dean Guitars is not alone," it added. "Other guitar companies have for decades used the commonplace guitar shapes that Gibson now tries to claim exclusive rights to.”

In the filing, Gibson claimed that a cease-and-desist letter had been sent to Armadillo in 2017. “Following Gibson’s recovery from a well-publicized period of financial instability, it seems the company has escalated its complaint under the new leadership of James "JC" Curleigh, Cesar Gueikian and KKR & Co.," Guitar.com noted. "The company sent its own cease and desist in May 2019, followed by this court filing.”


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/gibson-sues-dean-guitar/


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Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has posted the following message on social media:


"I’ve never liked the term 'Christian Metal'. Metal is metal, rock is rock. If you’re a believer and in a band with believers then you’re a rock/metal band comprised of Christians. When you label the genre with tags then you limit what the band can do.


I remember walking into a record store years ago and Megadeth released an album the same day as us. Their album was at the front of the store with a huge display. I asked the guy where the new Stryper album was and he pointed to the back of the store and said 'Back there, in the Christian Rock section.'


You see, it limits what we’re trying to do. I’ve never swept Christ under the carpet. I’ve always been as bold as one can be on stage and off and will continue to be so. I’ve never shied away from the fact that I’m a Christian. Ever! Yet at the same time, I despise the term 'Christian Metal'. Is this really so hard to understand?




Sweet recently guested on the Cobras & Fire podcast and revealed the band's History tour, which kicked off May 10th in Greenville, SC, "will give people a better understanding of our history. All the songs and the bands and the music we grew up with that kinda moulded our lives - Judas Priest, Van Halen. We're going to give people a glimpse of that and perform 10 or 11 covers, and then, of course, 10 or 11 classic Stryper songs. We're mixing it up a little bit."


Check out fan-filmed video from the Greenville and Annapolis shows below:









The setlist on the tour is currently as follows:


"Soldiers Under Command"

"Loving You"

"Calling On You"



"Rock and Roll Band" (Boston cover)

"Shout It Out Loud" (KISS cover)

"Heading Out To The Highway" (Judas Priest cover)

"Heaven And Hell" (Black Sabbath cover)

"Panama" (Van Halen cover)

"We Will Rock You" (Queen cover)

"Crazy Train" (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

"All She Wrote" (FireHouse cover) (with band introductions)

"In God We Trust"

"Always There for You"



"The Valley"

"To Hell With The Devil"


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After being forced to postpone their ‘No Filter’ North American tour due to Mick Jagger's heart surgery, the Rolling Stones kicked off their 2019 summer trek last night (June 21) with a performance at Soldier Field in Chicago.


They had to shake off some understandable early-show rust and sound issues. Jagger even admitted that first nights are always "a little wobbly," then proved it by forgetting to introduce longtime keyboardist Chuck Leavell, but he otherwise showed no signs that he was about to turn 75 in a month and had heart surgery two months ago. He was his usual energetic self, strutting across the stage, including the long walkway down the center and two shorter ones on the sides, throughout the entire show. The closest he came to acknowledging his health issues was saying that they loved Chicago so much that they decided to open here instead of Miami.

But the band found their groove after a stripped down mid-show set at the end of the center walkway, similar to the mini-stage on the Bridges to Babylon tour, and they finished with strong takes on "Midnight Rambler," "Start Me Up," and "Jumpin' Jack Flash." You can see the full set list below. 


The set design was surprisingly stripped back. The elaborate concepts of the past (see the Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle and Voodoo Lounge sets) were replaced by four tall, rectangular video screens, with the outer ones angled to give those on the sides a better view. The only other adornment was a clear canopy over the stage, presumably in case of the rain that was expected, but never got beyond a drizzle before they took the stage. It was almost, to use a word rarely applied to the Stones, elegant.

St. Paul & the Broken Bones, a retro-soul band from Birmingham, Ala., that’s gotten a strong reputation in the past five years due to their energetic live show, kicked off the night with a strong 40-minute set. Frontman Paul Janeway wore a black, sequined cape and pulled out all the classic soul-man moves as his powerful voice, complete with a remarkable falsetto, led his band through songs reminiscent of Al Green fronting Earth, Wind & Fire. They closed with a cover of Otis Redding’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” that concluded with Janeway writhing on the ground and earned an ovation from the crowd. They have three albums, with the most recent being 2018’s Young Sick Camellia.


The Stones had originally scheduled touring around the April release of their Honk compilation album. The band was forced to postpone the previously announced dates while Jagger dealt with health issues. The frontman required “minimally invasive” heart surgery, with tour plans left on hold while he recovered. At the time, Jagger expressed frustration that his medical matters had interfered with touring, saying he was "so sorry to all our fans in America & Canada with tickets. I really hate letting you down like this. I’m devastated for having to postpone the tour but I will be working very hard to be back on the road as soon as I can.”


In May, Jagger posted a video of himself dancing in front of a studio mirror, building fan excitement that the frontman was once again performance-ready. Indeed, just a day later the band announced their rescheduled ‘No Filter’ dates. The trek will keep the band busy through the end of August.

Then, of course, there’s the discussion of new music. The Stones have not released an album of new material since 2005 (2016’s Blue & Lonesome was a covers album). Jagger previously said he had “lots of stuff” for a new release, with Keith Richards even suggesting that a new Stones LP could come out in 2019. What affect Jagger’s medical issues have had on the creative process is anyone’s guess, but fans remain hopeful that a new album will see the light of day soon.


While the Stones may not be thinking about retiring, their sponsor believes fans should be. The Alliance for Lifetime Income, a non-profit aimed at helping people financially plan for their retirement, is the sole sponsor of the ‘No Filter’ North American tour.

Rolling Stones Set List, Solider Field, Chicago: June 21, 2019:

1. "Street Fighting Man"

2. "Let's Spend the Night Together"

3. "Tumbling Dice"

4. "Sad Sad Sad"

5. "You Got Me Rocking"

6. "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

7. "Angie"

8. "Dead Flowers"

9. "Sympathy for the Devil"

10. "Honky Tonk Women"

11. "You Got the Silver"

12. "Before They Make Me Run"

13. "Miss You"

14. "Paint It, Black"

15. "Midnight Rambler"

16. "Start Me Up"

17. "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

18. "Brown Sugar"



19. "Gimme Shelter"

20. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/rolling-stones-opening-night-2019/


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Spotify is claiming they overpaid songwriters and publishers in 2018 and now they want their money back.


The situation is touchy as artists and publishers have decried the company's poor compensation model, which lead to the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board mandating a 44 percent payout increase between 2018 and 2022. Spotify is currently appealing the mandate while simultaneously exploiting its complexities to seek financial restitution, reports Music Business Worldwide.


The complexities concern Spotify's student discount plans (student accounts equate to 0.5 subscribers) and family bundle rates (family bundle accounts equate to 1.5 subscribers), which allow up to six family members to share the same account for just a few dollars more a month.

Rather than require songwriters and publishers to pay back this money owed, Spotify intends to deduct the balance from 2019 payouts.


"Spotify is clawing back millions of dollars from publishers in the U.S. based on the new CRB rates that favor the DSPs [Digital Service Providers], while appealing the [wider CRB decision]. This puts some music publishers in a negative position. It’s unbelievable," a "senior figure" in the music publishing industry told MBW.


David Israelite, CEO of the National Music Publishers Association, responded to Spotify's actions, telling MBW, "I find it so hypocritical for a digital service that is appealing the CRB decision to then take advantage of the parts of that decision that benefit it. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised."

From: https://loudwire.com/spotify-overpaid-2018-wants-money-back/


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On Saturday June 15th, Kings Of Chaos headined the ROT (Republic Of Texas) Rally in Austin, Texas. The all-star ensemble includes guitarists Warren DeMartini (Ratt) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses), along with bassist James LoMenzo (White Lion, Black Label Society, Megadeth), drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, John Fogerty) and vocalists Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and Lou Gramm (Foreigner)


Fan-filmed video footage of Kings Of Chaos performing the Skid Row classic "18 And Life" can be viewed below along with previously posted footage of Ratt's "Lay It Down" and "Wanted Man" being covered on the same night.

RICHIE FAULKNER Says GLENN TIPTON 'Will Very Much Be Involved' In Creation Of Next JUDAS PRIEST Album

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JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Richie Faulkner has told Ultimate Guitar in a new interview that Glenn Tipton "will very much be involved" in the making of the band's next studio album.


The 71-year-old guitarist announced his retirement from touring in February 2018 after revealing his unfortunate diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. He passed on the torch to the producer of the "Firepower" LP, Andy Sneap.


Asked if there are still plans for Tipton to take part in the songwriting process for PRIEST next disc, Faulkner said: "Absolutely, yeah. Glenn has some physical challenges with Parkinson's, as we all know, but as far as ideas and creativity, Glenn is still very much a behemoth in terms of what he creates and what he thinks and how he sees music and riffs and melodies. He's a really unique musician/guitar player/songwriter. And I think it's one of the contributing factors to why JUDAS PRIEST has always been one of the forbearers, one of those unique players in heavy metal. They've always had their own voice. There are lots of reasons for that, but one of the big reasons, in my opinion, is Glenn Tipton's way of writing and phrasing and note choices. And he's still very much in control of all that stuff. Also, in the studio, it's a bit of a more relaxed environment in terms of time constraints. For example, Glenn had to pull back from touring. When you play live in front of 10,000 people, you've got to play it once and you've got to play it correctly. If there are challenges with that in the studio, there is a bit more leniency — you can play it again, you can go over that take and take the better take. Time is very much on your side in the studio. So Glenn is very much involved in the creative process and he will very much be involved in the creation of the next record, no doubt."


Tipton was diagnosed with the degenerative neurological disorder five years ago, after being stricken by the condition at least half a decade earlier. The guitarist, who has performed on every PRIEST record since the band's 1974 debut set, "Rocka Rolla", is not quitting the band, but simply cannot handle the rigorous challenges of performing live.


Glenn has appeared onstage with PRIEST many times following his retirement, always performing the same fan-favorite tracks "Metal Gods", "Breaking The Law" and "Livin' After Midnight".


PRIEST's current touring lineup consists of Halford, guitarists Sneap and Faulkner, drummer Scott Travis and founding member and bassist Ian Hill.


JUDAS PRIEST is currently touring the U.S. with fellow classic heavy rockers URIAH HEEP. The 32-date trek kicked off on May 3 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida and will wrap on June 29 at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/richie-faulkner-says-glenn-tipton-will-very-much-be-involved-in-creation-of-next-judas-priest-album/

Freddie Mercury Unreleased Track Gets Video

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A previously unreleased version of a 1986 track from legendary late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, "Time Waits For No One", has surfaced more than three decades after its original recording.


Produced by UK music legend Dave Clark (of Dave Clark Five fame), the tune was first featured on a companion album for the hit musical, "Time", which opened at London's Dominion Theatre in April 1986; the musical merged sci-fi, rock music and ahead-of-its-time special effects and multimedia, and featured a cast that included Sir Laurence Olivier and Cliff Richard that went on to break box office records while playing to over a million people during its two-year run.


While the album delivered a full production version of "Time Waits For No One", Clark searched through his vaults to find a mix without backing vocals, which he located in the spring of 2018.


The producer brought in original session keyboardist Mike Moran to record a new piano track while creating a stripped-down take on the song, much like he heard in rehearsal; the new mix was paired with footage from the original video shoot at the Dominion Theatre.


Alongside the song and video's release, Clark is also streaming footage of an interview with the Queen icon and himself that sees the pair share their experience working together to create "Time."

Watch the interview clip and the official video here:



From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/June/Freddie_Mercury_Unreleased_Track_Gets_Video.shtml


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Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody has launched Moody's Medicinals, his own line of CBD and non-CBD health and wellness products.


So far, Moody's Medicinals features three products: lemon-flavored CBD water, peppermint-flavored CBD throat spray and peppermint-flavored throat spray without CBD. See an image off all three items above. 


What distinguishes this line from some competitors is that none of the products contain sugars, alcohols or unnecessary additives.


Moody has personally benefitted from the use of CBD to manage anxiety, PTSD and OCD. He also introduced CBD to his mother, who experienced improvements to chronic conditions.


"I use Moody’s Medicinals, because it tames my anxiety before, during and after performances," says the frontman, who created and founded the company. "On the road, I’m often not able to eat on a normal schedule and Moody’s Medicinals has managed my appetite when I need it and helped me stay focused and healthy."

Head to the Moody's Medicinals website for more info:



A kickoff event is scheduled for June 28 at Trip Ink Tattoo Company/I Heart Vape in Las Vegas from 6 to 8 p.m. Fans who purchase a Moody's Medicinals item will receive a signed photo and a meet and greet with Moody at the event.


Five Finger Death Punch are currently at work in the studio on the follow-up to last year's And Justice for None album.

From: https://loudwire.com/five-finger-death-punch-ivan-moody-medicinals-cbd-product/

Metallica Share Live 'The Memory Remains' Video

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Metallica are streaming live video of a performance the 1997 classic, "The Memory Remains", from a June 13 show at RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne, Germany

The tune was the lead single from the group's seventh album, "ReLoad"; the track peaked at No. 28 on the US Billboard Hot 100 while the project debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 on its way to US sales of more than 4 million copies.


The Cologne stop is part of Metallica's 25-date spring/summer European concert series, which started last month and has dates scheduled into late August.


The band recently upgraded the free Metallica App, which gives fans the latest updates on the WorldWired tour, including live videos, photos and setlists.


"We're psyched to share with you the latest way to enjoy the tour, even if you can't make it in person," says the group. "Look for regular updates as the tour rolls through Europe and beyond!"

Watch the video here:



From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/June/24Metallica_Share_Live_The_Memory_Remains_Video.shtml


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Alice Cooper explained how he’d persuaded Johnny Depp to sing the David Bowie classic “Heroes” on the new Hollywood Vampires album Rise, which was released on June 21.


The actor and guitarist recorded lead vocals for the cover version after being reminded that he’d played a singing role in 2007 Tim Burton musical movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.


“It was just a song I felt we should do,” Depp said in a new video interview that also features Cooper and Joe Perry. “It’s always meant a lot to me; it meant a lot to me over the last few years.”

Cooper added: “I knew Bowie pretty well but I didn’t have an emotional connection to him like that, as much as Johnny did. Johnny says, ‘Well, you sing it,’ and I said, ‘No, you sing it.’ And he says, ‘I don’t sing.’ I said, ‘You did Sweeney Todd…’ Reminding him that he sings! And he sings it better than I could ever sing it.”


You can watch the interview below:




“I’d forgotten. I’d forgotten that I did Sweeney Todd,” Depp admitted, to which Cooper noted it was “very hard” to forget “a project that took two years.” Depp replied: “But if you don’t see it, it’s almost like it doesn’t exist, you know?” He then thanked Cooper for telling him the movie “was good, by the way.”


The Vampires recorded their version of “Heroes” in Hansa Studios, Germany, where Bowie had cut the original. Depp recalled that working “in that huge, beautiful room, ornate room, was just incredible.” Cooper added: “If you’re going to do a cover, especially that cover, do it there.” Perry remembered watching Depp reading the lyrics before they recorded, and appearing to become “possessed” as he started to sing and proceeded to “own the song.” “Well, it’s like anything – you don’t know you can do it till you try. I had no idea I could hit any of those notes."

Check out the video for "Heroes" below:


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/johnny-depp-heroes/

DEF LEPPARD's VIVIAN CAMPBELL Says A Lot Of Younger Bands Are Lacking 'Balls'

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During a brand new interview with Graspop Metal Meeting, DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell spoke about what is lacking in the current music scene, particularly with younger groups who are just starting out.


"You've gotta find the right balance between being good at your craft and still having the right attitude," he said (see video below). 



"When I hear a lot of bands — not necessarily rock bands, but all sorts of different genres; bands who come out in this day and age — a lot of 'em, what is missing… I mean, they have talent, they can write songs, they can sing, they can play, but they don't have balls. And you listen to something back from the '90s or the '80s or '70s, there was something earthy about it, there was an intent you had to have," he explained.


"Phil [Collen, fellow DEF LEPPARD guitarist] is 61. I'm not far behind. We're all at a certain level and we've gotten really good at our craft, but we still go out there and we play it with a real fucking rock attitude."


DEF LEPPARD has a handful of European shows left between now and early July before the launch of the band's Canadian tour.


In late August, DEF LEPPARD will stage its second Las Vegas residency. The band will take over Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino for 12 nights between August 14 and September 7.


The British rockers played their first Las Vegas residency six years ago at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel.


From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/def-leppards-vivian-campbell-says-a-lot-of-younger-bands-are-lacking-balls/