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Former White Lion / Freak Of Nature frontman Mike Tramp will release a new single, "Best Days Of My Life", on August 30th. It is a song about Tramp's time with Freak Of Nature. This new single marks the release of the limited vinyl tour edition (2LP, purple vinyl) of the new Tramp album, Stray From The Flock and catches the singer right in the middle of a big tour promoting the record.

See the remaining dates here:


"Best Days Of My Life" will also be available as a lyric video. Check out the teaser below:


JEFF PILSON On 'WILD' MICK BROWN: 'It's Time For Him To Enjoy Life For A Little Bit'

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FOREIGNER bassist Jeff Pilson recently spoke with the "Music Mania" podcast. The full conversation can be streamed below:



A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).


On FOREIGNER's continued success:


Jeff: "It just never stops. Who would have thought that 15 years [after I joined], here we are, still touring and doing well, and people are loving it. It's just kind of an ideal situation. Nobody's taking anything for granted here. We're all very, very happy that things are going as well as they are, and we're just hoping for things to continue. The shows are getting better and better. The band is at its tightest point ever. What could ever go wrong?"


On FOREIGNER's return to headliner status:


Jeff: "We kind of did the impossible, and that's great. A lot of it is due to the fact that FOREIGNER's songs and its legacy are so powerful and strong with so many people. Those were amazing recordings. Everything about the band was really quality, except the name — the name FOREIGNER is not the best name in the world — but the songs have always been there; the music's always been there; and now the live band has been there for 15 years cranking it out. It's very rewarding to feel the progress that we've made and to see the tangible results, but man, who would have thought? It's a great thing."


On the group's upcoming Las Vegas residency:


Jeff: "We've been working on it for years, and it never really made sense until this year. We're very, very much looking forward to trying it out. The thing about a residency is that it is a little less wear and tear on the band, because you don't have to travel between shows, so that's great. The other thing too is, you get a certain amount of people that really wouldn't normally see you, but because they're in Vegas and they're going out to have fun, and they're thinking, 'Wait a minute — FOREIGNER. I know that name,' you get a different kind of person coming to the show. It exposes us a wider audience, which is always a good thing, and I think it makes for a really great show."


On THE END MACHINE, his band with WARRANT vocalist Robert Mason and his former DOKKEN bandmates George Lynch and "Wild" Mick Brown:


Jeff: "I'm very, very proud of that. [We had a] really, really strong reaction to that record. We even went out and did some shows. It was phenomenal. It really gave us a positive outlook. [It was] very, very exciting to have something like that come out and get such a wonderful acceptance. What a wonderful time... We all have our day jobs. We all have things we have to do that require a lot of our time. [THE] END MACHINE took a lot of work, but it's a labor of love, and we had a great time doing it. [We] definitely have some plans to do more with that in the future. Can't tell you when, but at some point, for sure."


On his chemistry with Lynch:


Jeff: "We call each other our musical soulmates. I just saw him a couple days ago, and we wrote another tune. He and I had done a record in 2003 called L/P, and the record was called 'Wicked Underground'. That record has now since fallen back for ownership, so we're going to re-release it again, and we wanted to put a bonus track on it, so we wrote a bonus track... That will be coming out probably early next year, I'm guessing. That's going to be really cool. Once again, it's George and I collaborating and just having fun and doing what we do and coming up with some great stuff. It's a really great song. The bonus track really came out great."


On Brown:


Jeff: "He hasn't officially retired. It may not be forever, but he's had some pain issues, and I think he just needs a break. He's been doing it for a long, long time, and I think he needed a break. I just saw Mick a few weeks ago, and he's fantastic. He looks more relaxed than he's been in a long time. I think it's going to good [for him] to take a nice break. He says he's fine with it forever, but we'll see... It's time for him to enjoy life for a little bit."


On his as-yet-unnamed project with Robin McAuley (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP), Reb Beach (WINGER, WHITESNAKE) and Matt Starr (MR. BIG, ACE FREHLEY):


Jeff: "It's done recording, but it's being mixed right now... [It's] coming out early next year. It came out phenomenal. The songs are great. Robin is singing like a bird... He is tremendously underrated, which is why I'm excited for this record. I want people to hear it, because his writing is great, too. The songs and the singing on this, as well Reb's playing, are just out of this world. It's really, really strong. I'm excited for that to come out."


Pilson — one-fourth of the classic DOKKEN lineup — joined FOREIGNER in 2004. In recent years, he has also produced albums by LAST IN LINE, KILL DEVIL HILL, STARSHIP and WARRANT.


THE END MACHINE's self-titled, Pilson-produced debut album was released in March via Frontiers Music Srl.


LYNCH/PILSON's "Wicked Underground" was originally released in 2003 via Spitfire Records. The album featured Pilson on lead vocals and bass, Lynch on guitar and Michael Frowein (LYNCH MOB, WAR & PEACE) on drums.

Whitesnake Expand 'Slip Of The Tongue' For 30th Anniversary

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Whitesnake will release a 30th anniversary edition of their 1989 album, "Slip Of The Tongue", on October 4th. The "Slip Of The Tongue" 30th anniversary edition is being previewed with an audio stream of the 2019 remaster of the single B-side of "Sweet Lady Luck."


Following the 8x platinum success of their eponymous album in 1987, Whitesnake returned two years later with "Slip Of The Tongue." At the time, the band included founder David Coverdale, bassist Rudy Sarzo, drummer Tommy Aldridge, and guitarists Adrian Vandenberg and Steve Vai; Vandenberg and Coverdale co-wrote all but one song on the album, but Vandenberg couldn't record them in the studio at the time due to a hand injury, so Vai joined the band for the album and tour.


The expanded 6CD/DVD 30th anniversary package will include a newly-remastered version of the record alongside an extensive collection of unreleased material, audio and video of the band's performance at the 1990 Monsters of Rock festival, and a new interview with Coverdale; the package comes in a 60-page hardbound book filled with rare memorabilia from the era.


Other 30th anniversary versions of "Slip Of The Tongue" will also be available the same day, including a 2-CD Deluxe Edition that includes the newly remastered album expanded with a selection of rare and unreleased bonus tracks; a 2-LP Deluxe Edition which features the newly remastered album along with a selection of unique bonus tracks; a single-disc version that presents the newly-remastered album, along with single B-Sides plus alternate recordings; and, via digital formats.

See the tracklist and stream the preview track here:



From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/August/Whitesnake_Slip_Of_The_Tongue_30th_Anniversary.shtml


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n a new interview with 101 WRIF, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick discussed his time with the band and he continued connection to KISS. he also commented on the band's current End Of The Road farewell tour.


Kulick on the End Of The Road tour:


"They're (KISS) celebrating the winding down and the End Of The Road tour and everything, and they have this tremendous production, but it makes people look at all eras and really look at their connection to KISS. Just yesterday, I'm at a local grocery store here in Las Vegas, and this guy got all excited. He started chatting with my wife, and then when I came over, I said, 'What's going on?' 'Oh, he's one of your fans.' He told us a really interesting thing, and I was very, very flattered by it. He had kind of gone through his years of being a fan, then stopping being a fan, and then the current tour got him back into looking at KISS and he started to go through everything, and then he realized how much he loved my era. Then he starts talking about Carnival Of Souls with me. It's kind of interesting... here's the current tour, which has very little to do with Carnival Of Souls, and yet the guy is now embracing a record that means something to him and he's sharing that with me in the store and really excited to talk about it. I love that. That's why I always know, when they're out there, it's still shining a light on the entire history of KISS, and that obviously shines a light on me.


I would imagine that the last gig could be two years from now, because they're doing so well and Gene has always talked about three years, but I don't really know their master plan. I'm not even sure how much they've mapped out yet. I'm very curious about it. I love that it's been so successful for them. I'm fairly confident that in some way, a final gig could feature everybody that is willing and able to be involved. Why not? It's not up to me. They know I'm excited about it and would love to be represented, but we'll see how everything goes. It would be a really nice thing for fans, I think. It would be a great bookend for it."


Check out the interview here:



From: http://bravewords.com/news/bruce-kulick-on-kiss-end-of-the-road-farewell-tour-i-love-that-it-s-been-so-successful-for-them


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As reactions to the arrival of AC/DC’s new album Highway to Hell began to roll in, the band could be forgiven for feeling excited but also relieved. In the months leading up to its release they’d come close to rolling off the road, but some backstage activity – not least the hiring of producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange – had put them back in top gear.


On August 17, 1979, Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd embarked upon the tour to support their new album, fully expecting great things. With dates in Europe, the U.K. and North America, and a reputation on the up, the general feeling was that they were ready for the big time.


Their first show was in Belgium, followed by a warm-up British leg that saw them supporting the Who, and delivering a set that usually opened with “Live Wire” and “Problem Child” then closed with “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It” and “Let There Be Rock.” When the band took over as headline act starting in Oakland, CA on September 5, they delivered a run of shows (with ticket prices averaging around $7) that featured support acts including Molly Hatchet, Pat Travers, Def Leppard, Judas Priest and Diamond Head. Admittedly, AC/DC fans tended not to give the opening acts much attention, preferring instead to indulge themselves in the refined sound that Lange had helped them achieve – louder than ever, but cleaner and therefore easier to enjoy.

The band seemed happy as they endured the usual ups and downs of life on the road, so eloquently expressed in Scott’s lyrics. On the AC-DC.net fan archive, witnesses recalled how, at London’s Wembley Stadium, the sound system cut out during “Whole Lotta Rosie” and didn’t start up again until partway through “Rocker” – with some believing the Who’s crew were to blame as a result of the upstarts’ performance being so well-received. In Santa Cruz, CA, Scott received a cut lip during the part of the show where he carried Angus Young on his back through the crowd, and vowed never to play the city again.


A review of their Texas show on September 14 read: “The unique sound of AC/DC is provided by the emotionally-strained vocals of lead singer Bon Scott. Scott's salient voice sent out emotion to the crowd and, in return, evoked emotion from the crowd. The high energy of the music kept the audience members on the auditorium floor standing throughout the show. Only a few stood on the floor. Most stood in the seats of the auditorium. Others stood on the arms of the chairs to get a better view. The music even had some literally climbing the walls to sit on a small ledge in order to see the constantly-moving band.”


By November, Highway to Hell had reached No. 7 and would go on to become AC/DC’s first million-selling album, securing their future. Sadly, of course, the achievement didn’t secure Scott’s own future. He played his last U.S. show on October 21, then his last-ever show in Southampton, U.K., on January 27, 1980, and died on February 19. There had been a handful of hints that the charismatic frontman and his colleagues knew something was wrong – in one TV interview, asked why the band described him as “special,” Scott replied: “I’m a special drunkard… I drink too much.” Asked if he thought he was a star, he said: “No. I see stars sometimes.” In a radio interview after the Santa Cruz incident, Angus is reported to have observed: “Don’t worry about Bon – he’s already got his coffin ordered.”

From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/bon-scott-final-ac-dc-tour/


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Led Zeppelin have been back in court to protect “Stairway To Heaven” from copyright suits, and according to NBC News, the Justice Department filed a friend of court brief late Thursday against a claim that the band stole the musical passage from an earlier recording, "Taurus", by Spirit. The legal battle of the bands has played out in federal courts in California for the past five years.


In its brief filed Thursday, the Justice Department said the trial judge got it right when he ruled that the only work subject to copyright protection was the sheet music, because the song was written before Congress changed the law in 1972, which gave protection to sound recordings.


Read the complete report here:



A federal appeals court agreed Monday, June 10th, to give the defunct rock band a new hearing to defend a jury’s favorable verdict in a suit that claimed the opening lines of the 1972 hit had been plagiarized from a 1968 song by the California band, Spirit.


A 2014 lawsuit alleged that “Stairway To Heaven” songwriters Jimmy Page and Robert Plant had heard “Taurus” at concerts or on recordings and lifted part of it for the Led Zeppelin song. The suit was filed by the estate of Spirit band member and songwriter Randy Wolfe, also known as Randy California, who died in 1997. The estate’s lawyer says any damages in the case would go to a trust fund to buy musical instruments for schoolchildren.


At the trial in 2016, a federal court jury in Los Angeles heard conflicting testimony from musicology experts about whether the passages were similar enough for a copyright violation, and also heard a guitarist play excerpts from the two scores. Jurors then found unanimously that Led Zeppelin had not violated Spirit’s copyright.


Last September, however, a panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ordered a new trial. The court said U.S. District Judge Gary Klausner had wrongly instructed the jury to disregard any similarities between standard musical elements in the two songs, like a rising scale or a chord progression, because they are too common to be copyrighted.


Standard musical elements, when considered together, can be protected from unauthorized duplication when they have undergone changes or “selection and arrangement that may have rendered them original,” Judge Richard Paez said in the 3-0 ruling. He also said Klausner should have allowed a recording of “Taurus” to be played while Page, one of the “Stairway To Heaven” composers, was on the witness stand, which might have helped jurors assess his previous exposure to the song.


But on Monday the full appeals court said a majority of its judges had voted to set the ruling aside and hold a new hearing before an 11-judge panel. The hearing will take place in San Francisco the last week in September.


Learn more at this location:



From: http://bravewords.com/news/led-zeppelin-justice-department-steps-up-sides-with-band-in-stairway-to-heaven-copyright-lawsuit

TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS: People Who Say Hateful Things About RONNIE JAMES DIO Hologram Are 'Miserable'; They 'Don't Like Anything'

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Tim "Ripper" Owens says that people who say hateful things about the Ronnie James Dio hologram are "miserable" individuals who "don't like anything."


Dio died in 2010 at the age of 67 from stomach cancer. The legendary heavy metal frontman's hologram was created by a company called Eyeillusion and made its debut at the Wacken Open Air festival in August 2016 in front of more than 75,000 fans.


After the tour's initial seven-date run was completed in December 2017, Ronnie's hologram underwent some changes before the launch of the first 2019 leg of the "Dio Returns", which kicked off on May 31 at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers, Florida and concluded on June 28 in Los Angeles, California.


The Dio hologram production uses audio of Ronnie's live performances from throughout his career, with the DIO band playing live, consisting of Craig Goldy on guitar, Simon Wright on drums and Scott Warren on keyboards, along with Bjorn Englen on bass. Also appearing with them are former Owens and LYNCH MOB frontman Oni Logan.


Speaking to "The Blairing Out Show With Eric Blair" about the negative response to the Dio hologram tour, Tim said (see video below): "I've never seen so many stupid comments from people. I mean, first of all, I say it over and over again, it's not a cash grab. Wendy [Dio, Ronnie's widow and manager] is losing money to try to make people happy. You don't go out on a tour like this and make money. Obviously, the goal is always to make money — nobody doesn't want to. But it's just weird the things they say. I could see [them] not liking, but that's this generation, because I could see not liking something. But the evilness that people say, the trolls on social media, they just don't have anything nice to say about anything, and they have to be mean with what they say.


"Everybody that's come to the show has walked away saying, 'This thing is unbelievable. It's an unbelievable show,'" the former JUDAS PRIEST singer continued. "It's made to entertain. You're not up there replacing Ronnie James Dio and it's not gonna look like a live Ronnie James Dio — it's a hologram, for God's sakes.


"People are fine with movies played by actors; they're fine with a Dio tribute band playing in your hometown. That's a cash grab. I'm fine with it — I'd wanna see a Dio tribute band — but that's a cash grab. Everybody's fine with those kind of things — they're fine with that.


"That's just the way it it," Owens added. "People just like to act like they're important. The best part, to me, is when they say, 'I know Ronnie, and he wouldn't like that.' And I'm, like, 'No, you don't know Ronnie. You didn't know Ronnie. You bought 'Holy Diver'. You sang 'Don't Talk To Strangers'. That doesn't mean you know Ronnie. You sang 'Last In Line'. It means you don't know Ronnie.' We knew Ronnie, and Ronnie loved to please the fans. Ronnie did things to please the fans, whether he lost money or not — he would do things to please the fans. And that's what this is; that's why it's done. It's done to try and continue to please the fans. A cash grab would be Wendy not doing anything and sitting home in a chair and receiving money — not writing checks to everybody to keep fans happy."


Asked why he thinks the Dio hologram brings about such extreme responses from the heavy metal community, Owens said: "I don't even get it. If you don't like it, okay, don't come. I don't get it. But that's what they do, though. They don't like someone and they just bombard people with hatred all the time. It's just they do. That's society and it's how it's changed. One minute they don't want free speech; next minute they do want free speech. If you don't like something because somebody acts like a jerk and says evil things and you call that person out, then those people come back and send you death threats because you called someone out for being… And it's just a constant cycle.


"You know what? It's just the way it is," he continued. "People [say negative things about it] — without seeing it; without knowing about it. That's my issue. You can't tell by photos, you can't tell by [videos] — you have to be here. They've never seen it. You might as well just say you're gonna hate something before they do anything.


"I can guarantee you — these people who don't like it, don't like anything," he added. "They don't like anything. And if they're married, it's gotta be a miserable marriage and a miserable family life. And they're just miserable people. And you could tell by how they act. People don't act like that for no reason. And they're acting like it for no reason."


The "Dio Returns" 17-song set consists of seven tunes sung by the Dio hologram — the rest feature Owens and Logan separately or together — and encompasses material from Dio's lengthy career, including his earlier days in RAINBOW and BLACK SABBATH.

Check out the interview here:


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David Hasselhoff revealed details of his upcoming album, which contains elements of heavy metal and includes guest appearances by Todd Rundgren, Steve Stevens, Tracii Guns and others.


Open Your Eyes features some original songs and some covers, including a version of the Neil Diamond classic “Sweet Caroline” created in collaboration with Ministry leader Al Jourgensen. You can see the full track list below.


Blabbermouth reported that Knight Rider and Baywatch star Hasselhoff, 67, had confirmed the appearance of “a couple of heavy metal songs” on the LP earlier this year, adding: “Why not? Because I can. Because I want to.”


Last year Jourgensen told BIllboard: “I didn't even have to take acid, and I felt like I was trippin' balls. David Hasselhoff has a new album coming out, some originals and some covers, and for whatever reason — and this is the part that still perplexes me since I haven't met David Hasselhoff yet — he decided I would be the perfect person to mix this. So it's, like, 'I'm game! I'll take the challenge. This could be cool.' And sure enough, man, as soon as I heard it, I felt like I was on some of Timothy Leary's best MDMA I've ever been on.”


Open Your Eyes is released on September 27.


David Hasselhoff - ‘Open Your Eyes’ Track List:


1. “Open Your Eyes” (feat. James Williamson)

2. “Head On” (feat. Elliot Easton)

3. “I Melt With You” (feat. Steve Stevens)

4. “Lips Like Sugar” (feat. A Flock of Seagulls)

5. “Heroes” (feat. Tyler Bates)

6. “Here I Go Again” (feat. Tracii Guns)

7. “Jump In My Car” (feat. Todd Rundgren)

8. “Rhinestone Cowboy” (feat. Charlie Daniels)

9. “If You Could Read My Mind” (feat. Ava Cherry)

10. “Sugar, Sugar” (feat. Steve Cropper)

11. “Mit 66 Jahren” (feat. Patrick Moraz)

12. “Sweet Caroline” (feat. Ministry)

13. “That's Life”

Sneak Peek AC/DC Frontman Brian Johnson's New TV Series

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AXS TV have shared a new preview of AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson's new television series "A Life On The Road", which will premiere on the network on September 15th.


The new clip is an extended 2-minute sneak peek of the first episode featuring Johnson visiting with Sting and shows the two visiting the site of CBGB's, where The Police played their very first show. Watch the sneak peek here:



The first season of the show will also feature Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, The Who's Roger Daltrey, Def Leppard's Joe Elliott, Metallica's Lars Ulrich, Pink Floyd's Nick Mason, Billy Joel, The Eagles' Joe Walsh, Dolly Parton, Bad Company's Paul Rodgers and Fleetwood Mac cofounder Mick Fleetwood.


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Robert Cavuoto at Metal Rules recently spoke with Thin Lizzy guitarist Scorr Gorham about the forthcoming Black Star Riders album, Another State Of Grace. He discusses the making of the album, how the band strives to not sound like anyone else, working with frontman Ricky Warwick, and tour plans. Following is an excerpt.


Robert Cavuoto: Most Black Star Riders riffs have a signature sound and style; something that tells you right away it’s Black Star Riders even before you hear Ricky’s voice. What is that special sound that sets you apart from so many other bands?


Scott Gorham: "God, that’s a great question! I wish I knew the answer so I could bottle it up and sell it to a few more people to have their own sound. (Laughing) I think the main thing with Black Star Riders is we tried to carry the Thin Lizzy way of thinking. We do not want to sound like anyone else out there. I think it’s the personnel and the band that contributes to wanting to be different than everyone else. I know my wife when she hears our songs on the radio says it’s completely different sounding than all the other bands being played. I have yet to hear it on the radio to have an opinion. I hope that comes across that we are trying to sound like ourselves and not anybody else."


Robert Cavuoto: As a fan since the inception of the band, I feel you are still evolving musically, do you feel the same?


Scott Gorham: "The longer you stay together as a band, the more comfortable that you’re with each other in writing songs and bringing up ideas. You are not afraid to get certain ideas rejected; which happens. You have to grow a thick skin and keep contributing as much as you can. We did this album in a completely different way than Ricky or I have ever done. It came down to Christian, who shared something that he did before and wanted to know if we wanted to give it a try. He had been out on the road with Stone Sour and always kept a ProTools set up on his laptop. He would use it on the road to record ideas. He told us to put our musical ideas on our iPhones no matter how long or short and send them to him to glue these bits together as a song. I’m old school, so I thought you all had to be in the same room eyeballing each other and spitballing ideas. I figured let’s give it a shot and sent him my 20-25 ideas and Robbie sent him his ideas. Christian sat on the tour bus in his downtime and glued them together. That gave us a format to work on when we got to rehearses in Los Angeles. You have to remember you only have two weeks to get an album together plus one week prior to rehearse it. In the old days, you would sit in a studio for three months! With timing being of the essence, I started to see the wisdom of doing it this new way. It cut out all the fat as you had 15 songs glued together to rehearse. You knew what songs you were going to gravitate towards with potential fixes and ultimately choose to record on the album. It was so cool; we may take this approach on the next album!"


Read the complete interview here:


From: http://bravewords.com/news/black-star-riders-guitarist-scott-gorham-talks-new-album-we-tried-to-carry-the-thin-lizzy-way-of-thinking-we-don-t-want-to-sound-like-anyone-else


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Joe Perry recalled how he and Aerosmith bandmate Steven Tyler established their “writing paradigm” in the band’s early days.


He used the example of 1974 track “S.O.S. (Too Bad)” to tell Uncle Joe Benson on the Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show about the pair’s creative process.


“Steven and I shared an apartment for most of a year,” Perry said. “Our basic paradigm for writing is him playing drums and me playing guitar. He’s a really inventive drummer – that’s why his singing is so percussive. It takes him that extra length of time to write lyrics because he likes to use words that sound almost like a percussive kinda thing. He would play the drums and I’d play guitar, and he’d throw some weird backbeat in there, and I’d find a note to go with it, and we’d play back and forth like that.”

He continued: “We’d have a cassette player running and he would start singing along. That’s how that song [“S.O.S”] came together. We were set up in the living room with a little drum kit and a little amp, and definitely the melody and the flow for the song came out of that, that afternoon."

Be sure to listen to Ultimate Classic Rock Nights on more than 50 stations across the U.S. from 7PM until midnight, Monday through Friday.

NIGHT RANGER's JACK BLADES On Touring With SAMMY HAGAR's THE CIRCLE: 'After That, We Had To Practically Go Into Rehab'

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NIGHT RANGER bassist/vocalist Jack Blades recently spoke with the "Music Mania" podcast. The full conversation can be streamed below: 



A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).


On the band's work ethic:


Jack: "Bands like FOREIGNER and us and STYX, all of us, when we get out there, we give 110 percent. None of these bands have slowed down one bit, which is pretty amazing after so many years of being in the business and everything like that. You know what it is? It's the love of music. It's the love of playing in front of an audience. It's the love of rock 'n' roll, and I think that keeps us all going. Look at THE ROLLING STONES — I'm trying to figure out which show I can go to."


On the group's upcoming tour of Japan, where the group will perform their classic albums "Dawn Patrol" and "Midnight Madness" in their entireties:


Jack: "I think personally, between DAMN YANKEES and NIGHT RANGER, I've been to Japan about... I've been on tour there probably 16 or 17 times. We've played tons of shows. NIGHT RANGER started out in 1983 going to Japan, and we've done really, really well ever since. All these shows, we're doing our first two albums, 'Dawn Patrol' and 'Midnight Madness', in their entirety, start to finish, exactly like they're on the record. These shows in Tokyo and Osaka all sold out, [so] we had to add another show. It's really fun. I'm looking forward to it. We're really excited about it."


On the band's current outlook:


Jack: "We just enjoy playing right now, and we're so thankful that so many people are coming out to the NIGHT RANGER shows. It's almost like so many of our songs have ended up being in, like, the collective consciousness of the nation, whether it be '(You Can Still) Rock In America', 'Sister Christian', 'Don't Tell Me You Love Me', 'When You Close Your Eyes', 'Goodbye', 'Sentimental Street'... all those songs, it's so gratifying to know that when you're sitting in your bedroom writing a tune, that 30-something years later, people can still relate to it and still enjoy hearing it. I think that's a real wonderful thing. We feel very blessed."


On the musical relationship between him, guitarist Brad Gillis and drummer Kelly Keagy:


Jack: "It's family. You've been around — you've grown up together. You've experienced life together. You've experienced sadness. You've experienced the highs of wonderful things; you've experienced the lows together. That's something that sometimes, you just can't put it in words. I can't imagine sitting, playing on stage, without looking to my left and seeing Brad Gillis, and beyond him a little bit farther, Kelly Keagy. It's just so reassuring to me, and so fun."


On NIGHT RANGER's upcoming performance at Sammy Hagar's High Tide Beach Party festival:


Jack: "We did, like, a month's worth of shows with Sam in May and June. We've known Sammy forever. Our first tour was with Sammy Hagar, when we released our first album in 1983. He was doing his 'Three Lock Box' tour, and he put us on... We've known Sammy for so long that it's just a blast. We have so much with them. Those boys are drinkers, man. Them boys know how to drink. After that May/June tour, we had to practically go into rehab. Mike Anthony and Sammy, those boys know to pack them away... The fun never stops when you're around Sam."


On the group's future plans:


Jack: "There's always going to be music floating around in the heads of the guys in NIGHT RANGER, and there will always be new music that we'll play and always create. We have a philosophy — once you stop creating, that's when you start dying inside. We're just going to keep rocking and creating new music and keep doing it and doing it and doing it. That's how you keep alive. It's like a shark — when sharks stop swimming, they die. With NIGHT RANGER, [if] we stop creating, that's when the whole thing will just come to a screeching halt. In the meantime, we're just going to keep writing songs, getting ideas together, putting ideas together, putting songs together, and when we feel like we've got the right move, we've got the right motive, we've got the right feeling and everything like that, then we'll maybe go in and cut another record. But until then, we're just going to keep touring and rocking and doing what we're doing... When you're sitting there and you hit the first notes of the piano of 'Sister Christian' and 10,000 people just come completely unglued, and you have 10,000 people singing 'Motorin'...', you've got to be a jaded asshole not to feel that. Every time that happens with us, it's like we're playing the song for the very first time. It's the fans — it's the audience — that keep us all going, and that's what keeps us wanting to play more, to do more, to give more... That's why we continue to do what we do, and we're going to keep giving them everything we've got."

Joe Elliott's Down 'n' Outz announce new album, This Is How We Roll

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Down 'n' Outz have announced the release of their third album. The project, fronted by Def Leppard's Joe Elliott, will release This Is How We Roll on October 31. The band have also released the title track as a single. You can check it out below:



"Boy, has this has been a long time coming!", says Elliott. "Recorded in infrequent bursts of activity over a five-year period whenever our respective motherships allowed, I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved with this album.


"I’m blessed to have worked with such a superb bunch of musicians on this collection of songs. To a man, and woman (!), they completely got my vision of what I wanted us to convey on this record and, as usual, working with a world class producer/engineer in Ronan McHugh has guaranteed the sound of the record to be top notch! I couldn’t be more proud."

The band is competed by Quireboys' guitarist Paul Guerin, guitarist Guy Griffin, keyboardist Keith Weir, former Vixen bassist Share Ross, and drummer Phil Martini.


"This Is How We Roll is absolutely fantastic, probably one of the best records I’ve worked on," says Griffin. "It doesn’t sound like Leppard or the first two Down 'n' Outz records.


"It’s kind of all the stuff Joe grew up with: a lot of piano type stuff, a bit Elton John, one track a bit 10cc, a couple of good rockers… a real mix of stuff. Joe’s voice sounds amazing and it’s great fun to do."


Unlike the first two Down 'n' Outz albums, My ReGeneration (given away in Classic Rock at the time) and The Further Adventures Of..., albums which paid tribute to the music of Mott The Hoople and associated acts, the album only features one cover version - The Tubes' White Punks On Dope - alongside eleven original Joe Elliott songs.


This Is How We Roll track-listing:

Another Man’s War

This Is How We Roll

Goodnight Mr. Jones


Last Man Standing

Music Box

Boys Don’t Cry

Walking to Babylon

Let It Shine

Music Box Reprise/Griff’s Lament

White Punks on Dope

The Destruction of Hideous Objects Part 3

From: https://www.loudersound.com/news/joe-elliotts-down-n-outz-announce-new-album-this-is-how-we-roll

The Darkness Release 'Heart Explodes' Lyric Video

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he Darkness are streaming a lyric video for "Heart Explodes", as the latest preview to their forthcoming album, "Easter Is Cancelled," will be released digitally and via standard CD, digipak CD with bonus tracks, gatefold LP, limited-edition color vinyl gatefold LP and cassette on October 4th.


"It's about the despair of change. Having to reappraise your life and what you're holding on to," says frontman Justin Hawkins. "It's like that feeling when you just want to go for a swim and keep going. Wanting to be enveloped by something that will gradually pull you down. If you really, really want to survive that process, you can. We've all been there - people who say they haven't are lying."


"The difference between The Darkness sadness and other bands' sadness is that we don't wallow in it," adds guitarist Dan Hawkins "Even when it's sad, there's a playfulness to it."


Produced by the guitarist, the band's sixth record marks the follow-up to 2017's "Pinewood Smile", which was a Top 10 project in their native UK.

Watch the video here:



From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/August/The_Darkness_Release_Heart_Explodes_Lyric_Video.shtml


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With the recent Oscar-winning film, Bohemian Rhapsody, the music of Queen is more popular than ever. In 2002, many of those hits were compiled into a rock musical experience, We Will Rock You, which will be hitting the road once again for a North American tour starting September 3rd in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada).


Produced by Annerin Theatricals in Alberta, Canada, We Will Rock You will be offering a VIP package at each stop, which include cast member meet and greets, exclusive merchandise, and much more. Tickets are on sale now. More information can be found on the musical’s official website.


Annerin has announced the cast: Trevor Coll as Galileo, Keri Kelly as Scaramouche, Krystle Chance as Killer Queen, Alysse Ernewein as Oz, Brian Christensen as Brit, Kyle Gruninger as Khashoggi, and Kevin Doe as Buddy.


Also new to the production is Music Director Stuart Morley, who was asked personally by Brian May to oversee the updated version. As he recently told the Calgary Herald, “I’ve re-Queened the score. I’ve made it more like the original Queen. I went to Queen’s studio and I listened to old vocals. This new score is far more accurate and authentic. When they were creating the original score for the musical, they made it more theatrical than authentic. I’m a purist so I want to bring the score back to its roots. I’ve been given access to tapes no one else has been given to work with. I feel this new version of the musical can be something not even Brian and Roger thought it could become.”


While We Will Rock You is a quirky, eccentric and heartfelt story of outsiders, it’s also a creative cautionary tale for the cyberage. It reflects the scale and spectacle that marked Queen’s live performances and earned the band its pinnacle position in rock history. The audience can expect We Will Rock You to rock as fiercely as the best of Queen’s concerts.


“Annerin is proud to be able to produce We Will Rock You, and we are obviously lucky with our timing,” says Jeff Parry, President Annerin Theatricals. “This is a show I have wanted to produce since I first saw it in London. My vision was to be able to produce it in such a way that it plays in soft-seaters as well as cut-down arenas. I thought that Queen’s musical was for everyone and not just the typical Broadway crowd, therefore we’re producing it in a way that can accommodate most buildings and audiences that want to experience the music of Queen in a uniquely theatrical manner.”


Since 2002, over 16 million theatregoers in 19 countries have been thrilled by this awe-inspiring production which is based on the songs of Queen with a book by Ben Elton (The Young Ones, Blackadder, Popcorn). The original West End production featured music supervision from Brian May and Roger Taylor, and Elton fashioned this futuristic story around more than 24 of Queen’s biggest hit songs including: “We Are the Champions,” “Radio Ga Ga,” “I Want To Break Free,” “Somebody To Love,” “Killer Queen,” “Don’t Stop Me Now,” “Under Pressure,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Another One Bites The Dust” and, of course, “We Will Rock You.”


With the Oscar-winning film, Bohemian Rhapsody, the music of Queen is more popular than ever. We Will Rock You follows two revolutionaries, Galileo and Scaramouche, on a quest to save rock n’ roll in a post-apocalyptic world where there are no musical instruments and rock n’ roll has died. They join a small group of societal outcasts, the Bohemians, as they fight to take back the iPlanet from the all-powerful Globalsoft, led by the Killer Queen. They fight for freedom, individuality and the rebirth of rock ‘n roll.


Casting for the tour is currently underway.


Prepare to Rock out to We Will Rock You at any of the following stops, with more to be added in the coming weeks on the musical’s website.


3 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Concert Hall

4 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Concert Hall

5 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Concert Hall

6 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Concert Hall

7 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Concert Hall

8 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Concert Hall

11 - Moorhead, MN - Bluestem Center for the Arts Amphitheater

12 - Prior Lake, MN - Mystic Lake Casino

13 - Prior Lake, MN - Mystic Lake Casino

14 - Prior Lake, MN - Mystic Lake Casino

17 - Joliet, IL - Rialto Square Theatre

20 - Milwaukee, WI - Miller High Life Theatre

24 - Casper, WY - Casper Events Center

26 - Missoula, MT - Adams Center

27 - Boise, ID - CenturyLink Arena Boise

28 - Spokane, WA - First Interstate Center for the Arts

30 - Everett, WA - Angel of the Winds Arena



1 - Federal Way, WA - Federal Way PAEC

2 - Salem, OR - Historic Elsinore Theatre

4 - Las Vegas, NV - The Orleans Hotel & Casino

5 - Las Vegas, NV - The Orleans Hotel & Casino

6 - Bakersfield, CA - Fox Theater

8 - Stockton, CA - Bob Hope Theatre

9 - San Jose, CA - Center for the Performing Arts

10 - Fresno, CA - Warnors Center

11 - Los Angeles, CA - Microsoft Theater

12 - Indio, CA - Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

14 - Prescott Valley, AZ - Findlay Toyota Center

16 - Denver, CO - Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre

19 - Kansas City, MO - Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland

20 - Enid, OK - Central National Bank Center

21 - Wichita Falls, TX - MPEC Memorial Auditorum

22 - Irving, TX - The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory

24 - Cedar Park, TX - H-E-B Center at Cedar Park

25 - San Antonio, TX - Majestic Theatre

27 - Sugar Land, TX - Smart Financial Centre

29 - New Orleans, LA - Saenger Theatre

30 - Birmingham, AL - Alabama Theatre



2 - Wilmington, NC - Wilson Center (two shows: 2pm and 7:30pm)

8 - Ocean City, MD - Ocean City Performing Arts Center

9 - Petersburg, VA - VSU Multipurpose Center

10 - Allentown, PA - PPL Center

14 - New York, NY - Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden

15 - New York, NY - Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden

16 - New York, NY - Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden

17 - New York, NY - Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden

21 - Indianapolis, IN - Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

22 - Mt. Pleasant, MI - Soaring Eagle Casino

23 - Mt. Pleasant, MI - Soaring Eagle Casino

24 - Van Wert, OH - Niswonger Performing Arts Center

26 - Louisville, KY - Palace Theatre

27 - Cincinnati, OH - Taft Theatre



27 - Calgary, AB - Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

30 - Edmonton, AB - Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium



7 - Toronto, ON - Meridian Hall (formerly Sony Centre)

From: http://bravewords.com/news/we-will-rock-you-cast-announced-for-north-american-tour-of-queen-inspired-musical


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Keeping the "world" in "WorldWired," Metallica have announced the latest leg of their international touring. The band will be hitting South America for six dates next spring and they'll be bringing along red hot upstarts Greta Van Fleet.


"As the WorldWired tour hits the last leg in Europe, there are still so many places left to visit; South America, you’re up first in 2020! The last time we had the pleasure was in 2017 as part of the Lollapalooza festival and now it’s time to come back with the full-on stadium experience (as seen in N. America and Europe) for six headlining shows including two Brazilian cities we have never played in – Belo Horizonte and Curitiba," state Metallica.

The band continues to promote their 2016 album Hardwired ... to Self Destruct. It's been a big year for the band, which will continue in September with a pair of sold out shows in which the group celebrates the 20th anniversary of their S&M symphonic album live in San Francisco. The S&M2 shows will be filmed and turned around for a one-night only theatrical screening on Oct. 9. For more details, click here:



As for Greta Van Fleet, it's just the latest sign of ascension in the rock industry. The nod from the veteran metalliers comes while they continue to promote their Anthem of the Peaceful Army album. They'll continue to tour well into late fall in the U.S., and dates can be found here:



Just last month, the band revealed that they had started work on their second album, adding that they hope to have it out by the end of the year. No title or official release date has been revealed.


To get in on a Metallica show, make sure to check for tickets here:



Metallica / Greta Van Fleet 2020 South American Tour:


April 15 - Santiago, Chile @ Estadio Nacional

April 18 - Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Campo Argentino de Polo

April 21 - Porto Alegre, Brazil @ Arena do Grêmio

April 23 - Curitiba, Brazil @ Estádio Couto Pereira

April 25 - São Paulo, Brazil @ Estádio do Morumbi

April 27 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil @ Estádio do Mineirão

Judas Priest Fans Raise $150K For Glenn Tipton's Parkinson's Foundation

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Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton is thanking fans for their support in raising $150,000 for his Parkinson's Foundation from the sale of "No Surrender" t-shirts during the band's "Firepower" world tour.


"I'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who bought The Glenn Tipton Parkinson's Foundation charity t-shirts throughout the various tour legs," says the rocker, "and a big thank you also to those who had the bike selfies done. I'd also like to thank Rob, Ian, Richie, Scott and Andy - the donations are building up nicely and that wouldn't have been possible without all the hard work from the guys in the band and the crew who went onstage every night and helped raise money for a great cause


"We will report on the amount raised as we go along - it currently stands at just over US $ 150,000 - but there's still a long way to go. For anyone who wants to donate to the charity there will be a link set up soon to make that possible - once again thanks to everyone."


Tipton announced his retirement from touring last year to deal with his Parkinson's battle; he hand-picked "Firepower" co-producer Andy Sneap to take over his guitar duties on the road as the band brought their new music to fans around the globe.


"It was the band that suggested we start a foundation which, although in my name, is really a Judas Priest foundation," explained Tipton last year. "We are selling t-shirts with the slogan 'No Surrender' which is very appropriate considering the determination you have to summon up to get on with life and beat this illness - it's the sort of thing that always happens to 'someone else'


"There are many Parkinson related charities were we could send the funds we raise to which deal with the many different aspects of this disease both physically and mentally - but what really excites me is a brand new pioneering treatment called MR-guided focused ultrasound thalamotomy, which although in its early stages has already had great success with a Parkinson's related condition called essential tremor.


"Dr Bain, my specialist who is one of the leading experts in this field, and his colleagues are now turning their attention to treating Parkinson's patients with this state of the art MR scanners and are very optimistic as to the positive results that are emerging."

DNA research claims Ozzy is a "genetic mutant"

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Ozzy Osbourne has been called a “genetic mutant” after research into the rocker’s DNA was carried out.


Genetics professor Bill Sullivan delved into a study by Massachusetts-based research firm Knome from 2010 while researching his new book Pleased To Meet Me: Genes, Germs And The Curious Forces That Make Us Who We Are.


The initial study was performed using a blood sample from The Prince Of Darkness in a bid to understand how he’s managed to withstand years of drug and alcohol abuse while others can’t.


The result, according to the New York Post, was that they discovered a previously unseen mutation which showed Ozzy has several genetic variations that predisposed him towards addiction, and that the mutation allowed the now sober Ozzy to drink in larger quantities than the average person.


Sullivan says: “Ozzy is indeed a genetic mutant,” in the book which will be released in September through National Geographic.


The publication also claims that our DNA shapes everything, from things we love and hate, our political leanings, who we’re attracted to and why “bacteria in our guts mess with our minds.” The book also claims that our grandparents’ experiences in the past also echo in our own DNA.

Sullivan adds: “A gene is one piece of a puzzle that makes up a picture. You can’t tell what that picture is going to be solely by looking at one puzzle piece.”


Ozzy, meanwhile, will return to touring in early 2020 when he resumes his No More Tours 2 dates across the UK and Europe.


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Jimmy Page found himself the loser in another planning battle with a neighbor over proposed changes near the London mansion he’s owned for 46 years.


The Led Zeppelin guitarist spent five years in a dispute with Robbie Williams, arguing that the pop star’s basement redevelopment plans could damage the integrity of his Tower House home.


While the possibility of further disagreement remains, Page recently took action against businessman Sir Harvey McGrath, who wanted to build three 20" wooden trellises in his back garden.


“I urge the council to refuse the application as having the potential for harmful impact on living conditions in the Tower House,” Page wrote in March. “I use the area to listen to and scrutinize recordings, requiring my full concentration with no distracting noise and/or vibration from other sources, for meetings away from the main house and for recorded interviews where naturally there cannot be any constant background noise.”


“Our client’s property would be directly and adversely impacted by the application's proposals,” Page’s lawyers said in a letter to the Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington Council, according to the Daily Mail. They argued that one of the trellises might require attachment to a wall of Page’s home.


But council planning director Sue Foster dismissed the objection, saying in a decision notice. “The second trellis would be fixed to freestanding posts, set away from the side listed building by 0.3m," she noted. "The height of this trellis would not exceed the height of the existing neighbor’s trellis.


"Given that there are many examples of timber trellises within the vicinity, the proposed works would preserve the character and the appearance of the property. … There would be no material effect upon the external appearance of the neighboring Grade I listed building, or its setting, its structural integrity, or its special historic interest.”


Last year Page explained, “I have been the custodian of the house, and on my watch I feel that I have got to do everything with all these sorts of haphazard things … that really it’s my duty while it’s my watch.”


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/jimmy-page-planning-battle-neighbor/

STEVE STEVENS Is Hopeful His Collaboration With OZZY OSBOURNE Will See The Light Of Day

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Steve Stevens is hopeful that his collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne will eventually see the light of day.


The BLACK SABBATH singer and Stevens connected through their mutual friend Billy Morrison, who plays alongside the guitarist in Billy Idol's band. Ozzy told SiriusXM several years ago that they had made a "bluesy" song with the working title "Crack Cocaine", which was originally slated to appear on Osbourne's next solo album.


Asked in a new interview with "Talking Metal" how much material he actually worked on with Ozzy, Steve said (hear audio below): "I think there's one which kind of rose to the top. I was asked to write with him by Billy Morrison, the second guitar player in BILLY IDOL. [Ozzy and Billy are] buddies, and I have a home studio. [Morrison] said, 'Can I bring Ozzy over to do some writing?' There's one song which may see the light of day. I was just happy to have [Ozzy in the studio with me]. I set up my microphone and you hear that voice and you get chills. Same as I do with Geezer [Butler, BLACK SABBATH bassist] when we are in the room [playing together with DEADLAND RITUAL] and you just play guitar and it's sitting next to that bass sound.


"I've always maintained that I'm a fan," Stevens continued. "I've never lost that kid fan thing out of the music that made me wanna do this. And I think that's what keeps me kind of always looking to get better and work with other people.


"Yeah, maybe the Ozzy thing will see the light of day," he added.


Ozzy has not released an all-new solo album since 2010's "Scream", having spent the last few years touring with BLACK SABBATH in support of that band's "13" LP, as well as playing a number of solo shows.


Ozzy has previously made conflicting statements about whether or not he intends to record a new studio album, telling The Orange County Register in 2017 that "it's not cost-effective" to release full-length collections of tracks. "You actually lose money because people aren't buying records anymore," he said. "A couple of songs, maybe I'll do that and put that out. I'll go to Sharon [Osbourne, Ozzy's wife and manager] and say, 'I want to do an album' and then I'll go to her and say, 'I don't want to do an album.' I really can't make up my mind."


A year ago, Osbourne told the Boston Herald that he was hoping to return to the studio after he completes his "No More Tours 2" farewell tour. "I have a bunch of songs written and have plenty of ideas and really want to do a new album, but as to when and how it will come together, I do not really know," he said.


Earlier this summer, Stevens completed the first tour with DEADLAND RITUAL, which also features Butler, drummer Matt Sorum (GUNS N' ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER) and singer Franky Perez (APOCALYPTICA).

In early April, Ozzy postponed all his 2019 tour dates, both in North America and Europe, as he recovered from an injury sustained while dealing with his recent bout of pneumonia. The singer fell at his Los Angeles home, aggravating years-old injuries from his 2003 ATV accident that required new surgery.

Check out the interview here: