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It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Metallica wasn't the biggest band in heavy music. In fact, their success wasn't guaranteed, and in a new interview Dee Snider reveals he had his doubts on if the band ever would succeed.


Speaking with Detroit's WRIF Meltdown show, Snider recalls touring with the band while in Twisted Sister and shared his honest opinion of their future prospects. "This is a true story. We're on tour with Metallica, and we're in Holland, and I'm standing on the side of the stage and I'm watching them doing their set. And I turn to my bass player and I go, 'These guys have got a lot of heart, but they're never gonna go anywhere,'" recalls Snider. "Like I said, I'm brutally honest. I said that out fucking loud. What an asshole! I didn't wanna be against them. I just said, 'They're so heavy.' But they made people just accept how heavy they were, and that's the great thing about Metallica."

He added, "Those motherfuckers earned every fucking dollar they made. They didn't give an inch — until they [made] an 'Alternica' record. Which I thought was a great record, but they gave an inch. But up to that point, they just fought hard."


Snider went on to discuss Metallica's battle with Napster among other topics. You can hear Snider's full chat on Meltdown below: 


From: http://loudwire.com/dee-snider-was-metallica-doubter/


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It's been nearly a quarter century since Bad Company's last studio project. Now, singer Paul Rodgers is hinting that the wait might finally be over.


"I'd like to create some new music. That's my focus right now," Rodgers tells Rock Band Reviews. "We're in the studio, just kicking things around and seeing what we've got."


Rodgers hasn't appeared on a Bad Company studio effort since 1982’s Rough Diamonds. He was initially replaced by Brian Howe; Robert Hart sang on their most recent LP, 1996's Stories Told & Untold. Rodgers rejoined Bad Company two years later, and the group became a consistent touring presence. Three new concert recordings have followed, capped by 2011's Live at Wembley.

Up next for Bad Company are shows with ZZ Top and Cheap Trick in May; they'll perform alongside Lynyrd Skynyrd later in the summer. "This year, we have selected to play just 20 dates, and that's all," Rodgers added. "We're going to pull back a little bit so that we can spend more time in the studio, doing a little recording."


They're moving forward, unfortunately, without fellow co-founder Mick Ralphs, after the guitarist suffered a stroke in 2016. "He's now hospitalized," Rodgers confirmed. "We're trying to take care of him from a distance. It's a lot. His family are involved a lot in taking care of him. He's doing as well as can be expected."

From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/bad-company-album-2019/

Iron Maiden continue to mine their past with latest in CD series

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Iron Maiden have announced the second round of releases in their The Studio Collection Remastered digipack series.


The latest batch will be unleashed on March 22, and will comprise Powerslave, Somewhere In Time, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and No Prayer For The Dying.


The collection follows on from the band’s 2014-2017 vinyl releases, and are from the same remasters as the 2015 hi-res digital albums.


The first four albums to emerge in the series were Iron Maiden, Killers, The Number Of The Beast and Piece Of Mind, which came out in November.


Somewhere In Time will also be optionally available in a specially designed box which will include a 1:24 scale figure of Maiden mascot Eddie and a patch.


Maiden bassist Steve Harris says: "We’ve wanted to revisit these for a long time and I was delighted with the remastering we did in 2015.


“I thought it was the best that our albums have ever sounded and it was only right that we made them available on CD now too.”


The collection is now available for pre-order from Amazon - find a full list of releases below.

Iron Maiden: The Studio Collection Remastered CD Series:


1st batch: November 16th 2018

Iron Maiden / Killers / The Number Of The Beast (option of standard or collectors boxset edition including The Number Of The Beast Eddie figurine and patch / Piece Of Mind


2nd batch: March 22

Powerslave / Somewhere In Time (standard/collectors) / Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son / No Prayer For The Dying


3rd batch April 2019 date TBC

Fear Of The Dark (standard/collectors) / The X Factor / Virtual XI / Brave New World


4th batch June 2019 date TBC

Dance Of Death / A Matter Of Life And Death (standard/collectors) / The Final Frontier / The Book Of Souls

From: https://www.loudersound.com/news/iron-maiden-continue-to-mine-their-past-with-latest-in-cd-series

Nickelback Rocks Melbourne, Australia

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Nickelback – Feed The Machine Tour – Rod Lava Arena, Melbourne, 16 February 2019.

Written by The Rock Man


Australia has been a happy hunting ground for Canadian rockers Nickelback. Over the past two decades Aussie audiences have by and large been among the band’s biggest supporters, embracing their growing catalogue of albums, chart topping singles and countless sell-out stadium tours.


So it is little wonder the boys from Hanna, Alberta continue to show their gratitude by visiting our shores as often as they do. Their current album Feed The Machine hit record store shelves back in 2017, so it’s been a while waiting for the band to reach our neck of the woods as part of the supporting tour for the album. But finally the long wait is over, as the band wrapped up yet another successful tour of “Down Under” in Melbourne on Saturday night.


A capacity crowd of 15,000 filed into Rod Laver Arena and were entertained by support act Bad Wolves. The American metallers did a solid job of warming up the crowd who seemed to appreciate their efforts, and by the time Nickelback hit the stage everyone was in good spirits. The show exploded in a sea of coloured lights and raucous heavy rock sounds as the opening number Feed The Machine erupted throughout the arena.


This was quickly followed up by Woke Up This Morning, the first of several tracks from their multi-platinum selling Silver Side Up record. It didn’t take long for the band to launch into the hits with Photograph a popular choice, and by this stage the good times were flowing. Speaking of good times, only three songs into the set and vocalist/guitarist Chad Kroeger decided it was time for a Jaeger shot. Lead guitarist Ryan Peake, at first thought it might be better to get a few more songs into the set, but Kroeger convinced his right hand man that alcohol was in order. Throughout the night at regular intervals the pair were served drinks from their roadie turned bartender as Kroeger stated “The better the buzz I have the longer I want to stay out here and play”. This sentiment seemed to go down well with the crowd.


After crushing the first ballad of the evening Far Away, the band revisited Silver Side Up and pulled out Hangnail, a deep cut which the band hasn’t performed in 17 years. At this point of the show the audience is bombarded with a quick fire string of Nickelback rockers: Something In Your Mouth, Figured You Out, Someday, When We Stand Together, Gotta Be Somebody and the Chad Kroeger solo track Hero. And of course, more Jaeger shots.


Audience participation was high on the agenda for the band calling up a female fan onto the stage to play guitar with them on Animals and then a few tracks later two more fans were invited up to sing along to Rockstar. The main set came to a close with their biggest hit of all, How You Remind Me, and after a short break the encore saw the band bursting towards the finish line with the heavy rockers Million Miles An Hour and the popular Burn It To The Ground.


As I left Rod Laver Arena and headed home I did so with a sense of complete appreciation; something which I hadn’t done at some recent shows I have seen. This spectacle had proven to be a 100% value for money show, the sound and performances were of the highest quality, the lighting show was spectacular and there was a deluge of hits. It’s fair to say this has been another fruitful Australian tour for Nickelback and their recognition for their fan base was crystal clear, guaranteeing further tours in this region for the future.

KISS And EMOJI Company Join Forces For Unique Collaboration

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The world's most merchandisable rock band has joined forces with the globally recognized emoji brand to develop and launch a one-of-a-kind collaboration, KISS x emoji. The announcement was made today by Epic Rights, the global licensing agent for KISS, and the emoji company.


For 45 years, the hottest band in the world, KISS, has been beloved around the globe. The emoji brand, one of the most influential lifestyle brands in the world, is loved by all ages. The two brands are coming together to bring a fun, playful and expressive global licensing program to life.

Cleverly combining their strengths, the power of music and the magic of icons, the KISS x emoji brand collaboration has a dedicated brand guide including hundreds of unique icons available for licensing across categories such as apparel, accessories, footwear, electronics, figures and collectibles, drinkware, fan merch, home goods, stationery, and more. The mix of co-branded products will appeal to fans of all ages.


Epic Rights and the emoji company have appointed the following licensing agents around the world to represent the unique KISS x emoji program.


* Celebrities Entertainment – Germany, Austria, Switzerland

* CPLG - France

* Exim – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay

* JM Brands – Benelux

* Lotus Global Market – Brazil

* Merchantwise – Australia, New Zealand

* Retail Monster – United States

* Segal - Canada

* Tycoon - Mexico


Lisa Streff, EVP of Epic Rights, stated: "More than 6 billion digital icons are used on a daily basis. There is simply no better way to express emotions or to convey a message than by saying it with icons. We are thrilled now to offer KISS x emoji to the millions of KISS fans around the world."


Marco Huesges, CEO of the emoji company, added: "The emoji brand truly is one of the most powerful and communicative global lifestyle brands, moving and influencing people all of the world, in the same way that KISS has for 45 years. This partnership is the perfect symbiosis of two global power brands."


KISS's farewell tour, "End Of The Road", commenced January 31 and is expected to run through 2020.


From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/kiss-and-emoji-company-join-forces-for-unique-collaboration/


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A new documentary film, Alice Cooper: Live From The Astroturf, is set to premier at the Phoenix Film Festival in April. A video trailer can be found below: 



According to Rolling Stone a Dallas record store’s efforts to reunite the original Alice Cooper Band after 40 years is the focus of the upcoming documentary/concert film.


Cooper superfan and Good Records owner Chris Penn lobbied for Cooper and his former bandmates - Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith - to stage a (non-Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction) concert together for the first time since 1974, with the surprise reunion gig taking place in October 2015 at the Dallas record shop.


While a recording of the show was initially released as a Record Store Day exclusive in 2018, Penn and director Steven Gaddis realized they had enough footage from the performance to construct a full film from the event, which a record store full of lucky Cooper fans witnessed.


In addition to the in-store performance captured by eight cameras and mixed by Bob Ezrin, the documentary also features interviews with the members of the Alice Cooper Band and those who made the show possible.


A message at the official film website states: "To unleash the movie of the historic event, we’re going back to where it all started. Phoenix, Arizona, birthplace of the original Alice Cooper group, will be the first city you’ll be able to witness this concert film/documentary. There will be multiple screenings during the Phoenix Film Festival, which takes place from April 4th through the 14th at the Harkins Theatres Scottsdale 101. Special guests will be in attendance."

From: http://bravewords.com/news/alice-cooper-band-s-2015-reunion-the-focus-of-live-from-the-astroturf-documentary-movie-to-premier-at-phoenix-film-festival-video-trailer


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Francis Malofiy, the Pennsylvania attorney who's still trying to prove that Led Zeppelin stole "Stairway to Heaven," isn't above using a little black magic in the retrial.


Led Zeppelin initially won in court over a longstanding charge that their signature song features a lifted portion from Spirit's "Taurus," which was written by Randy "California" Wolfe. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal ruled last September, however, that the judge abused his discretion by refusing to allow Malofiy to play a studio recording of "Taurus" for the original jury. (Malofiy presented an acoustic rendition, based on the sheet music.)

The flamboyant lawyer now plans to bring a secret weapon when they return to court for a do-over that's expected to begin some time in the next year: a lemon which he claims once belonged to Robert Plant. Malofiy also had it in his briefcase when he gave oral arguments during the successful 2016 appeal of the "Stairway to Heaven" verdict, according to Philadelphia Magazine.


Malofiy says he's had this sour little keepsake on ice ever since. "That's the lemon Robert Plant squeezed into his tea when we deposed him in London back in 2016," he says.


Plant and Jimmy Page are again expected to take the stand in the retrial. In the meantime, Malofiy's reputation as a giant-killer – he's reportedly won a $44 million judgment against R&B star Usher, $100,000 against the Hertz car rental company and an undisclosed settlement with Volvo – has garnered interest from others who hope to take on famous musicians.


Three British songwriters apparently want to take the Weeknd to court over similar copyright allegations involving "A Lonely Night," from his 2016 multi-platinum Starboy album. Other potential cases are more intriguing: A Brooklyn puppet maker reportedly plans to file suit against Fall Out Boy over the misuse of a pair of llamas.


No word on which talismans Malofiy may have hidden away in advance of those potential legal actions. In the meantime, he's ready with a slice of fruit that connects back with delicious irony to one of the best-known moments from 1969's Led Zeppelin II.


"Robert Plant is always going on about his lemon, and at the deposition he made a big deal out of slicing it up and squeezing it into his tea and then sucking on the rind," Malofiy tells Philadelphia Magazine. "Jimmy Page famously dabbled in black magic and was always going on about Aleister Crowley, and I said to myself, 'If they are going to use black magic to try to beat me on technicalities — well, two can play at that game.'"

From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/led-zeppelin-lawsuit-lemon/


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Def Leppard are heading back to Las Vegas in 2019, announcing their new "Def Leppard Hits Vegas: The Sin City Residency" set to take place in August and September.


The band will take over the Zappos Theater at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas beginning Aug. 14. The Zappos Theater was named in February 2018 as part of a multi-year partnership between Caesars Entertainment and Zappos.com, with the theater becoming the first true nexus of nightlife and live concert-style entertainment in Las Vegas.

Def Leppard will spend a majority of a month playing dates for fans, with appearances scheduled for Aug. 14, 16, 17, 20, 23, 24, 29 and 31, as well as Sept. 1, 4, 6 and 7. Tickets for the "Def Leppard Hits Vegas: The Sin City Residency" will go on sale Friday, Feb. 22 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET and can be purchased online through Ticketmaster or in person at the Planet Hollywood box office.

Check out the residency trailer below:



From: http://loudwire.com/def-leppard-las-vegas-residency-interview/


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Australian-American rock collective, The Dead Daisies, recently revealed that music from their latest album, Burn It Down, would feature exclusively as the soundtrack for the upcoming horror anthology TV series, Welcome To Daisyland, which is scheduled to premiere this Valentine's Day, February 14th, across numerous platforms.

In conjunction with the premiere of Welcome To Daisyland, The Dead Daisies are releasing their new single, "Dead And Gone" (Swamp Version), and have launched a music video highlighting performance and behind-the-scenes footage from their recent 2018 world tour. The track will also feature in Episode 2 of the series. You can watch the video here:

"We're very excited to have had The Dead Daisies exclusively record a special acoustic version of their hit song "Dead And Gone," states Executive Producer David Edwards. "Rock & Horror are a great fit and the bands music sets the tone for the series."

 Directed by award-winning film maker Tony E. Valenzuela (Silverwood, Harper's Globe) and starring Pepi Sonuga (Ash Vs The Evil Dead), Welcome To Daisyland debut episode will air on welcometodaisyland.com, as well as the YouTube horror channel BlackBoxTV. Check out the official trailer below:

Set behind the gates of the Daisyland Carnival, a music & mayhem shadow show, the carnival is a small but legendary one that began its run sometime in the early 1970s. No one knows for sure exactly when, only that is has appeared every fall, across the country in a series of vacant lots and overgrown fields, far from the reach of city lights and the law. Once the gates have closed and all the patrons have gone home, the cast of the carnival comes to life. Each member of the troupe has a dark gift and job to fulfill, as Daisyland is a place for the collection of souls. Daisyland is open from dark to dawn. Where dreams come true and nightmares begin.

MICHAEL ANTHONY Was Contacted By VAN HALEN's Management Six Months Ago About Possible Reunion Tour, Says SAMMY HAGAR

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Michael Anthony was contacted by VAN HALEN's management half a year ago about reuniting with the band for a tour, Sammy Hagar has revealed.


A recent rumor has suggested that the original VAN HALEN lineup — including Anthony, who has not played with the band since 2004 — will reunite in 2019 for a run of stadium shows. This would be the first time that the four founding members of the band, including singer David Lee Roth, guitarist Eddie Van Halen and drummer Alex Van Halen, perform together since 1984.


During an appearance earlier today (Wednesday, February 13) on the "Trunk Nation" show on SiriusXM satellite radio, former VAN HALEN singer Sammy Hagar, who plays with Anthony in THE CIRCLE and CHICKENFOOT, said that Michael has been kept mostly in the dark about the possibility of the bassist being involved in a VAN HALEN comeback tour.


"As usual, Mike's hearing about it through the news, just like the way he heard about when Wolfie [Eddie Van Halen's son, Wolfgang Van Halen] replaced him [back in 2007]," Hagar said. "It was, like, 'Oh, I guess I'm not in VAN HALEN anymore.' He read about it instead of these knuckleheads giving him a call and just being straight upfront with him. So Mikey's still sitting in that same position again to where all these rumors are going around."


Having said that, Hagar said that he is "sure [the VAN HALEN camp is] trying to put something together. Whether or not it's gonna materialize, I wouldn't have a clue; it's nothing to do with me," he said. "But I told Mike, 'If this happens, you freakin' have my blessings. You go do this. You're a founding member in that band.' And for the fans, he needs to do it. He is the missing element right now. If you want my opinion, without Mike, it just doesn't seem quite the same. Mikey, he's the flag barer — he walks out there with the flag, the VH flag. He holds it high, like the guy in the cavalry. And he's a special guy and he has my blessings. And when they're done, [THE CIRCLE will] go back out — if they do it; if it happens."


Seemingly addressing the rumor that a VAN HALEN reunion tour with Anthony would see the bassist splitting the set with Wolfgang, Hagar added: "The things I've been reading, it aint gonna happen," Hagar continued. "They think Mikey's gonna come out and do his bass solo with the Jack Daniel's bass and say goodbye and stand on the side of the stage and watch Wolfie play his songs all night. I mean, I don't think the fans are gonna go for that either. That'd be real hard on little Wolf — he don't deserve that. So I don't know what to think. Maybe it's just a rumor. Who knows? Those guys, they don't tell me nothing, 'cause I don't wanna know. But you'd think they'd at least tell Mike. [Laughs]"


Hagar went on to say that he is "not trying to hide anything" about what he knows regarding Anthony's status with VAN HALEN. "Mike and I have had the conversation," he confirmed. "I'm telling you, Mike don't know shit. They're gonna have to eventually… Somebody's gonna have to give the guy a call. I mean, he got a call six months ago from [VAN HALEN's] management saying, 'Are you interested?' And he said, 'Yeah. I'm doing a record with Sammy right now. We're booking shows, so you'd have to work around it.' And they said, 'Okay. We'll get back to you.' And that was it. I can tell you that much."


Sammy repeated that Anthony "totally" has his blessings to play with VAN HALEN again if the opportunity presents itself. "I'm an easygoing guy," Hagar said. "First of all, I don't wanna go out and play six months. So [THE CIRCLE is] gonna go out and play a couple of months. And if this happens, he can go play with [VAN HALEN] a couple of months, and then I'll go out in the fall again for a couple of months. I just know that Mike's committed to these shows we've got going on right here. If those guys get it together, a hundred percent he has my blessings. I love the guy. And I think he knows that THE CIRCLE is really important for his long-term thing, because VAN HALEN is so sporadic."


During an appearance at last month's NAMM show in Anaheim, California, Anthony told Music Radar that he wasn't opposed to reuniting with VAN HALEN. "I'm a 'never say never' guy," he said. "At this point… I don't know what kind of rumors are floating around or whatever, but I personally haven't been contacted by them yet or anything. So, at this point, nothing is happening. But you never know."


The rumors stem from a recent interview Roth did, as well as a report from radio personality Eddie Trunk. Roth hinted to Vulture that the band would "come back through town in the summertime and do the original thing, maybe somewhere sportin', maybe with somebody famous…. next time my rock band will be playing the same place that the Yankees play."


Meanwhile, on his SiriusXM show, Trunk said that he heard from reliable sources that the band would tour in 2019 with Anthony back in the fold. He explained, "Every year there’s some rumor about VAN HALEN about to do something or announce something, and ultimately it just doesn't happen. But, a little more so than normal as we close out 2018, I'm starting to hear some rumblings."


He went on to say: "The rumors from reliable sources — but still rumors that are unconfirmed — is that the band will tour in 2019 with the original band, which would mean the return of Michael, and that it’s gonna be some sort of stadium package."


VAN HALEN and Anthony have not been on good terms for more than a decade, with Anthony not invited to join the reunion with Roth that began in 2007. The subsequent two tours and studio album, "A Different Kind Of Truth", featured Wolfgang on bass.


Anthony has said that a reunion of the original VAN HALEN lineup would be an opportunity for "closure." He told The Pulse Of Radio not long ago that he's ambivalent about playing VAN HALEN songs live even though he still feels like he has "ownership" of the old songs. "Part ownership, anyway," he said. "I was part of it. You know, that's kind of one of the reasons why I've never wanted to like actually put a [solo] thing together and go out and play like that. I know Roth did it for quite some time. But you know, to me, I mean, that's basically, that's VAN HALEN's stuff, and it's best left to VAN HALEN doing it."


Anthony took a pay cut and signed away all of his rights to the band name and logo in order to participate in the 2004 tour, which featured Hagar.


Thanks: Bob Suehs of Rock N Roll Experience

Robert Plant's new band Saving Grace line up live shows

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Robert Plant’s new band Saving Grace played a surprise show at the end of January at the Sparc Theatre in Bishop’s Castle.


The intimate set at the UK venue was their first public performance, with a post on the theatre’s Facebook page saying the music was “laid back and bluesy with eastern and folk influences.”


Plant is joined in the lineup by Suzy Dian on vocals, Tony Kelsey on guitar and mandolin, Matt Worley on banjo and guitar and percussionist Oli Jefferson.

Saving Grace also played with Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri at St George's Hall, Bewdley, on Monday evening. And while there’s been no official word from Plant about the band, it’s been revealed that they'll support Fairport Convention for three shows over the coming days.


Fairport Convention say on their website: "Our dear friend Robert Plant has a lovely new band called Saving Grace. He asked us if we could help by having them play some gigs on our current tour.


"We have tried to keep the three dates they are doing with us 'hushed up' but the worst kept secret of 2019 is out now."


They add: "It’s the 40th anniversary of Cropredy and Led Zeppelin's Knebworth gigs this year and it’s nice of Robert and the band to join us for these three dates. We know you are in for a real treat."


Those shows will take place at The Anvil in Basingstoke tomorrow (February 14), The Forum in Bath on February 16 and The Alban Arena in St Albans on February 22.


Plant’s last studio album was 2017’s Carry Fire and he’ll also play at the Love Rocks NYC benefit concert at New York’s Beacon Theatre on March 7.


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Bret Michaels is extremely proud of his oldest daughter, Raine, even if her modeling career causes the Poison singer to shake his head.


“As a dad, I’m proud, but there’s bittersweetness involved, because it’s your daughter doing bikini [modeling],” Michaels admitted to Yahoo Entertainment. “It’s a bittersweet thing. I just look at it like this: I think she will be classy, it’ll be awesome and I’m proud.”


Eighteen-year-old Raine, who was named a Top 6 finalist in Sports Illustrated’s 2019 swimsuit model search competition, revealed that appearing in the magazine would fulfill a lifelong dream.

“Sports Illustrated has been one of my goals since I was probably 13 years old,” she said in an interview with Fox News. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of Sports Illustrated. I loved the magazine. Kate Upton is one of my biggest role models in life. I’ve always loved that they really want to show that it’s all about inner beauty that shines.”


Still, it’s the outer beauty that concerns her dad -- especially considering his memories of bikini-clad models partying on the Sunset Strip. “When I was living in it, you don’t think of it as dangerous. You’re thinking, ‘This is fun! This is awesome! It’s great!’” Michaels recalled of his rock-star-lifestyle days. “But when you look back as a dad, and this is your comeuppance coming full circle, right?”

Apart from cheering on his daughter, Michaels remains busy in 2019. The singer is on the road through September as he continues his solo Unbroken world tour. Scheduled dates include a performance at the Stagecoach country music festival in Indio, Calif., in April.

From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/bret-michaels-daughter/


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In a not-so-mysterious post on Twitter, Mötley Crüe/Sixx:A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx calls out a "certain band" who are currently on tour, accusing the lead singer of using taped vocals.


Says Sixx: "Certain band out on the road right now putting other bands DOWN and saying that they are a REAL rock band, no background singers, and other old people cranky comments except his lead vocals are on tape. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks."


Asked by a fan in a follow-up if Mötley Crüe didn't use tapes for backing vocals, Sixx replies: "We’ve used technology since 87. Been using sequencers, sub tones, background vox tracks plus background singers and us. Stuff we can’t tour with like cello parts in ballads etc. Same as NIN and everybody else. We love it and don’t hide it. It’s a great tool to fill out the sound."


While the internet goes crazy, guessing that Nikki could be referring to KISS, we'll leave it to you to make your own assumptions.

NICKELBACK Bassist: 'We're Obviously Doing Something Right If Someone Hates Us That Much'

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NICKELBACK bassist Mike Kroeger says that his band's detractors can be "outright nasty" while vocalizing their distate for the Canadian rock act.


Arguably the most disliked band in America, NICKELBACK has earned a type of hatred so potent it's hard to fathom what they did that was so terrible to the public consciousness. It's gotten to the point that people who enjoy NICKELBACK are denying their fandom and hiding their CDs like criminal contraband.


Asked how he feels about the attention NICKELBACK has gotten because of this, Mike told Singapore's Bandwagon: "Initially, it kind of hurt our feelings. I think it's safe to say anyone in the world would feel that way if people were saying negative things about you. I think as time has gone on, it sort of became humorous sometimes. Sometimes people try so hard to be mean, that it falls flat and I think that's the case most of the time.


"It doesn't matter if it's my band or not, if someone says something that is legitimately funny, I'll laugh at it, especially if it's me," he continued. "Sometimes people can just be outright nasty and take things too far, and start verbally attacking our families and sending us death threats and all that kind of stuff, and that's where you have to step back and think, 'We're obviously doing something right if someone hates us that much,' and you let it go because you have better things to do. I don't really see a benefit to reacting to these people and being nasty back at them. When it's funny, it's funny."


Three years ago, a student named Salli Anttonen at the University of Eastern Finland conducted a study to find out why there is so much hate directed towards NICKELBACK. Anttonen analyzed Finnish reviews of the band from 2000 through 2014 for her paper, which was titled "Hypocritical Bullshit Performed Through Gritted Teeth: Authenticity Discourses In Nickelback's Album Reviews In Finnish Media".


Anttonen found that critiques of the band became harsher as they became more popular, noting: "It became a phenomenon where the journalists were using the same (reasons) to bash them, and almost making an art out of ridiculing them."


Even though the study was based solely upon Finnish reviews of the band, the critics' animosity toward the group has been a global phenomenon.


NICKELBACK frontman Chad Kroeger admitted a while back that the group has never been a critical favorite. "I think we actually used to pay a little bit of attention to that, and we just kind of accepted it's, like, nope, we are never going to be one of those bands, we are never going to be the critic's darlings, and we're okay with that," he said. "Even a lot of critics are kind of, like, 'We've done our best to try and get the word out there that as many people as possible should hate this band because we hate this band.' And they've just sort of gone, 'You know what? We can't do it. We cannot convince anybody else to hate this band as much as we do.'"


Anttonen concluded: "NICKELBACK is too much of everything to be enough of something. They follow genre expectations too well, which is seen as empty imitation, but also not well enough, which is read as commercial tactics and as a lack of a stable and sincere identity."


NICKELBACK is continuing to tour in support of its ninth album, "Feed The Machine", which was released in June 2017 via BMG.


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If you're going to walk up a stairway to heaven, you'd better have the right footwear. Led Zeppelin have announced new officially licensed shoes as part of a collaboration with the Vans clothing company.


The band revealed the sneakers in a tweet.

The photos show two versions of Zeppelin shoes: low tops featuring the band’s iconic symbols from their fourth LP and high tops displaying the famous Hindenburg disaster picture that Zeppelin used on the cover of their debut album. Both shoe styles feature a black base, highlighted with white and red writing.

The shoe announcement comes as more and more activity churns out of the Led Zeppelin camp. The group celebrated its 50th anniversary with a photo book released in October, and rumors of a concert streaming service have been bubbling for some time.


On an individual level, singer Robert Plant debuted his new band, Saving Grace, at a performance in England, with more another show already scheduled. Bassist John Paul Jones will perform alongside Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore at London’s iconic 100 Club on March 28. And the ever-present Jimmy Page has teased "new stuff," hinting at some kind of release this year.


Announcement of the Led Zeppelin shoes comes after months of speculation among sneaker fans on Reddit. An official on-sale date hasn't been revealed yet. Vans has a long history of collaborating with musicians. A highly anticipated David Bowie collaboration is also expected later this year.

The company has previously released limited-edition shoes for Pearl Jam, Kiss, Slayer, Motorhead and Iron Maiden, among others.


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Thanks to the Bohemian Rhapsody film, Queen are once again the biggest band in the world. Before the smash hit, however, a scientific study on the uplifting effects of music named Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” as the world’s most effective song to make you feel good.


How does science measure the “feel-good” levels of a song? Here’s the formula:


Rating = 60 + (0.00165 * BPM – 120)^2 + (4.376 * Major) + 0.78 * nChords – (Major * nChords)

Essentially, the formula measures beats per minute, the scale in which the song was written and how many different chords are used. These three factors, according to Dr. Jacob Jolij, are the key components to feel-good songs. Lyrical themes were also taken into consideration for this study.


“A feel good song is very personal. Music is intimately linked with memory and emotion, and these associations strongly determine whether a song will put you in a good mood or not,” says Dr. Jolij.


“However, there are some key criteria for composers to consider when creating feel good songs - namely lyrical theme, musical key and tempo. Holiday-themed lyrics naturally remind us of happy times, while a major third musical key sounds happy to our ears and something we associate with confidence. A high tempo of 150 beats per minute also subconsciously triggers a sense of energy. Combine these three ingredients together and you have the formula for the perfect ‘feel-good’ song.” [via Telegraph]

While ranking popular music from the last 50 years, “Don’t Stop Me Now” hit the No. 1 spot, while ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” and the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” claimed No. 2 and No. 3, respectively.


Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” takes the No. 5 spot, while Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” was placed at No. 7. Check out the full Top 10 below.


10. Katrina & the Waves, "Walking on Sunshine"

9. Gloria Gaynor, "I Will Survive"

8. Bon Jovi, "Livin' on a Prayer"

7. Cyndi Lauper, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

6. The Monkees, "I'm a Believer"

5. Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger"

4. Billy Joel, "Uptown Girl"

3. Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations"

2. ABBA, "Dancing Queen"

1. Queen, "Don't Stop Me Now"

From: http://loudwire.com/queen-dont-stop-me-now-worlds-most-uplifting-song/

Ozzy out of ICU and recovering after health scare

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Earlier this month, Ozzy Osbourne has admitted to hospital due to flu complications.


His son Jack checked in last week to let fans know that the vocalist was “doing much better” and now his wife and manager Sharon has given an update on Ozzy's health.


Speaking on US show The Talk, Sharon said: “He's doing great. He’s out of ICU and he’s doing good. He's breathing on his own.


“And I just want to say a huge thank you to everybody that has reached out with good wishes. He is overcome by the response that he’s had, and it’s kind of bittersweet because he’s so overwhelmed with it, but he’s sad too.”


Sharon later tweeted: “Thank you to everyone for all your get well messages and support for Ozzy. We are overwhelmed and truly touched by everyone’s thoughtfulness.”


Prior to being hospitalised, Ozzy was forced to cancel the European leg of his No More Tours 2 run of shows after he was diagnosed with a severe upper-respiratory infection that was in danger of developing into pneumonia.


Ozzy said at the time that he was “completely devastated” at the news, adding: “It just seems that since October everything I touch has turned to shit."


He’s expected to reschedule the cancelled dates in September, with details to follow in due course.


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Australia's MusicFeeds recently reported that United Australia Party leader Clive Palmer called for Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider’s 2019 Australian tour to be cancelled, amid an ongoing disagreement between Palmer and the American band over the use of the Twisted Sister song, "We’re Not Gonna Take It" in political campaign ads.


Snider was scheduled to perform four solo shows across Sydney and Melbourne between January and February, but Mr Palmer called on the government to reject the musician’s visa. Judging by the video footage available online, Palmer's bid failed and Snider's shows went ahead as planned.

Further doing damage to Palmer's ego and public image, The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Universal Music has filed a lawsuit against him for rewriting the Twisted Sister classic. The case, filed on February 6th, cites copyright infringement proceedings against Palmer in the Federal Court in Sydney.


Snider and his fellow Twisted Sister member Jay Jay French called out Palmer for using their song without permission earlier this month, before Snider claimed that Mr Palmer knew about the licensing fee required for the song but decided to re-record his own version of it anyway.

In a statement released on Tuesday, United Australia Party accused Twisted Sister of “swindling its hit song from a famous Christmas carol” - Snider has previously cited glam rock band Slade and the Christmas carol "O Come, All Ye Faithful" as influences on "We’re Not Gonna Take It".

“The song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as an alleged musical work was not written by Dee Snider,” said Palmer. “The music was originally arranged as a cappella piece from the hymn ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ first composed in the mid 1700s. Others may have documented the instrumentation, but the melody was already present."


Read more at musicfeeds.com.au.


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Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice has produced an online mini-documentary on the Rhoads family legacy, entitled "Rhoads". Interviews shot with Kelle and Kathy Rhoads at Musonia school of music in North Hollywood, (where Randy Rhoads taught and their family ran for 71 years), as well as at NAMM 2019 for Jackson Guitars in Anaheim California.


The mini-documentary covers topics such as Randy Rhoads involvement in Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne. The Rhoads family relationships. Kelle Rhoads' musical outputs and upcoming projects. Kathy Rhoads' winery. Delores Rhoads contributions to UCLA music Dept. and the school of Musonia's musical legacy and continuation. Watch below:


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QUEENSRŸCHE singer Todd La Torre says that it was "logical" for him to lay down the drum tracks on the band's upcoming album, "The Verdict" after original drummer Scott Rockenfield made himself unavailable.


"I'm friends with Scott," Todd said during an appearance on "The MetalSucks Podcast". "I toured with him for five years. I did two records with him. I'm very familiar and very aware of some of the things that he does — a lot of the things that he does. So I recorded the drums, and I decided to show more reservation than to overplay. There's a lot of things I would have done more, but I didn't want to try to show off more drumming and do things just because I knew that everyone would hear it, and what will they think of my drumming, so I need to show it off. I wanted to just write drum parts that make sense for the songs, play fills that are appropriate, show the dynamics with some hi-hat work and some of the cymbal work that Scott would do — the double china, the alternating between the ride and the hi-hat. Certain things that are just very unique to the sound of QUEENSRŸCHE on the drums. And some things I did that I know he would never play, but that was just me having a little fun with a few things. But otherwise, I really tried to maintain the integrity of what I think sounds appropriate for QUEENSRŸCHE. And I wanted to create memorable parts that people can learn. I didn't wanna make it complicated. I didn't wanna play a drum fill every time there's a space to fill it with drums. I thought that too many are overplaying these days, and some of my favorite songs don't have a lot of overplaying. I mean, 'Empire' and '[Operation:]Mindcrime', those are very deliberate drum parts. And everything on this record that was played was done with a purpose. And until you peel the layers back to the songs and see where the kick drum is placed in relation to the vocal, in relation to the guitar riff, only then would you really understand and probably appreciate the placement of where the drum parts are the way they are — where they went and why. So I'm sure I'll catch a lot of criticism for what I did, but I'll also hopefully catch some promising positive words for what I did. And all I can say is I did double duty on the record, and no one can fault me for putting in the hard work and showing up."


For the past 22 months, Rockenfield has been taking time off from QUEENSRŸCHE's touring activities to spend time with his young son, who was born in early 2017. Filling in for him has been former KAMELOT drummer Casey Grillo.


Todd, who has played drums since the age of 13, admitted that Rockenfield "may not [ever] come back" to QUEENSRŸCHE. "I don't know, 'cause I don't talk to him," he said.


The singer also addressed disapproval from some fans over the fact that QUEENSRŸCHE's current lineup only features guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson from the band's original incarnation.


"Some people go, 'Oh, they're only down to two [original] members right now.' Well, so what?" Todd said. "We wish that Scott would have come back earlier. But ALICE IN CHAINS has two [original] members. ACCEPT has one member. JUDAS PRIEST has two members. FATES WARNING has one member. There's a lot of bands still putting out really great music that are kicking ass. It's not about one person. It's not about me. It's not about Michael or Scott or anybody else; it's about the collective. I think that this record shows that the strength lies in all of us participating and pulling all of our creative elements to share with each other."


He continued: "If people say, 'Well, what is QUEENSRŸCHE gonna sound like without Scott?' 'The Verdict' is exactly what QUEENSRŸCHE sounds like without his participation at all. However, Scott is a great songwriter; he's a cool guy; he's a great drummer; he has a lot of great ideas. That being said, this record, in my opinion, is better than some records that had the entire original lineup in the band. This is a way better record — in my opinion — than '[Operation:]Mindcrime II' or 'Dedicated To Chaos' that had outside writers. So, I think that there's a little too much emphasis placed on having this all-original thing. I mean, yeah, we still have two very important, crucial, original founding members of this band playing in QUEENSRŸCHE."


Todd added: "The music will speak for itself, and if people give the music a chance without their biases, I think that they'll be happy. If you didn't know that Scott didn't play on the record and he said that he played on it, people would hear those drums totally different. They would say, 'Man, this kicks ass.' They would never question it — because they [would] know it's Scott. They would never question it."


"The Verdict" will arrive on March 1 via Century Media Records. The disc was produced, mixed, and mastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (ROB ZOMBIE, ICED EARTH, HATEBREED) at Uberbeatz in Lynwood, Washington; Planet-Z in Wilbraham, Massachusetts; and Watershed Studio in Seattle, Washington.


QUEENSRŸCHE's spring U.S. headline tour with special guests FATES WARNING will kick off on March 2 in Orlando, making stops in major markets such as New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and will wrap on April 3 in Seattle. THE CRINGE will join both bands on select dates.


From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/todd-la-torre-says-scott-rockenfield-may-not-ever-come-back-to-queensryche/