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Ace Frehley Hires Gene Simmons Band Members For Tour

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Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has hired the members of Gene Simmons solo band for a tour in support of his forthcoming eighth album, "Spaceman."


"I'm changing the lineup in my band," Frehley tells the Cassius Morris Show. "I'm actually gonna start working with the band that back up Gene. I worked with them in Australia, and they also did eight shows with me in Japan. And I realized that ... I think they were better than my current lineup, so I've decided to make a change. They're younger and more hungry."


The rocker had been touring for years with a lineup of longtime guitarist Richie Scarlet, drummer Scot Coogan and recent addition Chris Wyse on bass.


Frehley's opening slot on Simmons' recent Australian tour saw him joined by guitarist/vocalists Ryan Cook and Jeremy Asbrock, bassist Philip Shouse and drummer Christopher Williams; the group also went on to perform shows in Japan with the former KISS guitarist.


Asbrock and Shouse are the founders of the populat Nashville, TN tribute band Thee Rock 'N' Roll Residency, who regularly feature guest appearances by touring rockers.


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Alice Cooper recalled how the 1973 hit single “No More Mr. Nice Guy” was sort of a private joke between himself and his bandmates.


The track appeared on their sixth album, Billion Dollar Babies, their biggest-selling to date, and was inspired in part by the incredible success they'd experienced in the time leading up to its recording. It had also been conceived at the height of mainstream reaction to Cooper's shock-rock persona, as he told Uncle Joe Benson on the Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show.

“That was autobiographical,” Cooper explained. “Everybody at that point didn’t know whether to hate us or love us. But I was definitely, with the general public, the worst person ever. I was the Antichrist, I was everything. And I said, ‘Okay, that does it. Gloves are off – no more Mr. Nice Guy. Now we’re gonna get rough.’”


While the song's lyrics analyzed the mainstream response to Cooper ("I got no friends 'cause they read the papers / They can't be seen with me and I'm feelin' real shot down / And I'm gettin' mean") the band took a flipped approach to the music, with a little help from the Who.


“The song was actually a pop song,” he said. “It was pretty much based after ’Substitute.’ … it was maybe the most pop record we ever did. It was kind of an in-joke for us.”


Be sure to listen to Ultimate Classic Rock Nights on more than 50 stations across the U.S. from 7PM until midnight, Monday through Friday.

From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/alice-cooper-joke-no-more-mr-nice-guy/

GENE SIMMONS Rates Himself As A Songwriter: 'My Batting Average Is Very Low'

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Mitch Gallagher of Sweetwater Sound recently conducted an interview with KISS bassist Gene Simmons. You can listen to the entire chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).


On whether he is writing new songs on a regular basis:


Gene: "My batting average is very low. I can write 10, 20, 30 songs and maybe one or two will connect with people they may like. I'm not [John] Lennon or [Paul] McCartney; I don't care who you are, whether you're Bob Dylan or anybody else. Very few of the songs you'll actually write connects. It's like baseball. Your batting average is .300 and you're considered one of the top guys. Well, 70 percent of the time you miss. I write all the time. Sometimes they're completely different forms. You have an idea and you can't wait to sit down and put it on paper and record it. As an example, Paul McCartney, and you can find this in the illustrated BEATLES book, Paul McCartney wrote a song called 'Scrambled Eggs'. And it was supposed to be a children's song. And it goes like this [sings song]. It was a little kid's song about what he had for breakfast. And it was Lennon who said, 'No, no, you have something with this 'Yesterday' thing.' I have original versions of 'Calling Dr. Love', which was called 'Bad, Bad Lovin'' and had a different chorus and so on. Things like paintings, books, you do that, then you come back and re-write and mold it. Songwriting is no different than a painting."


On his recent book, "27: The Legend And Mythology Of The 27 Club":


Gene: "'27' recounts the tragedy that is either self-inflicted or chemical or the disease known as depression — most people don't understand it and other variables that make the rich and the famous either kill themselves or pass away at 27. Why 27 years of age, people have been trying to figure this out forever. You're talking about Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, it can just go on and on and your jaw drops, the Mama Cass [Elliot] and one of the guys from THE GRATEFUL DEAD. Even 'The Elephant Man' from the 1800s, 27. I did some research and the book is about that. You'll find their lives fascinating. Then at the end, somebody pulls the rug out from under you and you'll go why? You have everything you could ever want. There are even recent electronic music stars and rap starts that kill themselves from drugs, either right before or right after they pass 27. There seems to be something about that, but what I hope the book does is remind everybody that just engage in the conversation because if you don't talk about it, you're going to be losing lives. There but for the grace of god, that person is suffering from depression or being bullied or self-esteem, it could be your child or your brother or your mom or your dad or anything and if you don't talk to them, the worse that will happen is suicide. So, if anybody out there has a bad day or even just a bad experience, sit down and talk to somebody. To those who have really serious problems, call 911 or the suicide prevention hotline. You're going to find people who are willing to just talk to you. 'Oh, I had a really bad day.' 'Oh, me too.' I haven't met anybody who hasn't had a bad day. I hope the book encourages people to reach out and talk. I haven't been depressed. My hand is straight and it doesn't shake, but not everybody's the same. We have different DNA and some folks need just a kind of a 'Hey, how are you doing? I hope you are okay.' You are going to be saving lives and I'm not just saying that."


On why he is so inclined to self-promote:


Gene: "Well, I don't want to throw ice-cold water into the face of romance. All the romantic smoke-and-waters thing; it's not that. It was never called 'music' — it's not called music now and it wasn't called yesterday and it won't be called tomorrow. It was always called the 'music business,' and if you believe in truth in advertising, the word 'business' is up there. You can choose to ignore that word, [and] you will go back to your mom's basement yet again. You will be doing the music you love, nobody will know about it. After you create something, it is your inferred fiduciary duty to make the rest of the world aware you created something. If you care enough about the music you're creating, either playing or singing about, you've got to go out there. The mountain ain't coming to you, Muhammad. You got to go out there and that's called promotion and sales. A religion is only good as the messenger, the prophet. Without somebody knocking on your door saying 'Hey, check my stuff out.' They're not going to know about you. You can either be a hired gun, be in the background, you put your instrument down, your drums, keyboards, everything and go home and have a hot dog, that's fine, but you won't go anywhere. The people and I know the folks up at the top, they go out there and work every day, even if they're rich."


KISS will embark on its "farewell" tour, dubbed "One Last Kiss: End Of The Road World Tour", in 2019. The trek is expected to last three years and cover "all continents," according to Simmons.


Check out the full interview here:

Disturbed show their Evolution on new single The Best Ones Lie

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Disturbed have released a stream of their brand new single The Best Ones Lie.


It’s the latest material taken from the band’s upcoming album Evolution, which is set to arrive next Friday (October 19) via Reprise Records.


The Best Ones Lie starts with a glitchy electronica opening before the main riff slams in, with the track taking a slight change of pace for the catchy chorus.


Check it out below:



Disturbed previously revealed the songs A Reason To Fight and Are You Ready from the follow-up to 2015’s Immortalized, and earlier this week revealed the names of the cities they’ll visit on the upcoming European tour.

Speaking about Evolution, the band checked in to say the record was “truly unique and very special to us,” adding: “We can only hope that upon listening to it, that the world will feel the same."


They added: “The record showcases the most adventurous and eclectic combination of musical styles and moods that we’ve ever attempted in our careers. Each song truly has its own identity, feel, and power.”


Evolution is available for pre-order. Find further details below.


Disturbed - Evolution:

1. Are You Ready

2. No More

3. A Reason To Fight

4. In Another Time

5. Stronger On Your Own

6. Hold On To Memories

7. Savior of Nothing

8. Watch You Burn

9. The Best Ones Lie

10. Already Gone


Deluxe bonus tracks:

11. The Sound of Silence [Live] (Featuring Myles Kennedy)

12. This Venom

13. Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Remix)

14. Uninvited Guest

From: https://www.loudersound.com/news/disturbed-show-their-evolution-on-new-single-the-best-ones-lie

MARTY FRIEDMAN: "Kaeritakunaatta Yo" video from 'ONE BAD M.F. Live!!' due out October 19 on Prosthetic Records

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Guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN has just released one more pseudo video from ONE BAD M.F. Live!!, which is set for release next Friday, October 19 on Prosthetic Records. The album will be available on all digital platforms, compact disc, and as a 2LP gatefold set with glow-in-the-dark wax as one variant and black sparkle with clear splatter as the other. Pre-orders are available now here: http://smarturl.it/MartyFriedman.


MARTY FRIEDMAN`s presence in the world of music, the world of guitar, and Japanese pop culture is mystifying, bizarre, and nothing short of inspiring. His 14th solo album, ONE BAD M.F. Live!! is an all-out celebration of his music in its rawest form. Recorded with his band--Kiyoshi (bass), Jordan Ziff (guitar), Chargeeee (drums)--during his 2018 “Wall of Sound” tour on its final show in Mexico City at Centro Cultural on April 14, 2018, ONE BAD M.F. Live!! is chock full of his own brand of “feelgood aggression.”


He’ll celebrate the release of ONE BAD M.F. Live!! in Los Angeles, CA at the Viper Room on October 21. It`s the only U.S. show he will do in 2018, but at this show, he will officially announce the details of a full scale 2019 U.S. and Europe tour. Tickets are now on sale here.


“This live album is a tip of the hat to the live albums that blew my mind when I was a kid,” explains FRIEDMAN, “the musical content itself is modern and atomic-powered, but the presentation is decidedly old school. The pacing of the show, the audience participation stuff, the special live arrangements of the songs, these are the things that got me all jacked up as a kid. I like to give the audience the feeling that they are really getting something unique, something that only happens at THEIR show, not just a recital of the songs exactly as they know them. There are lots of happy accidents, once in a lifetime ad libs, things that could have only happened because we were high on that particular audience`s energy.”


ONE BAD M.F. Live!! is the follow-up to WALL OF SOUND, which was released August 4, 2017 on Prosthetic Records, and debuted on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” chart at #12. “I`ve had albums that have charted higher, sold more, and got more attention over my career, “says FRIEDMAN, “but WALL OF SOUND is the album I`ve been striving to make ever since I picked up a guitar. I have an almost unhealthy amount of pride towards that album. The thrill I get from playing the WALL OF SOUND stuff live is something that I wanted documented, and that`s what ONE BAD M.F. Live! is.”


Fluent in Japanese, FRIEDMAN`s overwhelming love of Japanese music and the Japanese language found him moving to Tokyo in 2003. It is there where his career took off in very unexpected ways. His appearance as the star of a new TV comedy, “Hebimeta-san” (“Mr. Heavy Metal") and its spinoff, “Rock Fujiyama,” which ran for six seasons, propelled him into the living rooms of Japan`s mainstream. Currently he is a constant fixture on Japanese television (appearing on hundreds of network programs of all types, and as the face of long running campaigns for Fanta/Coca Cola, Sumitomo Bank, Suntory etc.), as well as appearing in major motion pictures. He is also the author of two hardcover books in Japanese detailing his unusual views on the current Japanese music scene, as well as two best-selling manga-related books, which are both in their eighth editions now.


Despite MARTY FRIEDMAN`s flourishing television career, he still considers his music his “only real job,” often performing at the Tokyo Dome, Budokan, Ajinomoto Stadium, the Saitama Super Arena and other top venues with his own music, as well as guesting with other artists. FRIEDMAN has not only held top charting positions with his own albums in Japan, (LOUDSPEAKER, INFERNO & B: THE BEGINNING-THE IMAGE ALBUM), but has also collaborated on and produced several chart topping hits with the biggest names in J-pop and J-rock (Momoiro Clover Z, Sound Horizon, Man With A Mission, Crossfaith, SMAP, AKB48, NEWS, and several others).


In 2017, the Japanese Government appointed MARTY FRIEDMAN as an Ambassador of Japan Heritage, for a term of three years through the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Along with J-pop icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, baseball legend Hideki Matsui, and four others, he’s the first foreigner ever to receive this title. He performed the Opening Ceremony at the Tokyo Marathon in both 2017 and 2018, again the first foreigner to do so. His most recent collaboration with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra is the government sponsored Japan Heritage Theme Song he released in 2018. In 2018, Young Guitar Magazine honored him with a 175-page special edition devoted only to FRIEDMAN and his inimitable playing style.


Not one to slow down and take any breaks, FRIEDMAN is also currently in the fourth year of filming a documentary, and his biography is set to be published soon.


Now with the release of ONE BAD M.F. Live!!, the combination of his other worldly experiences culminate into an avalanche of emotion, in his immediately recognizable style. “I like to lose myself in giving energy to the audience,” MARTY FRIEDMAN continues. “I want everyone to go home feeling like they were injected with a shot of positive vibes. I think we captured that on the record.”

Check out the video here:




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Poison frontman Bret Michaels said the party songs his band are known for were more difficult to write than tracks with heavier emotional meaning.


He made the comparison while discussing surprise hit single “Every Rose Has its Thorn,” which was released in October 1988, two years after the heartbreaking moment that inspired it. While on tour with the band, Michaels had called his then-girlfriend at home, only to have the phone answered by another man. He wrote the song over the following few days.

“You go through a gamut of emotion, because—and I want to say a very strong statement—when you’re going through that, you’re not thinking of it being a hit,” Michaels told Billboard in a new interview. “I wrote it because music was therapeutic to me. In other words, it helped me to get out my broken heart. It helped me to deal with what I was going through.”


Poison’s record label had been reluctant to release what became their only No. 1 single, but Michaels said his bandmates had been supportive, even if they had doubts of their own. “The toughest songs to write are good-time party songs,” he went on. “And let me explain that. People are always like, ‘Oh man, ‘Nothin’ But a Good Time,’ that must have been an easy song to write.’ It’s not an easy song, because when you’re partying and having a good time, there’s no emotion in you that says, ‘Let’s sit down right now and write a song.’

“But you have something break your heart… those moments are the toughest moments in your life, but oddly enough, [inspire] the most defined songs and easier songs to write because you have an exact emotion.”


He confirmed that he’d met with the ex-girlfriend who’d inspired “Every Rose” years later, when they both had kids, and that they’d been able to laugh about it, even though “it wasn’t very laughable at the moment.” He added that he still enjoyed playing it, and the band’s fans still enjoying hearing it. “And for each person it’s probably meant something different,” he reflected. “But for me, to be able to go out there and sing it and still do it this many years later is an amazing feeling. I still get chill-bumps on my arms doing that and knowing it’s withstood the test of time.”

From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/bret-michaels-party-songs-are-tough-to-write/


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Iconic singer-songwriter Steve Perry released his highly-anticipated album, Traces, last week via Fantasy Records. In this new video interview with Billboard, Steve discusses returning to music after taking a long break, his new album, and more. You can watch it below:

Traces is available now to order on CD, digital download and 180-gram vinyl here:



Signed and exclusive bundles can be found here:



Traces was produced by Perry alongside co-producer Thom Flowers, and features 10 tracks that balance Perry’s personal story of love and loss with hope and beauty (see full track listing below).



"No Erasin’"

"We’re Still Here"

"Most Of All"

"No More Cryin’"

"In The Rain"

"Sun Shines Gray"

"You Belong To Me"

"Easy To Love"

"I Need You"

"We Fly"

From: http://bravewords.com/news/former-journey-frontman-steve-perry-discusses-retreating-from-the-music-industry-i-had-lost-my-passion-for-the-music-that-i-had-loved-so-much-video

ACCEPT's WOLF HOFFMANN Praises ANDY SNEAP: 'He's The Number One Metal Producer'

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Katie Wilson of WSOU 89.5 recently conducted an interview with ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. You can listen to the entire chat via the SoundCloud widget below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).


On ACCEPT's relationship with producer Andy Sneap, who has manned the production board for their last four studio albums and also has JUDAS PRIEST and SAXON to his credit, among others:


Wolf: "Lately, he's getting them all: JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and ACCEPT. This year was really amazing for him. Now he's on tour [playing guitar] with [JUDAS PRIEST]. It's crazy. We actually saw each other not too long ago and some of these festival shows in Europe and I talked to him. He's very happy where he is right now and he should be. He's the number one metal producer lately. In my mind, he always has been, but he has everyone's attention right now and eye and ear. It's great for us. He really said to us many times that he grew up listening to ACCEPT and he was an ACCEPT fan from when he was a teenager. To have somebody like that onboard is tremendous because he really understands how we should sound and really helps us get there. It's great to have him on the team, really. Right now, he's very busy so I hope he can do the next album as well, but I'm sure he'll make time for it. I hope so."


On whether Sneap makes ACCEPT listen to their old albums to ensure they are properly capturing the essence of the band:


Wolf: "Well, he did one time. When we first met and we had a new singer [Mark Tornillo] and ACCEPT was out of business for a long time and we decided to make a new album. He approached us, 'Hey, I heard you guys want to make a new album. Can I work with you?' We invited him and we started talking and yeah, we actually sat down and started listening to some of our old records just to sort of point out the things that in his words were 'magic moments.' [Laughs] It was very eye-opening to hear it from his perspective what some of those cool moments were. It was a very good experience and very helpful in determining how to move forward. So, we made that decision then and haven't regretted it, to pretty much stick with the stuff that worked back then and don't change anything. Pretend like you're still 22 and rock the songs and don't try to be somebody else. He just gives us that new sound, but we basically write the songs like we always have in the very old-school way."


On whether it's difficult for newer band members Christopher Williams (drums) and Uwe Lulis (guitar) to connect with ACCEPT's classic sound:


Wolf: "I hope not. The songwriting aspect is one thing and it's usually handled by Peter [Baltes, bass] and myself. Then there's the live aspect where it's really about performing to the best of your ability and learn the songs. That is the easy part, I think. We got awesome musicians in the band and we have been playing together for a long time now and even though it's kind of new, we've done hundreds of gigs now together, so yeah, it really feels like a good unit we have now."


On what albums and songs Sneap made ACCEPT listen to in order to help rediscover their classic sound:


Wolf: "I think we listened to maybe 'Breaker' and 'Balls To The Wall', something like that from the mid-'80s. I think some of the first albums he maybe bought, I think 'Restless And Wild' and something else. So, this only happened once and it was a cool experience for us and it gave us the direction and 'marching orders' for how to move forward because, quite honestly, when you start fresh and you have a new lead singer, we could have started fresh and gone in a more commercial direction, we could have done even heavier, but all that we decided not to do. We decided to stay exactly how we were back then and not try to reinvent the wheel. That seems to be working quite well."


On whether ACCEPT's strict focus on sticking with their classic sound creates opportunities to bring in new fans or creates difficulties:

Wolf: "The fans are out there and they're loving what we're doing. I think a lot of younger fans are rediscovering, somehow tracing back to where it all came from. We were definitely the first German metal band; there's no doubt there and in one way or another, helped shape the whole metal scene in the small part we played in it. A lot of younger fans are rediscovering that and the older fans are remembering it. It's funny to see that we have a super-wide variety and age range from 16 to 60 now, it's crazy. It's multi-generational. Fans come with their parents and parents with their kids. Not quite the grandparents yet, but we're working on it. It would be three generations then. It's so weird. When we started we were young, the audience was young, everybody was young back then in the '80s when this all started to take shape. There was nobody over 30 in the audience, ever. It just didn't happen. Now you got this age range which is incredible. It also has to do with the fact that back then, we had this almost generational clash. As a matter of fact, we wrote a song about it at one point, that metal music was there to shock your parents. It was definitely on purpose. It was not supposed to be something that your parents liked, but that's all gone now. Parents and their kids go up, hand-in-hand, they listen to the same stuff. It's incredible. I like it, but it's definitely something that I noticed that in the past when we grew up, it was unthinkable. You would never listen to the stuff your dad listened to. Never in a million years. Our parents hated that stuff and always yelled at us, 'Would you turn off that noise?' That was part of the deal — a certain aspect of rebellion. It's no longer really the case. That's cool. I don't mind it at all."


Hoffmann recently confirmed to The Foundry that ACCEPT has commenced the songwriting process for the follow-up to 2017's "The Rise Of Chaos" album.


The band parted ways with guitarist Herman Frank and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann in December 2014.


ACCEPT will release a live set, "Symphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017", on November 23 via Nuclear Blast.

Check out the interview below:


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Billy Gibbons said he had “great confidence” in a new ZZ Top album, and that colleagues Dusty Hill and Frank Beard had begun working on material while he was completing his latest solo LP, The Big Bad Blues.


The “little ol’ band from Texas” released their most recent studio outing, La Futura, in 2012. Since then, Gibbons put out two solo works, with his debut, Perfectamundo, arriving in 2015.


In an interview with UDiscoverMusic, Gibbons said he’d been working on The Big Bad Blues in one studio while Hill and Beard worked elsewhere in the same building. “They said, ‘Yeah, go do your thing,’” he recalled. “We’re going to start peeling the onion and create a few ZZ Top starter pieces.”

He said that gave him "a sense of great confidence [in] the possibility of making something new within the framework of something that is trustable and repeatable: the ZZ Top thing.”


Speaking about his general approach to the blues, he explained that there's a "definite distinction between interpreting the blues form as a traditionalist and then the same thing goes for stretching the art form once again. My good friend Keith Richards said, ‘Yeah, let’s take those same three chords, but let’s stretch it out, make something new. … The continuum is the fact that this simplistic three-chord thing called the blues continues on. It gets rediscovered, oh, every 10 years. Somebody finds out: ‘Oh, I’ve got this new thing, it’s called the blues.’ Yes. We know.”


It remains to be seen whether ZZ Top will write all-new music or revisit some of the material that didn’t appear on La Futura. Gibbons had said they’d started out with “20 CDs of starter material” for that album before honing it down, and that the final sessions had resulted in enough tracks to make the LP a double-length release.


“The label didn’t really want to release a dual disc in this rather topsy-turvy musical landscape, where promoting new material is so challenging," he’d said in 2012. "So we’re sitting on 10 more songs… We have that big ball of wax waiting to roll."


Asked if they could later be released as a 2013 standalone album, he replied, “Well, I’m hoping – but things in ZZ Top world don’t always follow real-world rules.”

From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/billy-gibbons-new-zz-top-album/

NITA STRAUSS Hopes 'Controlled Chaos' Is A 'Gateway Drug Rock Album Into Instrumental Guitar Music'

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Candace of Albany, New York radio station Q103 conducted an interview with ALICE COOPER lead guitarist Nita Strauss prior to the band's October 4 concert at The Palace Theatre. You can watch the entire chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).


On whether she's bothered by the fact she's often surrounded by male musicians while on tour:


Nita: "Not at all. These guys are like my big brothers. The great thing about this tour is it's such a positive environment. We're all so close, we're all such good friends. There's no #MeToo stories happening on this tour. It's just like being in a band with your five big brothers. It's a blast."


On how she came to join Alice Cooper and how her playing has progressed since then:


Nita: "I started playing with Alice in 2014 when we were about to start the MÖTLEY CRÜE tour. They were looking for a new guitar player. It was actually Kip Winger who put in a good word for me. He said, 'Hey, I know somebody who you should check out.' I'm eternally grateful to Kip for that. I started playing with him on the MÖTLEY CRÜE tour. From then, it just carried on. We've been doing about nine or ten months a year since then. Alice is always on the road and I just recorded and completed my first solo record, 'Controlled Chaos', which is due November 16 on Sumerian Records. I'm beyond excited. That's been the biggest step in my evolution as a guitar player, to step out and do a solo project."


On whether she thinks it will be difficult for listeners to get into her solo album since it's all instrumental:


Nita: "In some cases, I would think so, but what I really tried to do with 'Controlled Chaos' is make an album that the average rock fan can listen to. Yes, there's a lot of notes being played, of course, but I wanted to make a sort of a gateway drug rock album into instrumental guitar music. The casual rock or metal fan might go, 'I don't want to listen to music without words. It's one long guitar solo.' I wrote songs. I wrote songs with a verse and a chorus and a bridge and a guitar solo section, a big giant solo section. I think the audience will really get that. They will totally understand that."


On whether her work in the ALICE COOPER band has influenced her solo career:


Nita: "Immensely. I think the biggest thing that I learned from learning these songs is how to let songs breathe and how to let the song sometimes rest, whereas I would normally just try to fit in as many notes as I could just to say, 'This is what I can do. Look at me. Look at me.' I learned how to actually let the song grow and progress and do its own thing. I think that shows on my record."


On the biggest piece of advice she's received from Alice Cooper:


Nita: "I don't know if it's a verbal piece of advice I could say, but the biggest thing I could take away from being in a band with Alice is that he's such a consummate professional. He's 70 years old this year. I'm 31. I'm less than half his age by a lot. And, if he can go onstage and put on a show that he puts on every single night, night after night, and just absolutely slay it, then nobody else has any excuses. To do the schedule he does between our tour and HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES and the charity work he does and always be on as he is, it's an inspiration to all of us to play in a band with him."


Strauss will team up with Angel Vivaldi on "The Guitar Collective" tour which kicks off November 19 in New Bedford, Massachusetts and wraps December 21 in Ashbury Park, New Jersey.


In August, Cooper released the live album "A Paranormal Evening At The Olympia Paris".


The legendary rocker is continuing to tour in support of his most recent album, 2017's "Paranormal". The current leg of the trek runs through October 29, ending just in time for Cooper to celebrate Halloween.


Check out the interview here:

Check out the video for "Our Most Desperate Hour" here:


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Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators are inviting fans to be in their new live music video in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 16th at the Palladium in Hollywood.


1) Download the Free App: Cinebody, here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cinebody/id1086788890?mt=8

2) Enter code: SLASH

3) Film your experience at the Palladium show on Tuesday, October 16th.


* Your video from the show will automatically be loaded. Accept push notifications so we can communicate with you live during the show.

For Android: Visit herepro.cinebody.com 2. Enter join code 'slash' 3. Tap the blue upload button and select clips from your camera roll.

The band are touring nationwide with sold-out headlining shows on their first trek in over four years. They return to Los Angeles for a final headlining show at the Palladium in Hollywood on Tuesday, October 16th. Tickets here:



* All tickets purchased online come with a download of the new album, Living The Dream.

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Motley Crue surprised many earlier this year when it was revealed that the members of the band were recording new music. There was some concern amongst fans about new material being recorded for the upcoming biopic, The Dirt, which centers on the band's history, but Nikki Sixx has attempted to assuage any fears of how it may fit in with recent tweets.


During a recent Q&A with fans online, Sixx offered, "You can trust us these are ball-busters. Everybody can relax. We're soon gonna smack you upside the head with some killer new tracks. Bob Rock is producing. It's our movie. We know what we're doing."


He later commented again on the new music stating, "Fück can I just say it? I’m listening to the roughs of the new @MotleyCrue and it feels real and raw. Everybody is playing like mad and the songs crush. Bob Rock brought the sounds. Plus we have a surprise that will confirm that we’re outta our minds."

What that surprise will be remains to be seen, but principal production on the film commenced back in February. Daniel Webber (Vince Neil), Machine Gun Kelly (Tommy Lee), Douglas Booth (Nikki Sixx) and Iwan Rheon (Mick Mars) were cast as the four members of the band, with Tony Cavalero, Rebekah Graf, Levin Ramblin and David Constabile also cast as members of the Motley Crue universe. Jeff Tremaine is directing The Dirt biopic.


In other Motley Crue news, Sixx also addressed the latest snubbing of the band by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band was among many harder rock acts left off the ballot for consideration, but Sixx appears to have taken it all in stride.


"I understand fans get upset when their favorite bands don’t get noticed by the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. But honestly it’s not that big of a deal. I mean if it happens that would be great for all including the fans but if not it doesn’t taint a career full of great music," stated the rocker.

Iron Maiden will revisit their past with new CD series

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Iron Maiden have announced that they’ll revisit all 16 of their studio albums in a new CD series.


Titled The Studio Collection Remastered, they follow on from the band’s 2014-2017 vinyl releases, with the CDs featuring the same remasters as the 2015 hi-res digital albums.

The albums will launch in chronological order in batches of four over the course of the next nine months, and will start on November 16 with the release of Iron Maiden, Killers, The Number Of The Beast and Piece Of Mind.


Once CD from each batch will also be optionally available in a specially designed box which will include a 1:24 scale figure of Maiden mascot Eddie and a patch.


Maiden bassist Steve Harris says: "We’ve wanted to revisit these for a long time and I was delighted with the remastering we did in 2015.


“I thought it was the best that our albums have ever sounded and it was only right that we made them available on CD now too.”


The first batch is now available for pre-order from Amazon - find a full list of releases below.


Iron Maiden: The Studio Collection Remastered CD Series:


1st batch: November 16th

Iron Maiden / Killers / The Number Of The Beast (option of standard or collectors boxset edition including The Number Of The Beast Eddie figurine and patch / Piece Of Mind


2nd batch: Feb 2019 date TBC

Powerslave / Somewhere In Time (standard/collectors) / Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son / No Prayer For The Dying


3rd batch April 2019 date TBC

Fear Of The Dark (standard/collectors) / The X Factor / Virtual XI / Brave New World


4th batch June 2019 date TBC

Dance Of Death / A Matter Of Life And Death (standard/collectors) / The Final Frontier / The Book Of Souls

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PAUL STANLEY Doesn't Think KISS Will Release Any New Music Before Calling It Quits

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Paul Stanley says that it's unlikely KISS will produce any new music before finally calling it quits at the end of its upcoming "farewell" tour.


KISS hasn't released a full-length disc of new music since 2012's "Monster", which sold 56,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 3 on The Billboard 200 chart.


The band's previous LP, "Sonic Boom", opened with 108,000 units back in October 2009 to enter the chart at No. 2. It was KISS's highest-charting LP ever.


Over the weekend, Stanley stopped by the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp and was asked by teenage radio host Miles "The Shoe" Schuman if fans can expect to hear anything new from KISS prior to the completion of the group's "One Last Kiss: End Of The Road World Tour". He responded (see video below): "No. I don't think so. Look, it's a different time now. I could write 'Let It Be', and people would still say, 'That's great. Now play 'Detroit Rock City'.' And I understand it, because when songs have a history with you, they're kind of like a snapshot of a time in your life, and that's not something that anything can take the place of overnight."


He continued: "It's interesting that I think 'Modern Day Delilah' or 'Hell Or Hallelujah' are as good as anything we did [on the earlier albums], but I understand that people are more connected to those old classic songs. I understand it.


"Look, if you put on a live video concert of any band — if you put on [Paul] McCartney, if you put on THE [ROLLING] STONES — and you turn off the volume, I will tell you every time they're playing a new song, because the audience sits down."


Stanley added: "It's always interesting that people say, 'When are you gonna churn out new material?' But when those acts, or any classic act turns out new material, people tolerate it. They're asking you to do it and they're asking you to produce it, but at the same time, they really don't want it. So, at some point, I go, 'Really, what's the point?' Unless it's something that's fulfilling for me, to go back in the studio just to record new KISS material, I think everything we've done so far speaks volumes and it's enough of a legacy."


Paul had previously expressed uncertainty about the idea of making another KISS album in a number of other interviews, telling the "Loudwire Podcast": "If we're going to do an album, it would be because we want to do an album, not because of sales. I think we're living in a time, obviously, now where albums don't sell what they once did, so you either do it because it's a creative outlet and because it satisfies something in you, or not. If you're doing it purely for sales, then you're probably doing it for the wrong reason."


Paul's comments were echoed by his bandmate Gene Simmons, who said that he was "not incentivized" to release another KISS disc unless there are some major changes in the way music is consumed. He said: "The idea that you work your ass off and then someone with freckles on their face decides they want to download your music and file share — that's not what I work for. How'd you like to be a plumber, come over somebody's house and work all day to fix their plumbing and then when it's time to get paid, they say, 'No, I just wanted to say thank you.' No."


"One Last Kiss: End Of The Road World Tour" will launch in early 2019 and will likely last two or three years, according to Stanley.

Check out the Q&A here:


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Def Leppard are among the nominees announced for possible induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2019. Singer Joe Elliott spoke with Billboard about the nomination.


With his band having been eligible for nomination since 2005, Elliott isn't complaining about the 13-year wait. "You're looking at the likes of Todd Rundgren (23 years) and Roxy Music (21 years) and Devo (15 years), and it took them long enough to get a nomination," he says. "So I don't feel so bad now that we got overlooked when you see people like them, people I was out buying their records when I was 12 years old. So it's alright. It's kinda cool."


Elliott first caught wind of Def Leppard's nomination after the group wound up its tour with Journey on Sunday (October 7th) in Los Angeles, when managers told him, "it was definitely gonna happen... I'm on vapors 'cause we've just done 60 shows all over the US, I've got a glass of chardonnay and I'm thinking, 'As one door closes, another one opens...' I mean, it's not really gonna change my life, really, one way or the other - but Jon Bon Jovi has been telling me for at least 12 months that yes, it will."


Read more at Billboard.com:


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In these divisive times, couldn't we use a little bit of unity? Luckily we've got a blistering new song from rock vets Live helping to pave that path: their song "Brother" is premiering exclusively right here at Loudwire.


Singer Ed Kowalczyk tells us of the high energy track, "'Brother' is kind of all over the place with regard to a specific meaning, having been written as most of my lyrics are; in a 'stream of consciousness' type of space, but I guess if I were to nail it down in any way, I would say that it's a song about hope and believing that we share far more in common as human beings than the things that seem to divide us.”

Listen to "Brother" in the player below:


And speaking of uniting as human beings, the band's new EP, Local 717, will be the first collection of new material from the original lineup of the band in over a decade. The record, due this Friday (Oct. 12), is currently available to pre-order via iTunes, Apple Music or to stream via Spotify.


Local 717 was produced by the band's Chad Taylor at Think Loud Studios in the band's hometown of York, Pa., with additional recording done at Foo Fighters' Studio 606 in Los Angeles. The EP comes on the heels of their reunion tour, featuring four original tracks, plus a cover of The Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs."



1. Love Lounge

2. Be a Giver, Man

3. Waterfall

4. Brother

5. Venus in Furs

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Halestorm star in fright-filled Halloween video for Do Not Disturb

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Halestorm have decided to celebrate Halloween early by launching a fright-filled video for their track Do Not Disturb. You can watch the clip below:



The song features on their latest album Vicious, which was released back in July – and the band also shared an audio video for the single in the summer.


Vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale says: “Do Not Disturb is based off a true story of mine about a very fun night I had overseas that all started with the pickup line, ‘I think we should make out.’


“And, since it’s October, the boys and I decided to spooky-up the story with a few… minor exaggerations.”


Earlier this month, Halestorm released a VR/360-degree video filmed at Mohegan Sun showcasing I Am The Fire and Uncomfortable. Find the live performance below along with the new Do Not Disturb video.


Halestorm are currently on tour across Europe and will head out on the road with In This Moment and New Years Day in the US from next month.


Halestorm, In This Moment & New Years Day 2018 US tour dates:

Nov 16: Norfolk Constant Convocation Center, VA

Nov 17: Camden BB&T Pavilion, NJ

Nov 20: Evansville Old National Events Plaza, IN

Nov 21: Ft. Wayne Allen County ExpoCenter, IN

Nov 23: Syracuse Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center, NY

Nov 24: New York Hammerstein Ballroom, NY

Nov 26: Cleveland Masonic Auditorium, OH

Dec 01: Broomfield 1stBank Center, CO

Dec 02: Park City Hartman Arena, KS

Dec 04: Springfield Shrine Mosque, MO

Dec 05: Lexington Rupp Arena, KY

Dec 07: Hammond Horseshoe Casino, IN

Dec 08: Minneapolis The Armory, MN

Dec 11: San Antonio Aztec Theater, TX

Dec 12: Dallas South Side Ballroom, TX

Dec 14: Orlando Amway Arena, FL

Dec 16: St. Petersburg MahaffeyTheater, FL

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Nickelback React To 'Mean Tweets' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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Who on earth would write something mean about Nickelback? These people exist, apparently, as demonstrated on the newest edition of ‘Mean Tweets’ from Jimmy Kimmel Live!.


This Music Edition of Mean Tweets is filled with artists the internet loves to hate on. Gwen Stefani was called “the worst thing to ever happen,” Miley Cyrus read one opinion that she’s “a smelly pirate hooker” ala Anchorman, and the Chainsmokers learned someone had fired an employee for defending the group’s music.

As for the rock and metal world, Korn were game to delve into Twitter hell. One user wrote, “Korn. Fuck those guys more than Nickelback.” Guitarists Head and Munky both seemed to take the insult like a gut punch, while Jonathan Davis shook it off, saying, “That’s low, dawg.”


Nickelback actually came up immediately after the nu-metal pioneers. The comment selected for Canada’s finest was, “I would rather stab myself in the taint than hear another Nickelback song.” Frontman Chad Kroeger stayed cool while responding, “That’s funny… that’s how we make Nickelback songs.”


Watch the Strokes, P!nk, Imagine Dragons and more musical acts browse through Mean Tweets in the clip below:



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LAST IN LINE Completes Work On Second Album; First Single And Video Due Next Month

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LAST IN LINE has completed work on its sophomore album for an early 2019 release via Frontiers Music Srl. According to guitarist Vivian Campbell, the disc's first single and video will be made available in November. "So watch out for that," Vivian said during the latest episode of his weekly radio show on BBC Radio Ulster.


Earlier this year, LAST IN LINE singer Andrew Freeman told the "Ouch You're On My Hair" podcast that the band's upcoming LP would be "a progression" from 2016's "Heavy Crown". "Jimmy's [Bain, bass] not there now, which is a big change for us," he said. "He was a big contributor. There was stuff that we wrote with him and stuff that we wrote without him; some of the song ideas were his. And we worked really well as a four-piece writing these songs together; it was really cohesive, so everything worked really well together. And now we have Phil [Soussan as Jimmy's replacement]. And Phil's been great too. Phil's a little more of a noodler than Jimmy was, where Jimmy was a little more of a just sit-in-the-pocket, solid bass player. But Phil is an accomplished audio engineer, which is really nice to have, because he's really good with his tone. So it's definitely an asset; it's just a little different."


Campbell, Bain and drummer Vinny Appice were part of the original DIO lineup which reunited in 2012 alongside Freeman to launch LAST IN LINE.


When LAST IN LINE formed, the intent was to celebrate Ronnie James Dio's early work by reuniting the members of the original DIO lineup. After playing shows that featured a setlist composed exclusively of material from the first three DIO albums, the band decided to move forward and create new music in a similar vein.


According to Freeman, some of the songs that will appear on LAST IN LINE's next album will be "a little more progressive" than those on the band's first effort. "Some of 'em are right in the vein of the 'Heavy Crown' record, but it's definitely evolving into our own thing, where it's not really 'what would Ronnie do?' sort of thing. Honestly, I'm trying to step away from that a little bit. We have an audience that wants to hear the 'Stand Up And Shout's and the 'Holy Diver's and all that stuff. But I think it comes to a point where, is it imitation or is it really what you're feeling? So some of the songs are… they're barnburners and they're really good, rocking songs, but there's some stuff on there that's a little more progressive."


LAST IN LINE's sophomore album was once again produced by former DIO and current FOREIGNER bassist Jeff Pilson.


In addition to Campbell, Soussan, Appice and Freeman, LAST IN LINE's current lineup includes keyboardist Erik Norlander (ASIA FEATURING JOHN PAYNE, DUKES OF THE ORIENT).


Bain passed away in January 2016 at the age of 68. He was reportedly suffering from lung cancer at the time of his death.


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Singer/Songwriter, Bret Michaels, has diabetes but that has never stopped him from living the life he wants to live. This November 8th, as part of National Diabetes Awareness Month, Michaels will be partnering with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City to celebrate living his best life with diabetes. The music icon will be honored at the Diabetes Training Camp Foundation “Come Experience the Magic” benefit on November 8 at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City as one of the fiercest warriors for diabetes, his philanthropy and his active and powerful life of inspiring others living with T1D. After being honored, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City will host a Bret Michaels’ concert. In addition to being honored by Diabetes Training Camp Foundation, Michaels will be joined at the event by nearly 50 alumni of the Diabetes Training Camp experiences who also live with T1D.


“I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at age six and every day since then has been a challenging battle of balancing blood sugars with eating and being active,” said Michaels. “I have worked hard to create a lifestyle where I manage T1D and not let it limit me. I’m very excited to be honored by Diabetes Training Camp Foundation and join my ‘peeps with beeps’ who are also living their best life with T1D. Together, we know that anything is possible.”


Michaels encapsulates the mission and goals of Diabetes Training Camp Foundation - to inspire, motivate and educate by delivering programs that empower the community of people with diabetes to thrive. The philanthropist and father of two is not only an activist for diabetic research but inspires others living with T1D by living the life he wants to live, effectively managing his diabetes and staying healthy. Even after over a half a million injections and blood tests, Michaels remains unbroken. The term also lends itself fitting as the title of his new single, “Unbroken,” with daughter, Jorja Bleu, will be released on Michaels new album, Songs and Stories, to be released later this fall.


“Diabetes is a 24-hour, 7-day a week disease,” said Dr. Matthew Corcoran, diabetes specialist, founder and CEO of Diabetes Training Camp Foundation. “For someone living with diabetes, exercising and intense activity can be a very challenging undertaking. At Diabetes Training Camp Foundation, we understand the challenge of active living with diabetes and we are dedicated to helping people living with T1D learn and believe that anything is possible. We have chosen to honor Bret because he does not let his diabetes limit him. Through fitness, diet and proper management, even with the challenges of T1D, he has become an American Icon with amazing success on and off stage. He is an inspiration.”


Never letting T1D stop him, Michaels has performed all over the world and is a sports enthusiast who races motorcycles and go karts, stays active both at home and while on the road touring by working out, mountain biking, hiking and playing football, baseball and basketball. As an Entrepreneur and Reality TV Star, the Celebrity Apprentice winner, Michaels not only donated his winnings of almost a half a million dollars from the show but has also raised millions of dollars for diabetes research and has sent thousands of T1D children to diabetes camps, to learn to live their best life and manage their diabetes, through his Life Rocks Foundation. Michaels, who is the father of 2 daughters, not only personally funds the Life Rocks Foundation, but a portion of the proceeds from meet and greets at his live concerts, online auctions and his Lifestyle Collection, which can be found at Bretmichaels.com are also donated.


“Come Experience the Magic!” The benefit for Diabetes Training Camp Foundation starts on November 8 at 6 pm at DAER Nightclub in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City. Tickets and information are available at www.diabetestrainingcamp.com Michaels will appear at the event to be honored prior to his concert and donate to the silent auction to help raise funds that will be used to get more people living with diabetes to Diabetes Training Camp and allow the Foundation to expand programming to reach more people.


DTC Foundation (EIN #47-2857170) has created unique, life changing programs to people living with diabetes. Through fitness, coaching, education and community, Diabetes Training Camp Foundation teaches people how to live the life they want to live and thrive with diabetes.


For more information on Diabetes Training Camp or Bret Michaels and his Life Rocks Foundation, please visit. Diabetestraningcamp.com and BretMichaels.com.