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Don Dokken's 'Hands Are Dead' Following Spine Surgery

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Don Dokken says that his "hands are dead" following spinal surgery a few months ago, but has issued an update saying that he is doing much better and full recovery is expected.


The Dokken frontman was a guest on The Classic Metal Show last month and revealed the news during the chat. He said, "It's been two and a half months since I had spine surgery, and my hands are dead. They don't move. It's very strange.


"It's an interesting way to live your life. You've gotta learn how to feed yourself, wipe your butt, brush your teeth, dress yourself. [It now takes him] 20 minutes to put socks on, 'cause one of my hands works a little bit, but not very much.


"I'm hoping, I'm trying to stay positive , that maybe some miracle will happen and slowly the nerves will reconnect and my hands will start working again."


After the comments from the interview that took place early last month, were reported, Don's camp shared an update via social media. They wrote, ""Earlier today a series of interviews were put out on music news websites regarding Don's health and use of his hands... That interview came out in early January 2020.


"Don had neck and spinal surgery in early November 2019. There were some complications; Don's right arm and hand were partially paralyzed as well as overall weakness in his body.


"Since that interview in January, Don is doing much better and his doctors do expect him to fully recover but it will take time. He does continue to have difficulty holding items and at this time is unable to play guitar, this does not affect his voice. That being said, there are no changes at this time to the upcoming show schedule.


"Don has been actively writing new music, is in great spirits, looks forward to the upcoming Dokken shows and greatly appreciates the outpouring of support."

IRON MAIDEN's BRUCE DICKINSON: 'We're Never Going To F**king Retire'

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Fan-filmed video footage of Bruce Dickinson's one-man speaking show on February 8 at Sala Radio in Bucharest, Romaniacan be seen below:



The performance, dubbed "What Does This Button Do?" after the IRON MAIDEN singer's autobiography of the same name, featured an unscripted question-and-answer session with fans.


Asked by one fan what will happen to IRON MAIDEN after the current members retire, Dickinson responded: "I like that. There's always hope. 'After the current members retire,' there'll be a whole load of IRON members. We won't even have to fucking holograms. You know what I mean? You can actually have real IRON MAIDEN members that kind of look like us but are not us. That's good. I like that. It's not a bad idea. Then we can just sit back and [collect] royalties and do no work. Good idea! It'll never happen, because we're never going to fucking retire."


Last July, IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris also told SiriusXM's "Trunk Nation" that there has been no talk of MAIDEN retiring anytime soon, despite the fact that all the members are in their 60s.


"We all feel that if we feel we're not cutting it anymore, then we'll discuss it and that will probably be the end of it," he explained. "But at the moment, we don't feel like that. We feel that we definitely still are pulling our weight, so to speak. We're just doing well. So far so good. I don't wanna tempt fate, but we are doing good."


Dickinson joined IRON MAIDEN in 1981, replacing Paul Di'Anno, and made his recording debut with the band on the 1982 album "The Number Of The Beast". He quit the band in 1993, pursuing several solo projects, and rejoined in 1999.


Last December, rumors spread that IRON MAIDEN had already completed work on a new studio album.


The British heavy metal legends haven't released any fresh music since 2015's "The Book Of Souls" LP, which was recorded in late 2014 in Paris, France with longtime producer Kevin "Caveman" Shirley.


"What Does This Button Do?", landed at No. 10 on the New York Times "Hardcover Nonfiction" best sellers list. It was released in the U.S. in October 2017 via Dey Street Books (formerly It Books), an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


"What Does This Button Do?" is Dickinson's third book. He has previously published two satirical novels, "The Adventures Of Lord Iffy Boatrace" about the English upper classes and "The Missionary Position" about televangelism.


Dickinson, who turned 61 last August, has several other interests beyond music. He is a licensed commercial pilot and owns an aviation company. He has also done some acting and brewed beer.


From: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/iron-maidens-bruce-dickinson-were-never-going-to-fking-retire/

Billy Sheehan Clarifies Van Halen Bassist Offer Comments

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Mr. Big and Sons of Apollo bassist Billy Sheehan has clarified his comments about being asked to join Van Halen, emphasizing that no official offer was ever extended to him.


His clarification came after he’d discussed being in conversation with Eddie Van Halen on three different occasions in a recent interview.


Speaking to That Metal Voice, covered by UCR, Sheehan had said he’d been “offered the position as bassist three times through the years” and that, although he considered it a “great honor,” he’d been “torn” because of his affection of original member Michael Anthony. He’d continued: “And as much as I would have loved to do that, I want to see Michael in the band.”


In a new Facebook post, Sheehan said once again that he’d spoken to Eddie Van Halen on three occasions “where he asked me about being in his band,” no official offer was made. Calling the story “more fake news” he added: “They never followed through on any sort of an official offer and therefore I never 'turned down' any offer, because it eventually fell through. This is the result of recycling old news ( I've spoken of this before) because I thought I'd do a favor some little website that asked for an interview, and then they decided to make this the headline ( for clicks) and many other websites picked up the 'story' to get more clicks. Recycled, inaccurate and rebranded old news. Never happened.”


Sheehan appeared on Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth’s first two solo albums, Eat ‘Em and Smile and Skyscraper, in 1986 and 1988 respectively. He’d said conversations with Eddie Van Halen had taken place around 1981 and 1984, and then, “a few years back,” he’d jammed with the guitarist and drummer Alex Van Halen and the trio had “thought about doing something then,” although it “didn’t happen.”


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/billy-sheehan-clarifies-van-halen-offer/


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80’s Glam Metalcast has uploaded a new interview with guitarist Marc Ferrari. Ferrari talks about classic Keel and reuniting with Cold Sweat on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. Check it out below:




On the Cold Sweat Reunion on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise:


“I am gearing up for the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. I am actually pulling triple duty for this cruise. Keel is on the boat. Every boat should have a Keel! This will be our fifth time on the cruise. But the really exciting news for the fans is the resurrection of Cold Sweat. It will be our first show since 1990! It’s been 30 years since I played with the Cold Sweat guys. I am also doing a KISS Set with Anthony and Chris from Cold Sweat and Jamie St. James from Black N Blue.


“We have had offers to go on the cruise before, but I was the stick in the mud. I was really busy with work related stuff and raising a child. With the passage of time, certain wounds have healed and I got a little reminiscent about the past. We also re-released the Cold Sweat album last year, so the combination of all these things softened me up to do this. As for more gigs - We got offered to play the M3 Fest but we couldn’t the get dollars needed to do it. With guys living all around the country, it takes X amount of dollars just to get them out the door. We’ve been submitted to do some other festival gigs so we’ll see.....I’m open to it.”


On his feelings on the Breakout album by Cold Sweat 30 years later:


“Listening back to it today, I’ll still get a kick out of hearing ‘Four On The Floor’, ‘Take This Heart Of Mine’, ‘Killing Floor’, and ‘Crying Shame’. They still are the high octane songs they’ve always been. They continue to hold their own 30 years later. Cold Sweat had the unfortunate thing of time against us. This album should have come out 1988, that’s when I left Keel. I put the band together and we had some name changes and lineup changes. In 1988, commercial hard rock and the hair metal scene was still was healthy. This album came out in 1990. By the time 1991 rolled around, the Nirvana album hit and you see a change in musical tastes. So we really caught the tail end of the commercial rock scene. Had this album come out in 1988 like it should have, our trajectory would have been much different. Also, MCA weren’t really known as a ‘rock’ label. We had an offer from Megaforce who did really well with Anthrax and King’s X. But we ended up taking a chance with MCA and got bit by it.”


On why he left Keel in 1988:


“We had come off the Bon Jovi tour in 1987 playing our biggest shows ever. Three weeks later were playing dinging clubs with no support from the label. We weren’t signed through MCA directly, we were signed to Gold Mountain Records. Gold Mountain was looking to do a deal with Atlantic. Atlantic had an A&R person there that had opinions on what the next moves for Keel should be. I agreed with some of them and Ron didn’t. I am a heavy rock guy and Ron wanted to bring in a keyboard player. I was totally against that. Rather than be a thorn in Ron’s side, I decided to step aside. I was confident in my own abilities and knew I would land on my feet, which I did. Through it all, I maintained by friendship with the guys, there was no mudslinging.”


On his favorite Keel album:


I would say the Final Frontier. That album has a lot of diversity on it. We were given freer reign to self-produce that one even though Gene (Simmons) is listed as the producer. He wasn’t babysitting us as much as he did on The Right To Rock.”

From: http://bravewords.com/news/guitarist-marc-ferrari-talks-his-favorite-keel-album-i-would-say-the-final-frontier

Paul Stanley: KISS Aren't 'Necessarily Disappearing Into Thin Air' After Touring

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KISS' final tour has been dubbed "End of the Road," and the two most key words in that moniker may be "the road." During a recent chat with C-Ville, Paul Stanley revealed that their current tour doesn't necessarily mean an end to the band.


"It’s important to note that this is the end of touring," says Stanley. "The band isn’t necessarily disappearing into thin air. It’s just reached a time where touring, and doing 100 shows in seven months, which is what we’ve done so far, is just ... it’s just too demanding and time-consuming, when there’s other things to do in life."

That said, Stanley is savoring the final run. "It’s a unique opportunity to know that this is the last time. Many times in life, we all find ourselves losing someone, or losing something, and saying, 'If I had only known, I would have done something different.' Well, instead of going out with a whimper, we’re going out with a bang," says the singer. And this is a victory lap where we all get together—because it’s like a congregation of everyone cheering for what we’ve accomplished. And by 'we,' I mean us and the fans."


And yes, though KISS have staged a farewell tour before, Stanley insists this is it. "We’re 20 years older, for starters. And secondly, the first time we did a farewell tour, it was ill-conceived. The idea that we should let two members who were making us — meaning Gene and I — miserable, and compromising the band, shouldn’t be a reason for calling it quits. We have always believed that the band is bigger and stronger than any individual members, and we suddenly got caught up in the idea of putting the horse down instead of just getting rid of a couple of the jockeys."


KISS revealed the final leg of the "End of the Road" tour last fall. In addition, they also confirmed a July 21, 2021 date in their home base of New York for their final show.


See all of KISS' upcoming tour dates here:



From: https://loudwire.com/paul-stanley-kiss-arent-disappearing-after-touring/

Tesla remake history with Five Man London Jam album

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American rockers Tesla have announced the release of a live album, Five Man London Jam. The album was recorded at London's iconic Abbey Road Studios last June, and is named in homage to the band's million-selling 1990 album Five Man Acoustical Jam.


Five Man London Jam will be released on March 27, and is being released to coincide with the band's upcoming North American tour dates, which kick off in Pensacola, FL on February 14, and climaxes in Clarkston, MI on June 27. Full dates below.


Tesla have also released the first audio from the album, a version of the band's 1991 single What You Give. Check it out below:




Five Man London Jam tracklist:


1. Cumin' Atcha Live / Truckin'

2. Tied To The Tracks

3. We Can Work It Out

4. Signs

5. What You Give

6. California Summer Song

7. Forever Loving You

8. Miles Away

9. Paradise

10. Call It What You Want

11. Stir It Up

12. Into The Now

13. Love Song


Tesla 2020 North American tour:


Feb 14: Pensacola Saenger Theatre, FL

Feb 15: Atlanta Buckhead Theatre, GA

Feb 17: Charleston Charleston Music Hall, SC

Feb 19: Hunstville Mars Music Hall, AL

Feb 21: Virginia BeachSandle Center for the Performing Arts, VA

Feb 22: Greensboro Piedmont Hall, NC

Feb 25: Memphis The Soundstage at Graceland, TN

Feb 26: Houston House of Blues, TX

Feb 28: Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium, TX

Feb 29: Albuquerque Route 66 Casino Hotel, NM

Apr 10: Toppenish Legends Casino Hotel, WA

Apr 11: Wendover Peppermill Concert Hall, NV

Apr 14: El Cajon The Magnolia, CA

Apr 15: Phoenix Celebrity Theatre, AZ

Apr 17: Las Vegas House of Blues, NV

Apr 18: Tucson Pima County Fair, AZ

Apr 21: Wichita The Cotillion, KS

Apr 22: Peoria Civic Center, IL

Apr 24: Harris Island Resort Casino, MI

Apr 25: Harris Island Resort Casino, MI

Apr 28: Grand Rapids 20 Monroe Live, MI

Apr 29: Indianaplois Murat Theatre, IN

May 01: Niagara Falls The Rapids Theatre, NY

May 02: Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion, MD

May 30: Paso Robles Vina Robles Amphitheatre, CA

May 31: Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl, CA

Jun 03: Denver The Mission Ballroom, CO

Jun 05: Thackerville Winstar World Casino, OK

Jun 06: Topeka Stormont Vail Events Center, KS

Jun 07: St Louis Hollywood Casino, MO

Jun 09: Nashville Ascend Amphitheatre, TN

Jun 10: Huber Heights Rose Music Center, OH

Jun 12: Welch Treasure Island Resort & Casino, MN

Jun 13: Chicago Rosemont Horizon, IL

Jun 14: Cuyahoga Falls Blossom Music Center, OH

Jun 16: Boston Rockland Trust Bank Pav, MA

Jun 17: Wilkes Barre Mohegan Sun Arena, PA

Jun 19: Holmdel PNC Bank Arts Center, NJ

Jun 20: Gilford Bank of NH Pavilion at Meadowbrook, NH

Jun 23: Long Island Jones Beach, NY

Jun 25: Philadelphia Mann Center for Performing Arts, PA

Jun 26: Pittsburgh S&T Bank Music Park, PA

Jun 27: Clarkston DTE Energy Music Theatre, MI

Oct 27: Playa Mujeres The Sands Festival at Dreams Golf Resort & Spa, Mexico


From: https://www.loudersound.com/news/tesla-remake-history-with-five-man-london-jam-album

Jimi Hendrix's Band Of Gypys 50th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue Coming

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A 50th anniversary edition of Jimi Hendrix's 1970 live album, "Band Of Gypsys", will be issued on vinyl on March 27. Hendrix, bassist Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles were captured in their concert debut at the Fillmore East in New York City as part of two-night, four-show event at the legendary venue just six months after the Jimi Hendrix Experience had disbanded.


"Band Of Gypsys" features six then-unreleased songs - including the epic "Machine Gun", "Message To Love" and "Who Knows" - with each documenting Hendrix's decisive shift in musical direction from his previous power trio to laying the groundwork for many of the funk rock experiments that would follow in the decades to come.


"This is more than the commemoration of an anniversary," says Janie Hendrix, President and CEO of Experience Hendrix, "that, of course, is something momentous, but it is also the celebration of a cathartic event in Jimi's life...a sort of changing of the guards. He demonstrated that there was no limit to his musical landscape.


"It was broad and beautiful, and like the leader of a true band of gypsies, Jimi could go anywhere on the spectrum of genres and be at home there musically! This is our way of celebrating that part of Jimi's journey."


Originally released in America on March 25, 1970, "Band Of Gypsys" peaked at No. 5 during a 61-week run on the Billboard album chart; at the time of his death in September 1970, it was Hendrix's bestselling US album since his 1967 debut, "Are You Experienced."


The "Band Of Gypsys" 50th anniversary edition has been mastered from the original analog stereo tapes by longtime Hendrix engineer Eddie Kramer and will be pressed on 180-gram audiophile black vinyl by Quality Record Pressings, along with a limited color pressing on 180-gram translucent cream, red, yellow and green swirl vinyl.

All editions will be packaged with an eight-page booklet filled with rare images from the concerts and an essay by John McDermott, and a 24" x 36" replica of Capitol Records' original promotional Band Of Gypsys poster.

EDDIE VAN HALEN's Iconic 'Frankenstein' Guitar Arrives With Price Tag Everyday Musician Can Afford

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EVH has revealed the all-new Striped Series Frankie, refreshed Wolfgang WG Standard models including the all-new Wolfgang WG Standard Exotic Spalted Maple and new colors for the Wolfgang Special.


Widely regarded as the most recognizable electric guitar ever, Eddie Van Halen's iconic and revered Frankenstein guitar has arrived with a price tag the everyday musician can afford in the form of the Striped Series Frankie. (Manufacturer's suggested retail price: $2,344.81)


Sporting Eddie's famed red with white-and-black-striped paint job and a worn-in reliced look, the all-new Frankie features a basswood Stratocaster-style body paired to a graphite-reinforced quartersawn maple neck. An oiled finish on the back of the neck allows for hours of playing comfort, while the 12"-16" compound radius maple fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets was designed for fast and furious playing styles.


Routed for an HSS pickup configuration just like Eddie's original instrument, the Frankie features an EVH Wolfgang humbucking bridge pickup with a dummy Strat neck pickup and a dummy five-way blade housed in the middle position.


A sturdy and dependable EVH-branded Floyd Rose locking trem and Floyd Rose locking nut work in tandem for precise tuning even with extreme changes in pitch, while the EVH D-Tuna retunes to drop-D and back with strict accuracy at the flick of a finger.


Other unique features of the Frankie include a white skirted Strat-style single volume control knob (labeled "tone"), custom black pickguard, reliced chrome hardware, standard strap buttons and EVH neck plate.


The Wolfgang WG Standard has been refreshed with new colors and all-new baked maple necks and fingerboards, while the WG Standard Exotic lineup welcomes the all-new Wolfgang WG Standard Exotic Spalted Maple.


Boasting the same style and massive sound Eddie Van Halen created with a price tag the everyday musician can afford, all Wolfgang WG Standard models offer a basswood body with special "comfort cut" forearm contour for maximum playing ease. The bolt-on baked maple neck with graphite reinforcement rods hold strong against the ravages of temperature and humidity, while a conveniently located spoke wheel at the base of the neck makes for quick and painless truss rod adjustments.


These stylish axes also feature an oiled finish on the back of the neck and a 12"-16" compound radius baked maple fingerboard with rolled edges, 22 jumbo frets and black dot inlays.


Dual EVH Wolfgang humbucking pickups mounted directly to the body increase vibration transfer, resulting in sustain for days on end. Two domed control knobs have been dialed-in to Van Halen's exacting specifications — the smooth-feeling 500k pots make it easy to find a unique sound while retaining the crisp high-end sparkle of the Wolfgang pickups. The EVH-branded Floyd Rose Special bridge and R2 locking nut consistently keep the instrument in tune through the heaviest playing.


The Wolfgang WG Standard is now available in Gloss Black with a black headstock and black chrome hardware, as well as in Cream White, Matte Army Drab, Neon Orange, Quicksilver, Slime Green or Taxi Cab Yellow with a black headstock and black hardware.


Capped with an elegant quilt maple top and masked-off natural body binding, the Wolfgang WG Standard QM is available in Black Fade, Chlorine Burst, Northern Lights, Tahiti Night or Transparent Amber with a black headstock and black chrome hardware.


Featuring a spalted maple top and masked-off natural body binding, the Wolfgang WG Standard Exotic Spalted Maple is available in Natural with black headstock and black chrome hardware.


Designed with stunning style, giant sound and high-speed playability, the Wolfgang Special is now available in Burgundy Mist Metallic, Deep Purple Metallic or Ice Blue Metallic finishes with a matching headstock. The Burgundy Mist Metallic model features black body binding and black hardware, while the Deep Purple Metallic and Ice Blue Metallic models feature cream body binding and chrome hardware.


The Wolfgang Special features a basswood body with an arched top and a robust graphite-reinforced bolt-on quartersawn maple neck. The neck is carved and rolled to Eddie Van Halen's exacting specifications and features a hand-rubbed urethane finish on the back. Primed for high performance, energetic riffing and blazing leads, the 12"-16" compound radius ebony fingerboard has 22 jumbo frets and pearloid dot inlays. Truss rod adjustments have also never been easier thanks to a spoke wheel conveniently located at the base of the neck.


A pair of flagship custom designed black EVH Wolfgang Alnico 2 humbucking pickups are mounted directly to the body, providing dynamic yet articulate voicing, as well as endless sustain for powerful chords and melody lines. A dependable EVH-branded Floyd Rose locking trem and Floyd Rose locking nut work in tandem for precise tuning even with extreme changes in pitch, while the EVH D-Tuna retunes to drop-D and back with strict accuracy at the flick of a finger, with a low-friction volume control for smooth swells and a high-friction tone control that prevents accidental tone shifting.


Two of the most important and recognizable names in rock 'n' roll joined forces in 2005 to develop and launch the EVH brand of guitars, amplifiers and musical products. Guitar icon Eddie Van Halen combines more than 35 years of unparalleled instinct and innovation in instrument and amp design with the expertise of the craftsmen and engineers at Fender to create some of the highest quality, best sounding and most durable musical instrument products available today.


EVH brand products are the embodiment of Eddie Van Halen's legendary sound crafting abilities created in partnership with Fender, one of the world's leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors. Notable products include EVH 5150III amplifiers and cabinets, Frankenstein replica guitar, Striped Series and Wolfgang guitars in addition to high-quality EVH guitar and amp accessories.


For more information, please visit www.evhgear.com.

Judas Priest;s Richie Faulkner calls Rock Hall snub 'a total joke'

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Earlier today, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame announced that this year’s inductees would be Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, T-Rex, The Doobie Brothers, The Notorious B.I.G. and Whitney Houston.


The decision means that artists including Judas Priest, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Soundgarden, MC5, Pat Benatar and Todd Rundgren, who were shortlisted, didn’t make it in.


And that’s drawn criticism from Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner, who has called the decision “a total joke.”


Responding to one fan on Twitter, who was bemused by the final selection, Faulkner replied: “Doesn’t make sense does it? Hence why the Rock Hall holds no credibility for me and never has.”


He went on to say: “I’ve said it before but 50 years in and still making music, touring the globe to the best fans in the world is the biggest accolade I can think of.


“These institutions are founded on what these guys helped create and to not be included is a total joke. I have spoken.


“If you wanna call it the Rock Hall, then you should start with a healthy foundation of rock – in all its forms – to build on. The founding brothers and sisters that created and developed our beloved style of music and aided its evolution. Otherwise, what does it mean?”


Judas Priest, who were also nominated in 2017, will kick off their 50th anniversary celebrations in Helsinki on May 30 and complete the first run of shows with a headline set at the UK’s Bloodstock festival on August 9.


They’ll then head out across the UK and Europe with Ozzy Osbourne on his rescheduled dates.

URIAH HEEP's MICK BOX On NEIL PEART: 'He Certainly Left A Musical Legacy That Will Go On Forever'

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URIAH HEEP guitarist Mick Box has paid tribute to Neil Peart, who died on January 7 in Santa Monica, California after a three-year battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. The iconic RUSH drummer was 67 years old.


Over the weekend, Box took to URIAH HEEP's social media to write: "Devastating news re Neil Peart. He certainly left a musical legacy that will go on forever and in his lifetime he inspired a million other drummers."


He went on to call Peart's passing "a great loss to the musical world." He added: "Our condolences go to his family and band mates Geddy [Lee] and Alex [Lifeson]."


In a 2019 interview with The Metal Voice, Box remembered how RUSH opened for URIAH HEEP on tour in 1974, with Peart performing his very first RUSH show on this trek.


"You know what?", Box said. "We gave them our audience and they took it by the throat and they won the day. They were always good musicians."


The guitarist also recalled that RUSH was being accused by some music fans as being nothing more than a LED ZEPPELIN copy on its eponymous debut. "I think in the early days Geddy was getting the Robert Plant comparisons because he's got a high voice and things like that," he said. "But they waded through all of that and came out stronger, and it was very obvious that they were going to be a force to be reckoned with, especially as a three-piece."


URIAH HEEP is continuing to tour in support of its 25th studio album, "Living The Dream", which came out in September 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl.


Peart joined RUSH in 1974. He was considered one of the best rock drummers of all time, alongside John Bonham of LED ZEPPELIN; Keith Moon of THE WHO; and Ginger Baker of CREAM. Peart was also RUSH's primary lyricist, drawing inspiration from everything from sci-fi to Ayn Rand.

Metallica's James Hetfield to Make Public Return at Car Museum Exhibit Launch

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You may recall last summer that Metallica's James Hetfield had agreed to donate ten of his classic custom cars to the Petersen Automotive Museum for an exhibit this year. Now comes word that Hetfield will be appearing at the opening night festivities at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, taking part in a chat and helping to auction two of his ESP guitars.


Hetfield has been largely out of the public eye since last fall when Metallica shut down their touring and the musician announced that he was entering rehab to battle his addictions.


The Jan. 30 ceremony will launch the exhibit, which has been dubbed "Reclaimed Rust: The James Hetfield Collection." Among the vehicles on display are Voodoo Priest, based on a '37 Lincoln Zephyr, a '36 Auburn roadster named Slow Burn, a Delahaye inspired '34 Packard, Aquarius, a '36 Ford in bare metal called Iron Fist, a purple '56 Ford F-100 pickup truck, and three cars by custom fabricator Rick Dore: Black Pearl, a custom 1948 Jaguar, a '52 Olds named Grinch, and Skyscraper, Hetfield's 1953 Buick Skylark.


"'Reclaimed Rust' brings together two industries that go hand in hand with artist expression," said Petersen Automotive Museum executive director Terry L. Karges in a statement. "This is the first time the Hetfield collection will be showcased to the public and we can't wait to share the inspiration behind these extraordinary vehicles with the world."


Learn more about the exhibit and pick up tickets to the opening reception here:



The exhibit is expected to remain on display at the Petersen into October.


From: https://loudwire.com/metallica-james-hetfield-petersen-automotive-museum-exhibit-launch/


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The Recording Academy recently confirmed performers for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, including MusiCares Person Of The Year Aerosmith, who will perform a medley of some of their legendary hits.


Variety is now reporting that, according to a source close to the situation, Run-DMC will perform with Aerosmith at the Grammy Awards on January 26. The duo are not expected to perform with the Boston group for their entire set - which makes it seem likely that the band will perform a career-spanning medley, as artists often do on the show, and Run-DMC will join them for “Walk This Way".


Live from Staples Center, and hosted by Alicia Keys, the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast live in HDTV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network, Sunday, January 26 at 8 PM, ET/5 PM, PT.


Four-time Grammy-winning band Aerosmith first performed on the Grammy stage on the 33rd Grammy Awards in 1991. This year, they are appearing as the MusiCares Person Of The Year, being recognized for their considerable philanthropic efforts over five decades and undeniable impact on American music history.


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Judas Priest have been snubbed again for inclusion into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, the MC5 and Soundgarden were also denied entry into the Hall, though Nine Inch Nails have secured a position as Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.


The full list of 2020 inductees includes Depeche Mode, the Doobie Brothers, Whitney Houston, Nine Inch Nails, the Notorious B.I.G. and T-Rex, while Jon Landau and Irving Azoff will receive the Ahmet Ertegun Awards.


Pat Benetar, Dave Matthews Band, Kraftwerk, Rufus feat. Chaka Khan and Todd Rundgren were also part of the list of nominees announced last year, but they did not receive the votes for induction.


The Rock Hall’s annual “fan ballot” did little to sway the opinion of its voting body, as Dave Matthews Band received the most votes, followed by Pat Benatar. The Doobie Brothers — the only future inductees within the Top 5 — came in third, while Soundgarden and Judas Priest rounded out fourth and fifth place, respectively.


This marks the second time Judas Priest have been nominated, also failing to receive the Rock Hall’s vote for the Class of 2019. The MC5 have been nominated a staggering five times, including the last four straight years. Soundgarden and Motorhead were both nominated for the first time in 2019.


Future inductees Nine Inch Nails received nominations in both 2015 and 2016, finally securing a spot in the Hall on their third time.


The 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class represents, once again, a complete distaste for heavy metal by an inept voting body, and an outright failure to recognize the genre as historically important.


The 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony will be held May 2 in Cleveland, Ohio.


From: https://loudwire.com/judas-priest-soundgarden-motorhead-snubbed-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-nine-inch-nails-induction/

BON JOVI Announces Spring/Summer 2020 Tour With BRYAN ADAMS

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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band BON JOVI has broken every touring record imaginable, topped every chart, and received every accolade, and now has its sights set on kicking off 2020 with new music and touring. The Grammy Award-winning band announced the "Bon Jovi 2020" tour today, presented by Live Nation, will start in the U.S. this June and play arenas across America. The "Bon Jovi 2020" tour will feature Bryan Adams.


Recently named by Pollstar as one of the top touring bands of all time with nearly 10 million tickets sold in just the last decade alone, the magazine said: "One can count on one hand the number of rock bands that broke out in the 1980s that are still successfully touring today, but doing so with fresh, new music that retains the authenticity that is at the heart of the best in rock 'n' roll."


Jon Bon Jovi has spoken in recent interviews of the depth and breadth of a forthcoming album, set for release later this year from Island Records. Fans will get exclusive access to that album; every ticket sold includes one CD copy of "Bon Jovi 2020".


BON JOVI fan club members and American Express Card Members can purchase tickets prior to the general public beginning Tuesday, January 21 at 10 a.m. local time through Thursday, January 23 at 10 p.m. local time. A limited number of LaneOne Premium Packages will also be available, including amazing seats, transportation, preferred entrance, preshow hospitality, commemorative laminate and more. Check LaneOne.com for LaneOne details.


Tickets go on sale to the general public starting Friday, January 24 at 10 a.m. local time at LiveNation.com. Visit venue websites for local information.


Tour dates:


June 10 - Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome

June 11 - Portland, OR - Moda Center

June 13 - Sacramento, CA - Golden 1 Center

June 16 - San Jose, CA - SAP Center at San Jose


June 18 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

June 20 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena *

June 23 - San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center

June 25 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center

June 26 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

July 10 - Toronto, ON - Scotiabank Arena *

July 14 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center

July 16 - Boston, MA - TD Garden

July 19 - Detroit, MI - Little Caesars Arena

July 21 - Chicago, IL - United Center

July 23 - St. Louis, MO - Enterprise Center

July 25 - Washington, DC - Capital One Arena

July 27 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden

July 28 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden


* without Bryan Adams


Over an illustrious career spanning more than three decades since its formation in 1983, BON JOVI has earned its place among global rock royalty and was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2018. With over 130 million albums sold worldwide, and extensive catalog of hit anthems, thousands of concerts performed in more than 50 countries for more than 35 million fans, and ticket grosses well over $1 billion around the world in just the past decade, BON JOVI is the consummate rock and roll band.

Foo Fighters promise 'seriously crazy s***' to mark their 25th anniversary

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Foo Fighters have marked Dave Grohl’s birthday by promising fans some “seriously crazy shit” in 2020.


Grohl turned 51 yesterday, with the band using the celebration to post a video graphic on their social media channels to point to the fact that this year, the band turn 25 years old.


In a post, Foo Fighters say: “Holy Shit! 25 years? Thank you guys for being with us year after year, for singing along and making every show the best night of our lives.


“We’re just getting started, so buckle up, 2020 – it’s going to be an insane year full of some seriously crazy shit.”


In August last year, Grohl was asked by NME about the possibility of new material ahead of their headline set at Reading and Leeds.


He said: "There’s always something. I’m constantly writing but not always seriously, then at some point they become a little more formed. When I feel like they’re ready, that’s when I bring them to the band. We’re not that far along in any kind of official process, but there’s always something."


He added: "There is one new song that would fucking destroy and I would love people to hear it."


The Foos are currently gearing up to honour Aerosmith at the Los Angeles Convention Centre on January 24, where Steven Tyler and co. will he named the 2020 MusiCares Person Of The Year for their “considerable philanthropic efforts over five decades and undeniable impact on American music history.”


Alice Cooper, Gary Clarke Jr, John Mayer, John legend, H.E.R., Emily King, Jonas Brothers and Yola will join Foo Fighters at the event, which takes place two days before the 62nd Grammy Awards.

Matchbox Twenty 2020 Tour Coming This Summer

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Matchbox Twenty have announced that they will be embarking on a North American headline tour this summer that will feature support from special guest The Wallflowers.


The Matchbox Twenty 2020 Tour will be kicking off on July 17th at the Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, PA and will conclude at the iconic Hollywood Bowl on September 28th.


Frontman Rob Thomas had this to say, "I'm proud to be a part of the greatest pop rock band in the world and I can't wait to play with them again.


"Stepping on stage with Matchbox and sharing those songs with the fans feels as natural as breathing to me at this point." See the dates below:


Fri., Jul. 17 - Bethlehem, PA - Wind Creek Event Center

Sat., Jul. 18 - Gilford, NH - Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion

Sun., Jul. 19 - Syracuse, NY - St. Joseph's Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

Tue., Jul. 21 - Camden, NJ - BB&T Pavilion

Wed., Jul. 22 - Wantagh, NY - Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater

Fri., Jul. 24 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Sat., Jul. 25 - Mansfield, MA - Xfinity Center

Sun., Jul. 26 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena

Tue., Jul. 28 - Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center

Wed., Jul. 29 - Bristow, VA - Jiffy Lube Live

Fri., Jul. 31 - Virginia Beach, VA - Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach

Sat., Aug. 01 - Raleigh, NC - Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek

Sun., Aug. 02 - Charlotte, NC - PNC Music Pavilion

Tue., Aug. 04 - Atlanta, GA - Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood

Wed., Aug. 05 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena

Fri., Aug. 07 - Tampa, FL - MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre at the FL State Fairgrounds

Sat., Aug. 08 - West Palm Beach, FL - Coral Sky Amphitheatre at the S. Florida Fairgrounds

Sun., Aug. 09 - Jacksonville, FL - Daily's Place

Tue., Aug. 11 - Pelham, AL - Oak Mountain Amphitheatre

Thu., Aug. 13 - Memphis, TN - TBA

Fri., Aug. 14 - Houston, TX - The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman

Sat., Aug. 15 - Dallas, TX - Dos Equis Pavilion

Mon., Aug. 17 - Oklahoma City, OK - Zoo Amphitheater

Tue., Aug. 18 - Rogers, AR - Walmart Amp

Wed., Aug. 19 - Maryland Heights, MO - Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre - St. Louis

Fri., Aug. 21 - Tinley Park, IL - Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre - Chicago

Sat., Aug. 22 - Noblesville, IN - Ruoff Music Center

Sun., Aug. 23 - Moline, IL - TaxSlayer Center

Tue., Aug. 25 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Blossom Music Center

Wed., Aug. 26 - Burgettstown, PA - S&T Bank Music Park

Thu., Aug. 27 - Cincinnati, OH - Riverbend Music Center

Sat., Aug. 29 - Darien Center, NY - Darien Lake Amphitheater

Sun., Aug. 30 - Toronto, ON - Budweiser Stage

Tue., Sep. 01 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre

Wed., Sep. 02 - Toledo, OH - Toledo Zoo Amphitheater

Fri., Sep. 04 - Welch, MN - Treasure Island Resort & Casino

Sat., Sep. 05 - Sioux City, IA - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Sun., Sep. 06 - Kansas City, MO - Starlight Theatre

Tue., Sep. 08 - Omaha, NE - CHI Health Center Omaha

Thu., Sep. 10 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center

Sat., Sep. 12 - Boise, ID - Ford Idaho Center

Sun., Sep. 13 - Salt Lake City, UT - USANA Amphitheatre

Tue., Sep. 15 - Seattle, WA - White River Amphitheatre

Wed., Sep. 16 - Vancouver, BC - Rogers Arena

Thu., Sep. 17 - Ridgefield, WA - Sunlight Supply Amphitheater

Sat., Sep. 19 - Concord, CA - Concord Pavilion

Sun., Sep. 20 - Fresno, CA - Save Mart Center

Tue., Sep. 22 - Phoenix, AZ - Ak-Chin Pavilion

Wed., Sep. 23 - San Diego, CA - Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU

Thu., Sep. 24 - Irvine, CA - FivePoint Amphitheatre

Sat., Sep. 26 - Las Vegas, NV - Palms Casino Resort

Sun., Sep. 27 - Bakersfield, CA - Mechanics Bank Arena

Mon., Sep. 28 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl


From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/20/January/15Matchbox_Twenty_2020_Tour_Coming_This_Summer.shtml


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Frontiers Music Srl announces the release of Khymera's new album, Master Of Illusions on March 6. Pre-order the album here, and watch a lyric video for the first single, "Walk Away", below. The single is available now on all digital music outlets.


While Khymera started out as an alliance between Italian producer/musician, Daniele Liverani and then Kansas singer Steve Walsh, it developed into a regular musical project when bassist and producer Dennis Ward (Magnum, ex-Pink Cream 69) entered the fold.


While known as a bassist, Dennis always sang background vocals with his bands, so he was more than ready and willing to take over the lead vocals on the Khymera albums A New Promise, The Greatest Wonder, and The Grand Design. While Khymera has been on hiatus for some time, Dennis is ready to come back with a new album, Master Of Illusions, which comes about four years after the release of the last album, The Greatest Wonder.


"I started writing in 2017," says Dennis. "It was a slow process. I first tried to collaborate with a pair of songwriters but it did not work out. I was actually having a very hard time trying to write the songs I was looking for. Fortunately, I was offered one song from Michael Palace that became the song 'After All This Time' and shortly after I collaborated with Pete Newdeck (Drums), Michael Klein (Guitars), Eric Ragno (Drums), and Jean Funes (Silent Tiger). Then everything fell into place pretty quickly. I was able to finalise melodies and lyrics and complete the recordings."


Musically, the new album very much follows the logical progression of the musical path that was started when Dennis joined the project. Master Of Illusions is a strong, extremely melodic release, which showcases the fantastic vocal abilities of Dennis and highlights his great skills as a songwriter and producer.


"One of my personal favourites is 'Rhythm Of My Life'," continues Dennis. "Not only because I like it, but because it was the last song I wrote. The lyrics are kind of summing of my life routine and my work as an artist and music producer and how I believe that no matter how stuck one can get if you just allow it things to happen they will, hence the song 'Just Let It Happen' which is another favourite not only because of the lyrics, but because of the mesmerizing atmospheric soundscape in the background. I had fun writing and playing that one. 'Paradise' is another favourite because I literally had the whole song written, including most of the lyric, in less than a work day. I think it has a catchy chorus and a good message."


Khymera still offers one of the most shining examples of what great European melodic rock is all about: crystal clear production, soaring vocals, killer musicianship and songwriting that reminds fans of the heydays of the genre when bands like Giuffria, Icon, and Signal roamed the Earth.



"Walk Away"

"The First Time"

"Master Of Illusions"

"The Sun Goes Down"


"The Rhythm Of My Life"

"Follow The Sun"

"Father To Son"

"After All This Time"

"Victim Of Your Love"

"Let It Happen"


You can check out the "Walk Away" lyric video here:



From: http://bravewords.com/news/khymera-feat-dennis-ward-to-release-master-of-illusions-album-in-march-walk-away-lyric-video-streaming

Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John Duet Makes Sharon Osbourne Cry

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Sharon Osbourne said she found “Ordinary Man,” Ozzy Osbourne’s duet with Elton John, too emotional to listen to all the way through.


The title track of Osbourne’s upcoming album was released last week, featuring John singing the second verse of a Beatles-inspired track. The lyrics discuss the challenges of the Black Sabbath icon’s life, while Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash contributes two solos.


“I’m just so happy for Ozzy that it’s been well-received,” Sharon said on her TV show The Talk (via Music-News.com). “I can’t listen to it all the way because it makes me cry. I just can’t.”


She added that the single artwork, which shows Ozzy walking alone in a field, was taken by their son Jack while the pair was shooting their documentary series Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour several years ago. “Jack took that picture, and we just thought it was such a natural shot of Ozzy, like nobody ever sees him like that, that it was just perfect for this song,” Sharon explained.


Listen to Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John's 'Ordinary Man' here:



The Ordinary Man album came together after Osbourne struggled with depression relating to his inactivity after battling several medical issues.


“If it wasn’t for making this record, I would still be in traction, thinking, ‘I’m going to be lying here forever,'" he said in September. "I’ve missed music so badly. My fans are so loyal and so good. Up until making the album, I thought I was dying. But that got me off my arse. ... It’s the greatest album I’ve done. ... I said to Sharon that I didn’t feel like I’d made an album because we haven’t ended up screaming at each other.”


His old friend John shared similar sentiments when he recently spoke about becoming addicted to drugs in the ‘70s. “Music, from the age of three or four, was my comfort blanket," he said. "And when I was doing terrible things to myself in the '70s and '80s, it was also my comfort blanket. And so it kept me alive. Music has been everything to me. … If I hadn't have had that love of music, I would have died, without question. Because even when I was at the depths of despair, I used to play music all the time.”


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/ozzy-osbourne-elton-john-ordinary-man-song/

Steve Harris Played Tennis With Musical Hero, Too Shy to Introduce Himself

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Even a veteran rocker such as Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris has other musicians he'd rather avoid than meet face to face. But as it turns out, Harris' particular brand of evasion isn't born from any ill will. It's just because meeting your heroes can sometimes turn out to be a confounding affair.


Such was the case when Harris met Peter Gabriel for a tennis match, the Iron Maiden bassist doing his best to sidestep interaction with the former Genesis singer for fear that he'd "fanboy" too hard. That's how Harris described it to the magazine Classic Rock in the issue that hits newsstands this month.


"I ended up playing tennis with Peter Gabriel once, just because he was on the court in the same hotel as me," the Iron Maiden icon recalled. "I don't know if he even knew who I was, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get tongue-tied. I didn’t want to act like a fanboy, even though I felt like one."


Gabriel isn't the only performer that's intimidated Harris with their musical talent. The 63-year-old bass player also claimed he "avoided meeting Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson for so long because I didn't know what I'd say to him."


The situation should ring familiar to any musician or listener who'd prefer not to run into their role models. Harris' story about Gabriel cropped up when asked about who he'd like to work with outside of hard rock and metal.


"When you're into bands that much, you don't really think about working with them," Harris further explained. "You never really have a chance. You tend to put them on a pedestal."


From: https://loudwire.com/iron-maiden-steve-harris-peter-gabriel-fanboy/

Joe Satriani announces new album Shapeshifting

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Joe Satriani has announced that his new album Shapeshifting will be released this spring.


A final date and further details have still to be confirmed, but Satch’s 18th studio album will coincide with his previously revealed Shapeshifting European tour, which will get under way in Mainz, Germany, on April 15.


The guitar virtuoso will be joined onstage by bassist Bryan Beller, drummer Kenny Aronoff and keyboardist Rai Thistlethwayte – and along with new material, they’ll also play tracks from albums including Surfing With The Alien and Flying In A Blue Dream.


Satriani is currently preparing to be inducted into the Metal Hall Of Fame, with the ceremony set to take place tomorrow (January 15) alongside other 2020 inductees Steve Vai, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, Graham Bonnet, Stephen Pearcy, Chris Poland, Prong, Stone City Attractions and Metal Church.


In other Satriani news, a deluxe edition of his classic 1987 album Surfing With The Alien has been released on digital platforms today.


Along with the original album tracks, the new edition features 10 bonus songs and new artwork.


Satch says: "Seeing my chrome guitar bursting through a multi-colour wormhole seems quite fitting. It’s as if it always belonged there.”


Joe Satriani: The Shapeshifting Tour 2020:

Apr 15: Mainz Halle 45, Germany

Apr 18: Karlsruhe Tollhaus, Germany

Apr 19: Berlin Huxleys, Germany

Apr 20: Oberhausen Turbinenhalle, Germany

Apr 21: Amsterdam Melkweg, Netherlands

Apr 24: Enschede Muziekcentrum Enschede, Netherlands

Apr 25: Winterbach Salierhalle, Germany

Apr 27: Aarhus Train, Denmark

Apr 28: Odense Posten, Denmark

Apr 29: Copenhagen Amager Bio, Denmark

Apr 30: Stockholm Fryshuset, Sweden

May 02: Oslo Rockefeller, Norway

May 06: Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic

May 07: Vienna Wiener Stadhalle, Austria

May 08: Budapest Barba Negra Track, Hungary

May 12: Florence Teatro Verdi, Italy

May 14: Napoli Teatro Augusteo, Italy

May 15: Lecce Politeama Greco, Italy

May 16: Rome Auditorium Conciliazione, Italy

May 18: Milan Teatro Dal Verme, Italy

May 19: Nuremberg Löwensaal, Germany

May 20: Heerlen RABOzaal Heerlen, Netherlands

May 22: Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion, UK

May 23: Glasgow O2 Academy, UK

May 24: Gateshead Sage, UK

May 25: Manchester Bridgewater Hall, UK

May 26: London Palladium, UK

May 28: Birmingham Symphony Hall, UK

May 30: Gerardmer Motordays Festival, France

May 31: Strasbourg La Laiterie, France

Jun 02: Paris L'Olympia, France

Jun 04: Nantes Cite des Congres, France

Jun 05: Saint-Malo La Nouvelle, France

Jun 06: Clermont-Ferrand La Cooperative de Mai, France

Jun 07: Lyon Le Transbordeur, France