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Ozzy Osbourne to Perform at American Music Awards

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Ozzy Osbourne will perform for the first time since his surgery on Nov. 24, when he appears with rappers Post Malone and Travis Scott at the American Music Awards.


Osbourne broke the news by posting a Facebook photo of the three of them that featured the caption, "We are taking to the #AMAs stage for the world TV premiere of 'Take What You Want' this Sunday, Nov. 24, at 8/7c at the American Music Awards on ABC!"


Earlier this year, the metal legend had to postpone the entirety of his touring calendar for 2019 following a fall at his house that dislodged metal rods that were placed in his back as a result of a 2003 ATV accident. At the time of the fall, he was recuperating from a series of health issues, including pneumonia and a hand infection.

Barring any more setbacks, Osbourne will resume touring in May 2020, when he and Marilyn Manson take to the road for two months worth of shows across North America. In October, he'll join forces with Judas Priest for another two months in Europe.

At some point in early 2020, Osbourne will put out a new album called Ordinary Man, which features a rhythm section of Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. The LP stemmed from his collaboration with Malone, when Osbourne went to producer Andrew Watt's home to record his part on "Take What You Want."


"After we finished that song, he said, 'Would you be interested in starting an album?'" Osbourne recalled. "I said, 'That would be fucking great,' but now I am thinking I don't want to be working in a basement studio for six months! And in just a short time, we had the album done. Duff and Chad came in, and we would go in and jam during the day, and I would go work out the songs in the evenings. I previously had said to Sharon I should be doing an album, but in the back of my mind I was going, 'I haven't got the fucking strength.' But Andrew pulled it out of me. I really hope people listen to it and enjoy it, because I put my heart and soul into this album."


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/ozzy-osbourne-american-music-awards-2019/


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In May 1995, Metallica entered The Plant Studios in Sausalito, Calif., to record a double album as the follow-up to 1991’s Metallica (aka The Black Album), which catapulted the band from thrash heroes to mainstream rock stars. But by February 1996, Metallica had only finished about half the songs, so they scrapped the double-album plan and opted, instead, to release two records one year apart.


The first, Load, came out June 4, 1996. Then in July 1997, Metallica returned to the studio to continue working on the 13 songs they didn’t finish the first time. On Nov. 18, 1997, they released the finished batch as Reload.

“The two records belong together and they should have come out at the same time, but they just weren’t done,” guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield told me in 1997. “We want these albums to be twins.” “Basically, we just didn’t feel like being in the studio long enough to finish all the songs,” guitarist Kirk Hammett said. “We decided it would be wiser if we did two albums and staggered the releases. That way, we’d get more mileage out of them. We’d have a nice break in the middle of the touring cycle to work on Reload, then once it was out, we’d go back out on tour. That made more sense than just putting out a double album. Also, if we did a double album, it would have been a lot more material for people to digest, and some of the songs might have gotten lost in the shuffle.”


While the songs for Reload and Load were originally meant to be viewed under the same microscope, there are differences between the two albums. Load was brash and bluesy, but unapologetically straightforward. Reload, by contrast, was more experimental, blending biker metal, southern rock and unconventional arrangements into a bracing batch of songs that were familiar, but refreshingly adventurous.


“Having lived with those songs for two years, the four of us came back with very different ideas of what they should evolve into,” Hetfield said. “The good news was we still liked them, and we wanted to put them out. It’s important to point out that those songs weren’t the rejects from the first session and I think because of the extra time we had to put into them there’s a little more extremeness to them, which I like. It was a little more exciting for us to figure out more f---ed up chords, things that grind, dissonant bits, than songs that were just heavy. In a few of the songs there’s helter-skelter tension built in there. We really stretched the limits of what a guitar and amp could do, which was fun.”


“There wasn’t as much of an emphasis on melody,” agreed Hammett. “Also, we grew as musicians since the release of Load, and technology brought us new things to try in the studio. We had just come off a great tour so our chops were up. And we were using the studio more effectively than ever.”


“The Memory Remains,” featured a dusky rhythm, a serpentine riff wild, wah-wah saturated licks and raspy guest vocals by the legendary Marianne Faithfull. The singer and actress, who also appeared in the video, worked perfectly for the theme of the song. “It evolved into this ‘Sunset Boulevard’ thing about this twisted movie star who still thinks they’re hot s---,” Hetfield said. “We needed a real character, been-through-it-all voice, and we were trying to think of someone when [producer] Bob [Rock] suggested Marianne Faithfull. We flew to Dublin on the way to Belgium, got her drunk and put her on the studio and she sang this bit. It was perfect.”


Another surprise came on “Low Man’s Lyric,” which includes a hurdy gurdy passage that sounds almost like a cross between an accordion and bagpipes, and lends a haunting vibe to the world-weary ballad. “That song had been recorded already and it came out like a metal ballad,” Hetfield said. “We’ve got so many of those f---ing things -- big drums and all this -- so I finally convinced Lars to ditch the snare and play something else. Tom Waits inspired that. He’s really good at finding music in any little instrument. So we re-recorded it. [Our friend] Jim Martin (ex-Faith No More) has a hurdy-gurdy in his house, and I sat and f---ed around with it for a while and I thought, ‘F---, this thing is awesome sounding. We’ve got to put it somewhere.’ So we brought it into the song and figured out a melody.”


Metallica gave themselves three months to record Reload, and since the songs were mostly written they figured that was more than enough. But the band spent more time than it expected trying to find more interesting ways to approach the material than it had originally come up with. “We re-recorded a lot of the guitars because the new sounds we had were just better,” Hetfield said. “We also did a lot of re-editing. The songs themselves were good, but they needed to be re-thought. So we’ve got Pro Tools in there twisting songs around. There’s no secret that there are some drum fix-ups that happen on the computer, and that takes time.”


Bob Rock and his staff painstakingly worked with every beat, riff and vocal to make sure they had the right intonation and the meter was perfect. It was a sticking point for Hetfield and his bandmates, but instead of making it a source of discord, Hetfield did his parts the best he could and then walked until the album was done. “Where they go is a room that I just don’t want to go in,” Hetfield said. “I don’t really agree fully on what goes on in there so I stay away. I’m not really against Pro Tools, but I just think it takes a lot longer, and I think it could be solved by playing better. But it has become something a little too big in this band. I don’t think it’s that necessary. Some other people in the band do, so I let it be. There are some cool loops and strange sounds you can create through the computer, and you can sit and f--k with that s--t all day, but we’re not gonna have some computer sitting with us onstage, that’s for sure.”


Because of the extra time that went into editing, Metallica had their backs against the wall when their studio time was almost up and they were still working on Reload. “No matter what we try to do we always end up spending 60 or 70 percent of our time on the first 20 percent of the album, and then the last 30 percent on the last 80 percent of the album,” Hammett explained. “It felt a bit more like crunch time because we didn’t have a lot of time to begin with. The songs were already written and the drums were already recorded, so on paper it seemed like a total cake walk, but in true Metallica fashion, it didn’t work like that.”


Like Load, Reload featured cover art by controversial photography Andreas Serrano, who uses urine, sperm and milk in his psychedelic shots and whose striking 1987 image Piss Christ – a crucifix submerged in a bottle of urine – caused public outrage from conservative and religious groups. “I hated the art for Reload, but it had to match Load,” Hetfield said. “It’s matching hatred. I’m not a big fan of the man and his perversions. There’s art and then there’s just sick mother---ers, and he’s one of them. The thing is, they belong together because they’re both weird combination of liquids. I don’t care if the guy blows donkeys. The art has got to match.” Ulrich and Hammett agreed with Hetfield but unlike their bandmate they were thrilled to return to Serrano for another piece of art. “I’m really into Serrano,” Hammett enthused. “I really like his picture of [a man about to have sex with] a [naked female] dwarf [from his History of Sex series]. That’s one sexy dwarf.”


Like Load, Reload entered the Billboard album chart at No. 1, selling 436,000 in its first week. The album went double platinum on Dec. 12, 1997, and was certified triple platinum by the RIAA on Nov. 18, 1998.


From: https://loudwire.com/metallica-reload-anniversary/


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Former KISS guitarist, Vinnie Vincent, is set to re-release Speedball Jamm (a 2002 instrumental album previously released under the title Archives Volume 1).


This "historic" CD re-release will be limited to 1,000 copies, and will come with a limited edition, autographed 8x10 photo and a "big guitar pick".


Due to be shipped in February, pre-orders will be available soon at VinnieVincent.com.

Guesting recently on Rock And Roll Experience With Mike Brunn, Vinnie Vincent - who has been attempting to make a comeback of sorts over the past year - addressed the possibility of performing with his former bandmates on KISS' End Of The Road farewell tour. Check out the interview below:



Vincent: "It's not something I've thought about lately. I think there was something that my lawyer had been in contact with them about a year ago. As far as I know, nothing came of it. And it wasn't something I thought about. After that moment had passed, it wasn't anything I thought about anymore. I don't know what they're doing. I don't wanna assume anything; it's not for me to second guess. It seems like they've got the band that they're doing this with. I don't know if they're having past members play. If this is something that they want to approach, all they've gotta do is give me a call and we'll take it from there."

From: http://bravewords.com/news/vinnie-vincent-to-release-limited-autographed-edition-of-instrumental-album-speedball-jamm


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Triumph reunited for a three-song set in Toronto over the weekend. The performance was recorded for an upcoming documentary about the band.


It was the first time Rik Emmet, Mike Levine and Gil Moore performed together in 11 years, and the first time they played as a power trio in 31 years. Around 300 fans were present for the show, which featured the classic songs “When the Lights Go Down,” “Lay It on the Line” and “Magic Power.” The filming took place in drummer Moore’s Metalworks studio complex; the results will be seen in the Banger Films production Triumph: Lay It on the Line, set for release next year.


"Mike, Rik and I are thrilled to revisit Triumph’s history and especially to express our gratitude to our amazing fans," Moore said in a statement when the movie was announced. "We are excited to be working with Banger Films, and this documentary is our way of reaching out to all those people who have touched us along the journey to say thanks."


Last year, he told Ouch, You’re on My Hair (via Blabbermouth) that the movie “talks a lot about the Us Festival, it talks about San Antonio, it talks about the issues, later on in our career, with the record label. It talks about all that stuff.”


Moore noted that Triumph have received large-scale offers to reunite, but he wasn’t sure it would ever happen because of his commitments to Metalworks, which now employs around 100 staff members.


“I'm tied down in a good way," he explained. "When I say 'tied down,' I'm doing what I love. I love Triumph. I'm not gonna say that we won't play again. It kind of tears at my heartstrings, to be honest with you. I wish I could get 36 hours in a day instead of 24 and keep my drum chops up and do that kind of thing.”


The last official Triumph reunion took place at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2008. Moore and Levine appeared as special guests on Emmett’s 2016 album RES 9.


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/triumph-reunion/

Kiss shark show goes ahead without Paul Stanley

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Last month it was revealed that Kiss would perform a special show off the southern coast of Australia for a select group of fans and the region’s great white shark population.


However, with the recent news that their tour of Australia had been cancelled due to illness affecting vocalist and guitarist Paul Stanley, it was assumed that also meant their show at sea would no longer take place.


But the performance went ahead earlier today without Stanley, with Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer donning their stage outfits and heading out to sea.


Adventure Bay Charters say: “They came, we saw, we rocked – we partied all day with Kiss!


“Thank you Kiss and Airbnb for including us in this once in a lifetime concert that our team and guests will never forget.”


The company uploaded a couple of screenshots to their Facebook page and promised there was “more footage to come.”


While the trio performed on top of the waves, speakers were lowered into the sea and eight fans listened to the performance from the safety of a viewing submarine.


All proceeds from sales of the initiative by Kiss, Airbnb and Adventure Bay Charters will go to charity.


Last week, Kiss added four more dates to next summer's European schedule, as well as a date in South Africa. Details below.

Kiss: 2020 European Tour (including South African date):

Jun 09: Paris Accors Hotel Arena, France

Jun 12: Download Festival, Derby UK

Jun 14: Dortmund Westfalenhalle, Germany

Jun 15: Hamburg Barclaycard Arena, Germany

Jun 18: Copenhagen Copenhell Festival, Denmark

Jun 20: Sandnes Osterhuis Arena, Norway

Jun 29: Kaunas Zalgiris Arena, Lithuania

Jul 01: Prague O2 Arena, Czech Republic

Jul 05: Madrid Wizink Arena, Spain

Jul 10: Frankfurt Festhalle, Germany

Jul 11: Stuttgart Schleyerhalle, Germany

Jul 13: Verona Arena Di Verona, Italy

Jul 15: Gliwice Arena, Poland

Jul 16: Budapest Arena, Hungary

Jul 18: Sofia Armeec Arena, Bulgaria

Jul 25: Johannesburg Ticketpro Dome, South Africa

From: https://www.loudersound.com/news/kiss-shark-show-goes-ahead-without-paul-stanley

Eddie Van Halen Reportedly Hospitalized

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Eddie Van Halen was reportedly hospitalized due to complications from cancer treatment was released on Sunday, according to a report from gossip site TMZ.


They have published a report that states, "Sources close to the legendary guitarist tell TMZ he was admitted to the hospital last week with intestinal issues and abdominal pain.


"We're told both were the result of a bad reaction to the drugs Eddie is taking to battle throat cancer. He was released Sunday and we're told he's doing fine now."


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2019 has been the year for reunions, with bands like Rage Against the Machine, My Chemical Romance, Motley Crue and more announcing returns within the span of just a few weeks. Now, it seems like Geoff Tate sees demand for a Queensryche reunion — yet another “not in this lifetime” situation.


A two-year legal battle stripped the Queensryche name from Tate after he was fired from the band in 2012. Todd La Torre was brought into Queensryche to rave reviews, while Tate went on to form Operation: Mindcrime, retaining the rights to perform both full albums of the same name.


When Tate was asked if a Queensryche reunion was in the works during an interview with the Rock Vault, the singer answered, “Well, not that I can say at this moment. I think that would be something that makes sense, and I think it would be an interesting thing to do, if everybody could get in the same room and actually talk to each other."


Earlier this year, Tate rejected almost any possibility of getting back together with his former bandmates. “No interest in that. No. Not at all. [I have] absolutely no reason to," he told Greece’s TV War. "I don't need the money. That'd be the only reason to do it. Maybe if they paid me, like, 10 million dollars or something like that.” [via Blabbermouth]


Operation: Mindcrime’s last album, The New Reality, came out in 2017. Queensryche released a full-length, The Verdict, earlier this year, giving the band their highest Billboard chart position since Operation: Mindcrime II came out in 2006.


From: https://loudwire.com/geoff-tate-queensryche-reunion/

Unofficial GRETA VAN FLEET Biography, 'Hard Work', Now Available

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Innovative hybrid publisher Riverdale Avenue Books has published the first mainstream book on the breakout rock band GRETA VAN FLEET.


Hard work is its own reward, and nobody knows that better than the heavy rock band GRETA VAN FLEET, who, in a matter of years, has raced from obscurity as teens growing up in the tiny Michigan town of Frankenmuth to the top of the international hard rock mountain. "Hard Work: The Greta Van Fleet Story" by New York Times bestselling author Marc Shapiro takes you along for this high wire ride to the top.


Equal parts biography and inspirational story, "Hard Work: The Greta Van Fleet Story" takes the band on an often surreal and edge-of-your seat journey. At a time when popular music had become predictable, pre-fab and the process of making it had been deluded by the likes of "American Idol" and "America's Got Talent", GRETA VAN FLEET brought its brand of guitar heavy, very LED ZEPPELIN-like heavy metal to the public in the trenches. These underage musicians made their bones playing very adult biker parties, dive bars where they often were not allowed inside except to play and spending countless hours driving in cramped vans to the middle of nowhere to play for an audience of ten.


But persistence would ultimately pay off. They signed with Lava Records and put out a series of albums that captured the fantasy with music that paid homage to hard rock's past and pointed the way to a joyous rocking future.


This book includes:


* Exclusive interviews with local club owners from GRETA VAN FLEET's early days;

* Complete GRETA VAN FLEET discography, including outtakes from recording sessions, live garage recordings, concert recordings and recordings of unreleased original songs

* The real story behind GRETA VAN FLEET's controversial "Saturday Night Live" appearance.

* GRETA VAN FLEET's literary and musical influences — beyond LED ZEPPELIN!

* And the real story of life on the road!


"This book is biography, but it is also a blueprint to anybody that wants to make real, believable music," said Shapiro. "GRETA VAN FLEET slugged it out in the rock and roll trenches and their reward is that they are currently one of the biggest bands on the planet. If you follow their lead, you can get there too."


"We think GREAT VAN FLEET be a major force in music for years to come and are thrilled to publish the first rock biography in this incredible band," said publisher Lori Perkins.


One of GRETA VAN FLEET's major influences, LED ZEPPELIN postulated in their song "Rock And Roll" the lyric "It's been a long time since I rock and rolled." "Hard Work: The Greta Van Fleet Story" indicates that the return of true, passionate straight-ahead rock is now.


Downloads are available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles Nook, iTunes and Kobo.


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"Get 'Loud' because today we are celebrating 11 years of Cosmic Universal Fashion!," states a message from Sammy Hagar.


"Tell us your favorite song in the comments and check out the music video for 'Loud' featuring Billy Duffy (The Cult), Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver), and Michael Anthony (Van Halen, Chickenfoot, The Circle)."



You can also watch the behind-the-scenes footage, below:



From: http://bravewords.com/news/sammy-hagar-celebrates-11-years-of-cosmic-universal-fashion-album-music-video-behind-the-scenes-footage-for-loud-feat-billy-duffy-matt-sorum-michael-anthony

Europe's Joey Tempest to Tories: Stop playing The Final Countdown

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Europe frontman Joey Tempest wants the UK’s Conservative Party to stop using the band’s 1986 smash hit track The Final Countdown for political purposes.


It’s reported the song has been played at Tory HQ to motivate staff during the current general election campaign – but Tempest wants them to “cease and desist” as it’s not a political song.


Tempest made his feelings known to The Times through Europe’s manager Adam Parsons, who said (via the Daily Mail): “Joey does not condone any use in a political context. This was written as a good-time hard rock song back in 1986.”


Parsons added the Conservatives had misconstrued the lyrics of the track if they were playing The Final Countdown with Brexit in mind. The UK is due to leave the European Union on January 31, 2020.


Speaking to The Big Issue last year, Tempest said he would have voted to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum.


He said: "I was born in Sweden but I consider London and the UK my home. I married an English girl and I’ve paid taxes for many, many years. I’m a domicile but I don’t have a British passport.


"If I’d had the vote, I’d be a Remainer. I’m in the music business, I’m an entertainer. Musicians all over the world, we write for each other and it doesn’t matter what country you’re from. Music is a free place and therefore we don’t want to fence anybody in.”


Many musicians have complained about their tracks being used for political means –in the US in particular.


In June, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne blasted Trump for using Crazy Train in a video, while in November last year, Axl Rose hit out at Trump’s campaign team for using Guns N’ Roses material during the midterm elections.


In August 2018, lawyers representing Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler send a cease and desist letter to the White House to insist that they stop playing Livin’ On The Edge, while the Rolling Stones, the estate of George Harrison and Queen have all objected to their music being associated with Trump.


Europe will tour across the UK in 2020 with Whitesnake and Foreigner – with the shows getting underway at The O2 in London on May 31

How Skid Row Fought 'Tooth and Nail' Before Recording 'I Remember You'

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If Rachel Bolan and Dave Sabo had their way, Skid Row wouldn't have even recorded the song that made them too popular to take out their own trash.


Luckily, singer Sebastian Bach had other ideas.


"Snake [Sabo] and I fought tooth and nail not to put 'I Remember You' on the record," Bolan tells UCR. "But I’m glad they overrode our decision. Because the label wanted it on there, and our management was telling us, 'You guys are absolutely crazy if you don’t put this on there.' And we were like, 'Nope, we don’t want to be a ballad band.' Because back then, that’s what was breaking all of the bands at the time."



In his 2016 book 18 and Life on Ski Row, Bach -- who's now estranged from the band -- explained how he campaigned for the song, begging the group to play it at rehearsal for their managed at the time, Doc McGhee.


"I said, 'Please, let's just play it for Doc,'" he recalls. "As we went into the first verse, 'Woke up to the sound of pouring rain,' and built up into the chorus, I looked over at Doc. He was looking at me and laughing. I said, 'Rachel does not want the song on the record.' Doc burst into laughter: 'That's funny. Because the song will be on the record.'"


Before recording their 1989 self-titled debut album, Skid Row "would play 'I Remember You' live in clubs every now and then, and all of the chicks dug it," Bolan concedes. "But it was just, like, we don’t want to be a chick band -- we want to be a hard-rock band. So it came down to playing it, and even [producer] Michael Wagener was like, 'You guys have got to put this on the record -- you’re crazy if you don’t put it on the record.' So we’re like, 'Okay, but no keyboards!' That was the stipulation. So we did it, and he was never even thinking keyboards, but I think he just agreed to it, just so that we’d put it on the record."


Released on Nov. 18, 1989, "I Remember You" became the second consecutive Top 10 single (following "18 and Life") from Skid Row, which eventually went platinum five times and propelled the band into unexpected and slightly unnerving levels of fame.



"'18 and Life' did a lot for us," Bolan recalls. "But when 'I Remember You' came out, things really, really changed at that point. You couldn't go out to the garbage and throw your garbage out without someone hiding in the bushes. I was like, 'Wow, I actually have to move out of the condo that I rent,' which I really liked. So we were all buying houses and stuff like that. It was crazy."


In a 2007 Sleazeroxx interview, Bach said "I Remember You" was the No. 1 prom song in the U.S. in 1990. "Literally the whole country of America did their prom dance to 'I Remember You' one year, and that's a real heavy memory to beat," he said.


Decades later, country hit-maker Carrie Underwood brought "I Remember You" new fame by covering it at her concerts, while pop singer Norah Jones said it was the song that made her want to be a rock star.


Despite that success, Bolan and Sabo were determined to stick with their original plan for Skid Row's sound, eschewing any temptation to duplicate "I Remember You" on their notably aggressive follow-up, 1991's Slave to the Grind. "Everything we wrote after that that was maybe considered a ballad had a much edgier feel to it," Bolan explains. “'I Remember You' was just that one thing that kind of came out the way it did, and it was something that wasn’t planned. It was a cool chord progression that Snake had, and I wrote some lyrics, and we worked on it."


Still, they're grateful they were convinced to record and release the song. "Every night we play it, and I see people singing it back, and I look over at Snake and we always make the joke while we’re playing it: 'Hey, we shouldn’t put this on the record!'" Bolan says. "It just means so much to so many people. That’s the most important thing to us: It does mean a lot to a lot of people, and that alone makes me really happy that we put it on the record."


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/skid-row-i-remember-you/

Motley Crue Confirm Reunion With A Bang

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Motley Crue confirmed that they reunited and officially announced that they are back by literally blowing up the Cessation of Touring agreement that they signed in 2014.


The band's reunion has been subject of rumors lately and it heated up even more when Rolling Stone claimed that unnamed sources "confirmed" that the Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Poison are planning to team up for a major tour.


There was renewed interest in the band following the release of their Netflix biopic and the Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker), who played Tommy Lee in the film, shared his excitement about the reunion.


He said, "Since playing Tommy Lee in The Dirt, so many of my fans have said how they wish they could've seen the real Motley Crue play live. I never thought I would see the day when this would become a reality. But the fans spoke and Motley Crue listened!"


The tour with Leppard and Poison has not yet been officially confirmed. Watch the band blow up their Cessation of Touring agreement below:


From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/November/18Motley_Crue_Confirm_Reunion_With_A_Bang.shtml


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Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, the largest Christmas event in America, announces its Humanitarian Of The Year award recipient, Bret Michaels. Bret Michaels is a multi-platinum global music superstar whose multi-faceted brand encompasses record-breaking touring sales, TV stardom and chart-topping songs. A successful entrepreneur in addition to his musical achievements, he created the multi-million dollar selling Pets Rock Collection with PetSmart, launched his own line of custom guitars and created “Bret’s Blend, Diet Trop-A-Rocka” which is a number-one-selling beverage for Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group.


“I could not be more honoured to receive this Humanitarian Of The Year award,” said Michaels. “It truly touches my soul, and I am extremely grateful to be able to receive this award at the holidays, which is the perfect time of year to give back and donate to great causes like Toys for Tots. I can’t wait to play a song or two and I truly look forward to this chance to meet a lot of amazing people and fans at the Hollywood Christmas Parade."


Demonstrating Michaels’ never-ending commitment to giving, he has pledged to honour his reception of this Humanitarian award by dedicating one of his upcoming shows to charity.


Michaels, a lifelong diabetic, the son of a veteran, and survivor of a life-threatening brain hemorrhage has always stood up to any challenge that was thrown at him. As a type 1 juvenile diabetic since the age of 6, he consistently leads the charge for diabetes awareness, sending children to camp with his Life Rocks Foundation. Through his Foundation, he has raised millions of dollars for charity and he has additionally personally donated to causes throughout his career, including his winnings from Celebrity Apprentice. His philanthropy has helped not only diabetes education and research but also a diverse range of causes such as childhood cancer, Veterans organizations, PetSmart Charities, Operation Homefront, Feelgood Foundation and many more.


Michaels’ latest hit single and video, “Unbroken”, is dedicated to the idea of overcoming any challenge that life puts in front of you. He cowrote and recorded the song with his youngest daughter, Jorja Bleu, who currently attends a music and arts school. His eldest daughter, Raine, is an in-demand model after being a finalist in the Sports Illustrated’s Swim Search earlier this year. Michaels himself is one one of the most sought-after performers in the world, keeping him on the road for each of the last 10 years for nearly 300 live performances, speaking engagements, charitable concerts and private engagements yearly. Those talents, combined with his passion for philanthropy and helping others, made Michaels a fitting choice to receive this year’s Humanitarian Of The Year Award.


Although Michaels is primarily a solo artist and is finishing his Unbroken World Tour of arenas and amphitheaters, he is giving the fans an early Christmas gift by agreeing to a confirmed tour in 2020 featuring a reunited, all-original Poison. Though no dates are currently locked in, Michaels is excited to bring the band back on the road for a summer jaunt of concert hits.


As the mother of a five-year-old Type 1 Diabetic diagnosed just a few months ago, co-executive producer Emma Sharratt MacEachern says there was no other choice for this year’s Humanitarian Of The Year Award.


Comments Sharratt MacEachern: “Imagine running a marathon on a high wire for the rest of your life.This is what it’s like to live with Type 1 diabetes. Hundreds of calculations and decisions to be made each day, all with life-threatening consequences. A 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week balancing act that will never go away. When my child was diagnosed, I was handed a piece of paper with photos of famous people with Type 1. One person stood out to me: Bret Michaels. Bret was diagnosed at age six, and since then, he’s gone on to live the life he has, realizing his dreams and making a huge impact in the world, not just with his many accomplishments in entertainment, but also with his incredible efforts to advocate for those who have been diagnosed or affected, to help find a cure. November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and we are truly honored and proud to present the Humanitarian Of The Year Award to Bret Michaels.”


The landmark anniversary celebration will take place on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, on Sunday, December 1, 2019, at 5 PM, PT. The host of Access Hollywood, Mario Lopez, and the Lopez family, are this year’s Grand Marshals. They will join an eclectic array of musical performances featured during the parade and national telecast, including Jesse & Joy, Dionne Warwick, Brandon Jenner, Sheléa, The Band Of Merrymakers, Rock of Ages, Shawn Wayans presents The Boo Crew, Phil Vassar, David Archuleta, Ace Young & Diana DeGarmo, James Maslow, Ashen Moon with Mikalah Gordon and Brandon Rogers. The parade will also feature a special tribute for Toys for Tots and a magic performance by Mai Wynn and Farrell Dillon of The CW’s hit series, “Masters of Illusion.”


The 88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade will be hosted by Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Dean Cain and Montel Williams, with special co-host Elizabeth Stanton. It will premiere as a two-hour special on The CW Network Friday, December 13 at 8 PM, ET / PT. The parade, featuring Marine Toys For Tots program, which is essential in providing gifts to less fortunate children everywhere, will also air on the Hallmark Channel shortly after as well as on American Forces Network, to more than one million American servicemen and women worldwide. The event will be presented and produced by Associated Television International, in association with The City of Los Angeles.


A true Hollywood yearly tradition, the parade attracts more than one million in attendance each year, with larger than life inflatable character balloons, award winning bands, colourful equestrians, ornate floats, popular characters/novelties, celebrity filled cars and, of course, Santa Claus making the much heralded trek down the over three mile parade route.


For tickets, head here:



From: http://bravewords.com/news/bret-michaels-to-receive-humanitarian-of-the-year-award-at-annual-hollywood-christmas-parade-i-could-not-be-more-honoured

Shinedown Announce The Deep Dive Tour

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Shinedown have announced that they will be hitting the road next spring for a special tour of intimate venues across the U.S. dubbed the Deep Dive Tour.


The band has revealed that the trek will not only featuring them performing some of their biggest hits but they will also be playing deep cuts and B-sides.


They will be kicking things off on April 15th in Chattanooga, TN at the Tivoli Theatre and will wrap up the tour on May 19th in Las Vegas, NV at The Pearl.

See the dates below:


April 15 - Chattanooga, TN - Tivoli Theatre

April 17 - Tampa, FL - WXTB 98 Rockfest at Amalie Arena

April 18 - Orlando, FL - WJRR Earthday Birthday at Central Florida Fairground

April 19 - Columbia, SC - Township Auditorium

April 21 - Greensboro, NC - Piedmont Hall

April 22 - Savannah, GA - Johnny Mercer Theater

April 25 - Memphis, TN - Orpheum Theatre

April 26 - Little Rock, AR - Robinson Center

April 28 - Louisville, KY - Louisville Palace

May 01 - Lake Charles, LA - Golden Nugget Casino

May 02 - Houston, TX - Revention Music Center

May 03 - Austin, TX - ACL Live at The Moody Theater

May 05 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues

May 06 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues

May 08 - Tulsa, OK - The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

May 11 - Midland, TX - Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

May 12 - El Paso, TX - Plaza Theater

May 14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern

May 15 - Indio, CA - Fantasy Springs Resort Casino - Special Event Center

May 16 - Valley Center, CA - Harrah's Resort Southern California - The Events Center

May 18 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield

May 19 - Las Vegas, NV - The Pearl

Robert Plant Eyes New Space Shifters, Alison Krauss Albums

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Robert Plant has ambitious studio plans. The former Led Zeppelin singer surveyed his future in a new interview with Classic Rock, noting that he and his band the Sensational Space Shifters have roughly "40 different instrumental ideas" ready for a possible LP — and, looking further down the road, he's "sure" he'll wind up recording another album with his former collaborator Alison Krauss.


Plant debuted with the Sensational Space Shifters in 2012 and has recorded two albums with the backing band: 2014's lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar and 2017's Carry Fire. Now the group, Plant noted, has started pooling ideas for another project. "There are some things in the air, possibly in Nashville," he told Classic Rock. "I’m supposed to be going there in two weeks’ time. There’s nothing going on at all at the moment, but there will be."

The group is eager to experiment during the sessions. “We work with a guy called Tim Oliver, who’s the studio manager down at Real World, Peter Gabriel’s place, and we can mess about in there," he said. "I can spend an afternoon with Tim and really shift styles and stems of music in preparation to shape them as songs. … We’ve recorded the last two records with Tim, and it’s a great way of doing things. It’s a good combination. We all know where we’re going."


Plant also teased the prospect of joining Krauss for a follow-up to their lone, Grammy-winning LP, 2007's Raising Sand. "Oh, I'm sure, yeah," he said of possibly working again with the country singer (via Blabbermouth).


"I see Alison a lot and talk to her a lot, and [producer] T Bone [Burnett] too. The reality is that I ran back once before, and [Band of Joy bandmate] Patty [Griffin] had made her American Kid record and was touring with that. And I think once you start splintering off and going different ways, and you're a stranger in a place where people still think there’s a mirror ball rotating around your head, it's really good to dig in with the reality of the [Sensational Space Shifters]. There's no greater thing than being onstage when these guys are in full flight."


Though he's focused on current project — including an upcoming vinyl singles box set— Plant continues to face questions about his most famous band. In a recent interview with Uncle Joe Benson on the Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show, the frontman admitted he "couldn't relate" to his own contribution in Led Zeppelin's 1971 epic "Stairway to Heaven."


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/robert-plant-new-album-2020/


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Ratt have announced a string of US tour dates this December as part of the band's In Your Direction Tour 2019. Catch the band on the dates listed below.



12 - The Showplace Theater - Buffalo, NY

13 - Wally's Pub - Hampton, NH

14 - College Street Music Hall - New Haven, CT

16 - Six String Grill & Stage - Foxborough, MA

17 - Jergel's Rhythm Grille - Warrendale, PA

19 - The Paramount - Huntington, NY

20 - Wellmont Theatre - Montclair, NJ

Ratt singer/songwriter, Stephen Pearcy, talked about new music from the band, and the musical direction, in a recent interview with Canada's The Metal Voice.


"I always release solo records pretty much every year just because I like to write and try different things," says Pearcy. "With Ratt, we're going to probably release a couple singles first and see what happens, if it fires up we'll go into a record, that's the easy part. It's been quite a while since the last album was released 2010-11. Of course the musical style is going be in the Ratt norm. When we get into the Ratt music writing mode we know what is Ratt's music and what isn't. I would like to get a little more melodically aggressive on the next album, say something like in between the EP, Out Of The Cellar and Invasion Of Your Privacy. We are shooting for some more harder Ratt 'n Roll. Also I have been mentioning to Juan Croucier we should do a similar vocal trade off part like we did on 'Lack Of Communication' off of Out Of The Cellar on a new song."

Check out the full interview here:


From: http://bravewords.com/news/ratt-to-perform-string-of-us-dates-in-december

DORO PESCH Presented With 'Angel Of Rock' Award At U.K.'s HARD ROCK HELL Festival

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German metal queen Doro Pesch was presented with the "Angel Of Rock" award at the Hard Rock Hell festival in Great Yarmouth, U.K. on Saturday, The winner was decided in a fan vote for the best female rock singer in the world, and an incredible 77.8% of all participants voted for Doro. The award was handed to Doro onstage in front of a cheering audience.


Doro stated: "What a very special honor to receive an award in this country that I've felt so deeply connected with since my beginnings."


Doro was the first frontwoman to sing at the legendary Monsters Of Rock festival in 1996 at Castle Donington. Many of her favorite bands hail from the U.K., some of of which she has toured with, including JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and MOTÖRHEAD.


You can watch a video of Doro accepting the award below:



The "Angel Of Rock" award is the fifth award Doro has received this decade. She was previously presented with the "Legends Award" at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in London in 2013; the Metal Hammer "Legend Award" in Berlin in 2013; the "Metal Goddess Legends Award" in Las Vegas in 2016; and the "Hall Of Heavy Metal History" award at Wacken Open Air in Germany.


Doro's successful "Forever Warriors, Forever United" tour will end on November 24, but will continue in March 2020.


Doro's latest album, "Forever Warriors, Forever United", was released in August 2018. The long-awaited follow-up to 2012's "Raise Your Fist" was the German singer's first release since 2016's "Love's Gone To Hell" single.

Iron Maiden Open To Tour With Judas Priest

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Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris reacted to recent comments from Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford about the two legendary metal bands teaming up for a tour.


Halford shared the idea with Consequence Of Sound, "I think both bands would look to do that. It's all about the timing of doing such a thing. We're good friends."


He concluded, "I think both bands have admired each other throughout the metal years, and it would be a spectacular event, Priest and Iron Maiden together."


Harris was asked about Halford's comments during a SiriusXM appearance earlier this week (November 12) and responded, "It's funny because I saw [Halford's comments ] myself. And also, apparently someone today said that Ian Hill said something about it as well.


"So, I don't know. I suppose the management has gotta get their heads together and something like that. But, yeah, why not? I suppose the fans can push for it to happen. But we'll see."


Iron Maiden had previous toured with Judas Priest in 1981. They supported Halford and co on their North American 'Point Of Entry' album Tour and Steve shared about that, "lots of good memories, and I really love that album, 'Point Of Entry'."

Can You Sing Like Freddie Mercury? Take Queen's 'FreddieMeter' Vocal Challenge

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Think you can sing like Queen's Freddie Mercury? Now you have a chance to put those vocal skills to the test with the "FreddieMeter," and you can find out exactly how closely you emulate the late frontman.


In commemoration of Queen's signature song "Bohemian Rhapsody" amassing over a billion views on YouTube earlier this year, the #FreddieChallenge is designed to prove Queen fans' singing prowess in a fun and unique way. It rates how closely singers can mimic Freddie Mercury's voice using artificial intelligence engineered in collaboration with some of the world's largest tech firms and record labels.


"For decades, fans have belted out the song's iconic lyrics alongside Freddie Mercury's one-of-a-kind vocals, but how many can really sing it just like Freddie?" asks a press release. "YouTube, Google Creative Lab and Google Research working in partnership with Queen, Universal Music Group and Hollywood Records, have built a new AI experiment called FreddieMeter to find out!"


The "FreddieMeter" shows users "how closely their voice matches Freddie Mercury's legendary range by analyzing the singer's pitch, timbre, and melody to assign them a score of 0 to 100."


Singers can pick their favorite Freddie Mercury-led song from four killer Queen tunes: "We Are the Champions," "Somebody to Love," "Don't Stop Me Now" and, of course, "Bohemian Rhapsody."


The challenge comes in support of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, a charity founded by Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor along with band manager Jim Beach to raise awareness and funds for the fight against HIV and AIDS. It also celebrates the 44th anniversary of Queen's first-ever live performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the Empire Theater in Liverpool, England, in November 1975.


Are you ready to give it a shot? Click below to load up the "FreddieMeter" and give your best Queen vocals a try. And find out where your singing range lies in relation to one of rock music's all-time greats.



From: https://loudwire.com/queen-freddie-mercury-vocal-challenge/

DEF LEPPARD's JOE ELLIOTT: 'It's Absolutely Flattering' To Be Such A Huge Part Of People's Lives

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During a recent question-and-answer session with "Nights With Alice Cooper", DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott was asked how it feels to be such a huge part of so many people's lives. He responded (see video below): "Well, I suppose it's quite flattering, really. And it also sounds quite narcissistic to say this, but it's all you kind of crave as a musician. You start out as a teenager watching other people do it. And then as a late teenager into your early 20, if you're lucky and you actually start doing it, then you wanna keep doing it forever, like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and Paul McCartney, and the AEROSMITHs and the AC/DCs and the BON JOVIs of this world.


"It's flattering — it's absolutely flattering," he reiterated. "To be around for 42 years and still be able to sell the amount of tickets we sell and seem to be as important as people [think we are] or [to be held in] the kind of regard that we're held in, it's an astonishing feat. And it makes you feel kind of tingly and warm inside."


DEF LEPPARD's second Las Vegas residency took place this past summer. The band took over Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino for 12 nights between August 14 and September 7.


The British rockers played their first Las Vegas residency six years ago at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel.


DEF LEPPARD's latest greatest-hits collection, titled "The Story So Far - The Best Of", was released in November 2018.

You can check out the video here:


From: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/def-leppards-joe-elliott-its-absolutely-flattering-to-be-such-a-huge-part-of-peoples-lives/