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NITA STRAUSS On 'Beauty' Of Instrumental Music: 'The Songs Can Mean Whatever You Need Them To Mean'

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ALICE COOPER guitarist Nita Strauss recently spoke with Sara of the Philadelphia radio station 93.3 WMMR. The full conversation can be streamed below:



A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the origins of her "Hurricane" nickname:


Nita: "It actually came from the first write-up of my first band ever. There was a little rock magazine in L.A., and the write-up came out, and the last line was, 'Get ready, Los Angeles — Hurricane Nita is in town and here to stay,' or something like that. I was a teenager, and I was like, 'That is awesome,' so I just adopted it. I completely commandeered it, and I think it kind of speaks for itself [in terms of] my stage performance and my style."


On her debut solo album, "Controlled Chaos":


Nita: "I wanted to make an instrumental record that non-musicians could listen to and understand — not just something that's a lot of fast notes played in sequence, but something that tells a real story. The great thing about instrumental music is [that] it's subjective. The songs can mean whatever you need them to mean. A sad song isn't necessarily about a death or a loss — it can be whatever you need it to be in that moment. I think that's the beauty of instrumental music — it transcends lyrics, and it transcends language and any kind of cultural barrier... I know what I want to say with the song, but I don't want to tell anybody else what they should take from the song. Pick a song, any song, and you kind of know what it's about. 'This song is about a break-up.' 'This song's about being in love.' 'This song's about playing a rock show.' My songs can be about anything... whatever it is that you need, these songs can be that, and I love that about them."


On the album's musical diversity:


Nita: "I wanted to make an album that's sort of a cross-section of who I am as a musician. Of course, it was going to be an aggressive album because I'm kind of an aggressive guitar player, but I'm not aggressive all the time. Nobody can maintain that kind of aggressiveness all the time. There are happy songs; there are sad songs; there are songs about hopes and dreams — things that I still dream of achieving in my life; songs that are about joy — happy moments in my life; and, of course, songs that are taking out aggression and feeling pressure and all that kind of stuff. It almost listens and reads like a cross-section, like if you cut a tree in half and you see all the rings in a tree, that's what I wanted to create with this album."


On whether she considered using any guest vocalists:


Nita: "I think definitely in the future, I would definitely think about working with some vocalists, but all my heroes are instrumental guitar players — Steve Vai, [Joe] Satriani, Paul Gilbert... I just wanted to make one album that followed in that footstep and went on that path. There aren't a lot of girls doing it — there are a few, but vastly fewer than there are men doing it, so I wanted to kind of take that step down that trail and follow in the path of the few, the proud that have done it."


On her rapid ascent as a solo artist:


Nita: "It's so surreal to get to be out here headlining and playing these shows. It's really an honor. As a solo artist, you never really know – especially because I was so well-known for playing other people's songs – and to step out into a genre of music that a lot of people were not expecting and a lot of people said wouldn't work, saying, 'You're on this great upswing with ALICE COOPER and everything else you have going on. Make a band. Get a singer, and create songs that can be played on the radio'... When you stick to your guns and you create something as an artist that you're truly proud of, and you put real time and effort into it, it's amazing how the public will respond."


On playing with ALICE COOPER:


Nita: "The whole ALICE COOPER camp is so welcoming, and so kind and generous to anybody coming in. It's an amazing, amazing group to be a part of. It will be five years this month that I've been with them, and it's just been an incredible experience... It's still as surreal as the first day. As a young guitar player, you work your whole life to have an opportunity like this. That's what I told him during my auditions, and that's still how I feel today."


On breaking barriers as a prominent female rock guitarist:


Nita: "It has been such an honor to be a part of this front-wave of female guitar players. I just hope that this wave and the momentum that we're building – me and Orianthi and everybody that [is] out there building it up, I just hope the momentum keeps up. From the looks of it, from my guitar clinics, how many young girls are coming with guitars and learning, and parents are telling me that they brought to see us on the ALICE COOPER tour and now their daughter wants a guitar for her birthday... I think the future's in very good hands. I feel good about it."


Strauss has been playing with Alice Cooper since 2014 when she replaced Australian musician and former Michael Jackson player Orianthi. She joined Alice in time for a mammoth MÖTLEY CRÜE tour. She was recommended to Cooper by the legendary rocker's former bass player and WINGER frontman Kip Winger.


"Controlled Chaos" was released last November. Nita will spend the next several months touring with Cooper.


From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/nita-strauss-on-beauty-of-instrumental-music-the-songs-can-mean-whatever-you-need-them-to-mean/


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Last December, the rock world was pleasantly shocked to see Gun N' Roses frontman Axl Rose appear in an episode of The New Looney Tunes. Axl not only had dialogue, but sang "Rock the Rock," his first new song since Chinese Democracy.


Writers / actors Rob Janas and Kevin Fleming co-wrote the episode in question, with Janas writing the song for Axl. In the interview below, they give the exclusive behind-the-scenes of how this all came together.

"Rock The Rock", the first new music in 10 years from Guns N' Roses singer, Axl Rose, can be heard in the video below: 


The hilarious, heroic and mischievous Bugs Bunny you love is back! Follow Bugs as he stars in a new series consisting of slapstick comedic shorts that find the iconic, carrot-loving rabbit matching his wits against classic characters, such as Theodore "Tasmanian" Devil, Wile E. Coyote and Yosemite Sam. Along the way, Bugs will encounter brand-new foes but he’ll have some help from new friends like Bigfoot and Squeaks the Squirrel!


Boomerang is a premium video streaming service, providing audiences exclusive and on-demand access to brand-new original animated series, movies, and timeless franchises like Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, and Looney Tunes among many others. With over 2500 titles streaming on your desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, Android TV, Roku, and Chromecast, Boomerang also offers new episodes regularly.

EUROPE Performs At Wedding Of Real Madrid Footballer And Model Girlfriend

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Swedish hard rockers EUROPE performed at the wedding of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio on Saturday, June 15 in Seville, Spain. The band reportedly arrived on stage in a red dragon that was held by a crane, and played a 40-minute set of its classic songs, including the timeless hit "The Final Countdown".


It was originally reported that either AC/DC or AEROSMITH would perform at the the reception, which took place on Ramos's farm, with some reports suggesting that AC/DC was offered a million euros for the gig. In the end, the rumors proved to be false, and the Australian hard rock legends were nowhere to be seen at the event.

The Real Madrid defender and his model girlfriend reportedly also hired Italian electronic artist Gianluca Vacchi to play a set last night.


EUROPE is continuing to play shows in support of its critically acclaimed eleventh studio album, "Walk The Earth", which was released in October 2017 via Hell & Back Recordings (Silver Lining Music). It was recorded at famed Abbey Road Studios in London with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb (RIVAL SONS, Shooter Jennings, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton).

Michael Schenker Fest Release 'Rock Steady' Video

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Michael Schenker Fest have released a music video for their new single "Rock Steady". The track comes from their forthcoming sophomore album "Revelation", which is set to be released on September 20th.


Schenker had the following to say about the track, "This song almost did not make it on the album. It developed from a 'maybe' into a definite, after we swapped things around like an added solo, psychedelic pieces, the lyrics, the slide plus all the other goodies and sprinkles. It turned out to be a party song telling my story, capturing many aspects of music.


"It was originally a song for guest musicians to be featured on the album, the ones I had in mind were Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger; it had that kind of feel. Ronnie actually introduced his family to me in my dressing room in Hammersmith back in the '80s and I've heard he's a fan!


So, I had asked my son Taro to knock on Ronnie's door, since they both live in Barcelona, and tell Ronnie to bring Mick with him. The Beatles and The Stones were two of the first bands I got into.


"I had the pleasure to jam with Paul McCartney on an MSG album. Ronnie and Mick would have closed the cycle, but when Ted [McKenna, drums] passed away we had to focus on other things instead. We ended up scrapping the whole guest idea!"

Watch the video here:



From: https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/June/16Michael_Schenker_Fest_Release_Rock_Steady_Video.shtml


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Rock and roll has always been about rebellion and going against the norm, and each decade acted as a revolution against its predecessor. Hair metal was the king of the rock scene in the 1980s, but something was brewing in the Pacific Northwest toward the end of the decade that no one quite saw coming.


Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam were the first four bands to explode into the flannel-wearing, messy hair-flaunting Seattle rock scene. Everything that grunge was about was the opposite of what hair metal had come to be. In all honesty, Aqua Net probably would have run out of resources to keep making hairspray if grunge hadn't come in to save the day.

This new wave of angsty, emotional and socially aware rock music scared the heck out of the big '80s rockers. Members of Twisted Sister, Van Halen and Warrant were even vocal about their fears that they were losing their place in the rock 'n' roll dynasty.


Grunge came in like a limo wreck and ended with a shotgun blast. In April of 1994, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead at absolute peak of his career. The other big grunge bands slowly started to fade away as well, and post-grunge and nu-metal took over the second half of the '90s. We're still not sure whether that was a good thing or not.


To hear more about grunge's takeover and how it was truly the last major revolution in rock music, watch the video below: 



From: https://loudwire.com/grunge-killed-ended-hair-metal/


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Paul Rodgers recalled the night Free played signature track “All Right Now” for the first time, and it went down so well they had to play it again.


The song was co-written in 1970 with bassist Andy Fraser and went on to reach No. 4 in the U.S. and No. 2 in the U.K. and it’s been played more than three million times on American radio stations.


“‘All Right Now’ was a product, really, of the kind of audiences we were playing to at that time,” frontman Rodgers told Uncle Joe Benson on the Ultimate Classic Rock Nights radio show. “We were playing in blues clubs but we were moving out into different areas, getting bigger. We had a song called ‘The Hunter,’ which is an Albert King blues song; and really we couldn’t get off stage without playing that song. It was very difficult to follow it, you know? It went down so well.

“I was looking for a song; I said, ‘We need something that the audience can actually sing. Something real simple, I don’t know, like, “All right now, baby…” We worked the chorus out, and then Andy took that home and he came back the following day with some chords. I remember thinking, ‘Hmm, that’s gonna need quite a few lyrics to fill that, because it stays on the same thing. I’m gonna need a story here… and I need to get it to “All right now.” So what’s the story about?’”


Rodgers came up with the notion of a woman who he thought might want to be kissed. “It just flowed from there,” he recalled. “I wrote out the whole thing and I took it along to the next show and we sound-checked it. We thought, ‘Hey, this is pretty good – we’ll play it tonight.’” Free started the show with their new composition, but “towards the end of the evening I said to the crowd, ‘Anybody wanna hear anything? Any requests?’ And all of them started saying, ‘Play that first song you played!’ I thought, ‘Wow, that’s like an hour and a half later they’ve remembered this song. That’s pretty good.’”


Be sure to listen to Ultimate Classic Rock Nights on more than 50 stations across the U.S. from 7PM until midnight, Monday through Friday.

From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/free-all-right-now-first-time/

VIVIAN CAMPBELL Hopes DEF LEPPARD Will Release New Music In 2020

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DEF LEPPARD and LAST IN LINE guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by Kaaos TV before DEF LEPPARD's June 9 performance at Rockfest in Hyvinkää, Finland.

You can now watch the chat below:



Speaking about DEF LEPPARD's plan to put out new music in the not-too-distant future, Vivian said: "I know that there's a couple of new DEF LEPPARD song ideas going around. I would hope that in 2020 we release something. I don't think we'd get an album done and released in a year, but maybe we'll record two or three songs. But that is important also for DEF LEPPARD. Even though records are no longer a source of income or whatever…"


He continued: "A lot of people say this: 'Why do you bother writing and recording new music?' Well, it matters to us, because we are creative individuals, and that's why we started in the first place. And I think that's a muscle that we have to keep exercising. We need to keep writing songs. We need to keep putting out records… We go out here and we play 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' and 'Animal' and 'Rocket' and all these great songs, and that's what people wanna hear, but at the same time, for us, we need to make records. So, I think that's the short answer. When people say, 'Why do you still make records?' I think it's a selfish reason — we do it for ourselves. If people wanna buy it, then that's a bonus."


On Friday, guitarist Phil Collen told Planet Rock that DEF LEPPARD has a "bunch of songs" in the works for its 12th studio album, which the band began recording last year.


DEF LEPPARD's second Las Vegas residency will take place this summer. The band will take over Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino for 12 explosive nights between August 14 and September 7.


The British rockers played their first Las Vegas residency five years ago at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel.


DEF LEPPARD's latest greatest-hits collection, titled "The Story So Far - The Best Of", came out in November.

Alter Bridge announce new album Walk The Sky - and reveal 2019 tour dates

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Alter Bridge have announced that they’ll release their sixth studio album later this year.


It’s titled Walk The Sky and it’s set to arrive on October 18 through Napalm Records.


The follow-up to 2016’s The Last Hero was recorded differently from the band’s previous material, with vocalist Myles Kennedy and guitarist Mark Tremonti entering the studio with complete song ideas. These were then moulded into shape by the duo along with bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips.


On previous albums Kennedy and Tremonti would combine ideas and riffs with producer Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette to form some of the band’s most best-loved tracks.


Along with today’s album news, Alter Bridge have also revealed a UK and European tour, which will take place throughout November and December.


They’ll be joined in the UK by Shinedown and Sevendust, while Shinedown and Raven Age will hook up with Alter Bridge for the shows across mainland Europe.


Tremonti says: "We are honoured to be returning to the UK with our friends in Shinedown and Sevendust this winter. See you all very soon, we couldn’t be happier with the lineup and can’t wait to share our new tunes with you!”


Tickets will go on general sale from 10am local time on June 21.

Alter Bridge: Walk The Sky:

1. One Life

2. Wouldn’t You Rather

3. In The Deep

4. Godspeed

5. Native Son

6. Take The Crown

7. Indoctrination

8. The Bitter End

9. Pay No Mind

10. Forever Falling

11. Clear Horizon

12. Walking On The Sky

13. Tear Us Apart

14. Dying Light

Alter Bridge 2019 UK and European tour:

Nov 12: Copenhagen KB Hall , Denmark

Nov 14: Helsinki Ice Hall Black Box, Finland

Nov 16: Stockholm Hovet, Sweden

Nov 17: Oslo Sentrum Scene, Norway

Nov 19: Hamburg Sporthalle, Germany

Nov 20: Berlin Columbiahalle, Germany

Nov 22: Leipzig Hause Auensee, Germany

Nov 23: Warsaw Hala Kolo, Poland

Nov 26: Cologne Palladium, Germany

Nov 27: Munich Zenith, Germany

Nov 29: Vienna Gasometer, Austria

Dec 01: Zurich Halle 622, Switzerland

Dec 02: Milan Mediolanum Forum, Italy

Dec 04: Barcelona St. Jordi Club, Spain

Dec 06: Lisbon Sala Tejo, Portugal

Dec 07: Madrid Vistalegre, Spain

Dec 09: Paris Olympia, France

Dec 10: Amsterdam AFAS Live, Netherlands

Dec 12: Brussels Cirque Royal, Belgium

Dec 14: Nottingham Motorpoint Arena, UK

Dec 15: Manchester Arena, UK

Dec 17: Glasgow SSE Hydro, UK

Dec 18: Birmingham Arena, UK

Dec 20: Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, UK

Dec 21: London O2 Arena, UK

From: https://www.loudersound.com/news/alter-bridge-announce-new-album-walk-the-sky-and-reveal-2019-tour-dates


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Recording artists are lawyering up and preparing for a legal battle with Universal Music Group. This in the wake of a startling report claiming that thousands of master tapes were destroyed in a 2008 fire at Universal Studios.


“We have many very concerned clients,” attorney Howard King admitted during a conversation with the LA Times. “This has a potentially huge impact on their future, coupled with the rather disturbing fact that no one ever told them that their intellectual property may have been destroyed. There is a significant amount of discussion going on, and there will be formal action taken.”

While King didn’t specify the artists he'd been in contact with, he estimated that “more than 10 but fewer than 100 clients” would be seeking legal action.


Master recordings are the original source for every commercially released piece of music. “There is nothing like the original master,” said Benmont Tench, keyboardist and founding member of Tom Petty’s band, the Heartbreakers. “The master recording is like a painting. When you stand in front of the original, you are standing there in the presence of the artist. You can take a photo of the painting, but no photo — regardless of how high the resolution might be — can truly capture what’s in the original canvas.”


Though material belonging to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was among the many master tapes stored in the Universal warehouse, Tench said he is unaware if any of the band’s recordings were destroyed.


Other artists whose work was housed in the facility include: Elton John, Guns N' Roses, Eric Clapton, the Eagles, Aerosmith, Steely Dan, the Police, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Lynyrd Skynyrd.


The fire tore through several structures on the Universal Studios backlot on June 1, 2008. At the time, Universal spokespersons referred to the destroyed storage facility as a “video vault.” When reporters suggested that audio masters were among the items destroyed, officials claimed that there was "no loss," insisting that all of the material had been backed up with digital copies.


Earlier this week, New York Times Magazine reported that the damage was far worse than originally insinuated, suggesting that actual losses could run as high as 500,000 recordings. UMG rebuffed the story, citing “numerous inaccuracies, misleading statements, contradictions and fundamental misunderstandings of the scope of the incident and affected assets," in the report. Still, many artists are left wondering if their treasured recordings were among those destroyed.


In 2013, Vivendi Universal, the parent company of NBCUniversal, settled out of court with Universal Music. UMG had been seeking damages and compensation connected to the 2008 fire. Now, it appears, many musicians will be taking a similar route, looking to recoup some of the losses suffered in the blaze.


From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/lawsuits-master-tapes-universal-fire/


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Band names don't get much more aggressive than Five Finger Death Punch. In a new recording studio video posted by the band on their YouTube channel, guitarist Zoltan Bathory admits that it's "probably the worst fucking name."


"The name of the band has to have some kind of effect," Bathory begins. "It doesn't have to be positive. It doesn't have to be, like, 'That's the greatest name in the world!' It can be, 'Oh my god, that's the dumbest fucking shit I ever heard!' Equally good, because it got a reaction."

The guitarist continues to reveal his true feelings about the band name. "I mean, I don't think you can beat Five Finger Death Punch. That's probably the worst fucking name," says the guitarist. "In fact, we almost changed it, but then Ivan came in and said, 'That's the best name ever, they're gonna fucking hate it! Keep it! That's fucking ridiculous!'"


Watch the video below:




In a previous video of the band's studio series, the guitarist shed some light on the tone of their upcoming eighth studio album, stating that it's a shift back to their heavier side. Prepare for "brutal riffs."


The band recently found a new drummer after former member Jeremy Spencer left the group in December. Spencer was recently been sworn in as a reserve police officer in Indiana, while 5FDP swore Charlie Engen in as his replacement after seeing video clips of him playing drums on Instagram. What a world.

From: https://loudwire.com/five-finger-death-punch-zoltan-bathory-band-worst-name/

Third episode of Led Zeppelin's history series looks at their first US tour

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The third part of the video series charting Led Zeppelin’s history has been released.


The first episode focused on the recording of the band’s self-titled debut album in September 1968 at London’s Olympic Studios and featured live footage of the band and facts and figures behind the album, which would see the light of day in 1969.


Part two arrived last month and examined how The New Yardbirds became Lead Zeppelin, to eventually becoming Led Zeppelin.


The third short clip takes a trip back to December 1968 when the band kicked off their first-ever US tour. It features live footage and explains some of the problems Led Zeppelin experienced at the time.


Watch it below:



The video series is part of the ongoing celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin.


A new documentary is also currently in the works and is being directed by Bernard MacMahon. It'll focus on the band's early days through to 1970, when Led Zeppelin II ousted the Beatles’ Abbey Road from the top of the US charts.

David Lee Roth Meeting With Van Halen Brothers To Discuss Plans

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Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth shared in a new interview that he plans to meet with his bandmates Eddie and Alex Van Halen to discuss future plans for the legendary group.

The outspoken frontman revealed the news in a social media clip shared by Toazted on Saturday. Roth said (via Sleaze Roxx), "There is certainly more music. If you want hear more updates, dial into davidleeroth.com, the David Lee Roth, The Roth Show.


"All roads lead to David Lee Roth after this many summers. Plenty of music coming up. I'm going to be seeing the Van Halen brothers next week or so. We'll be talking about what's coming up then."


He was also asked it there is new Van Halen music with his vocals and he responded, "I make no promises but I make promises but I don't. I have to publicize now that I'm not talking."

Check out the full interview here:


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KISS frontman Paul Stanley took to Twitter on June 14th to vent his frustration with American mainstream media, which he believes suffers from biased reporting.

"If You’re Ready For News With Far Less Of The Game Show Slickness And Bias Of Our 24 News Networks You Might Try One Of The BBC Outlets. Less Exciting? YES! But Filling 24 Hours Is An Unnecessary Challenge That Has Turned Outlets Into Biased Fast Food Providers."

KISS have released pro-shot video footage from their performance of "Black Diamond" from June 4th at Waldbuhne in Berlin, Germany. Watch below:



From: http://bravewords.com/news/kiss-frontman-paul-stanley-slams-american-mainstream-media-outlets-for-biased-fast-food-reporting


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Roger Daltrey did not mince words when sharing his excitement for the Who’s upcoming LP. “I think we’ve made our best album since Quadrophenia,” the legendary singer proclaimed during a recent Q&A with fans.


Mentioning the new material in the same breath as the band's vaunted 1973 concept album is high praise, indeed. The comment also represents an about-face for the Who frontman.


Earlier this year, guitarist and cofounder Pete Townshend revealed that he didn’t even get a response from Daltrey after sending the singer 15 demos. "Just silence from Roger," Townshend said. "I had to bully him to respond, and then it wasn't the response I wanted. He just blathered for a while and in the end I really stamped my foot and said, 'Roger, I don't care if you really like this stuff. You have to sing it. You'll like it in 10 years time.'"

Even after giving the new music his attention, Daltrey only felt a connection with a handful of tracks. “When I first heard the songs I was very skeptical as I didn’t think I could do it,” the singer explained. “I thought Pete had written a really great solo album and I said to him, ‘Pete, what do you need to do this for? Release it as a solo album, it’s great.’ But he said he wanted it to be a Who album.


“So I took the songs away and I listened to them, and listened to them some more, and I had some ideas. [Pete] let me have a bit of freedom with changing a few things, changing the tenses of songs and other little things. And he gave me complete melodic freedom. And I gotta tell you that after being very skeptical I’m now incredibly optimistic."


"I think we’ve made our best album since Quadrophenia," he continued. “Pete hasn’t lost it, he’s still a fabulous songwriter and he’s still got that cutting edge, man.”


The band is in the midst of their orchestral ‘Moving On’ North American tour. Townshend only agreed to the trek, which keeps the group on the road through October, on the condition that the Who release a new album. The as-yet untitled LP will be the band's first new studio material since 2006.

From: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/roger-daltrey-new-who-album/

IRON MAIDEN's BRUCE DICKINSON Brings Spoken-Word Tour To Malta (Video)

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IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson brought his "What Does This Button Do? An Evening With Bruce Dickinson" spoken-word tour to Malta last week.


Video footage of the event, which took place on June 8 at Sir Temi Zammit Hall (University Of Malta) in Msida, can be seen below:





Dickinson's speaking tour sees the rocker sharing stories from his autobiography, "What Does This Button Do?" He told the New Zealand TV show "The Project" about the trek: "The show I do, basically, it's a one-man show. And it morphed out of being initially promo for the book. The publisher said, 'We're gonna rent a little theater and you just do some readings,' and I thought, 'Well, that's kind of dull, really.' So, years ago, when I was an undergraduate in college, my then-girlfriend persuaded me to go and see a one-man show by a guy called Quentin Crisp. So I had to be dragged along: 'Oh, who is this guy?' Anyway, it was absolutely brilliant. And one of the things he did in the second half was he took cue cards from the audience who wrote questions down, and he basically came and did almost like an improv thing where he answered the questions. So I thought that would be nice to do. So I sort of constructed this show, as it were, and just winged it. And it was so good, they asked me back to do the Edinburgh [International Book] Festival. And then the next thing after that was I've ended up doing a bunch of them in Scandinavia, and I'm now doing Israel and Greece and more shows in Scandinavia and everything else. So, all of a sudden, I've got myself this little extra gig."


"What Does This Button Do?", landed at No. 10 on the New York Times "Hardcover Nonfiction" best sellers list. It was released in the U.S. in October 2017 via Dey Street Books (formerly It Books), an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


"What Does This Button Do?" is Dickinson's third book. He has previously published two satirical novels, "The Adventures Of Lord Iffy Boatrace" about the English upper classes and "The Missionary Position" about televangelism.


Dickinson joined IRON MAIDEN in 1981, replacing Paul Di'Anno, and made his recording debut with the band on the 1982 album "The Number Of The Beast". He quit the band in 1993, pursuing several solo projects, and rejoined in 1999.


Dickinson, who turned 60 in August 2018, has several other interests beyond music. He is a licensed commercial pilot and owns an aviation company. He has also done some acting and brewed beer.

Aerosmith See 'Good Chance' Of New Music Coming

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Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry believes that there is a good chance for a new album to comes from the band due the dynamics of them playing their Las Vegas residency instead of embarking on a big tour.


Perry sat down with Guitar Player Magazine along with his bandmate Brad Whitford and they were asked about the possibility of the band recording to the follow-up to their 2012 album "Music From Another Dimension!"


Whitford confirmed that the band has discussed it but says it hasn't gone beyond that. He said, There's been talk, but it's just talk. It's not like we're sitting there and we've got 40 songs to cut. There's not a lot of material on the table. But we could go in the studio and do something - do some covers, whatever. The key would be to keep it light and keep it fun. That's what it's supposed to be about, right?"


Joe on the other hand, was more hopeful. He said, "I think by playing together in this sort of situation, where we don't have to get to a different city every night and be in a different venue, it's going to open up some doors to us getting into a creative mode again, just by changing the paradigm a little bit. So I actually think there's a good chance something like a new record could come out of this experience."


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Janet Gardner, former frontwoman of Vixen, is back with her sophomore solo album, Your Place In The Sun. The album was released on May 31st, via Pavement Entertainment. She recently performed the song "Try" from the album at WDHA 105.5 FM.

Check out the video below:

Teaming up with guitarist/songwriter/producer Justin James, this new release is the perfect follow-up to the self-titled debut. Your Place In The Sun combines modern rock elements with the classic sound Janet has become known for in her decades of female fronted and influential fury.



"Your Place In The Sun"





"Kicks Me Back"

"A Way To Your Heart"

"Should Have Known"


"You Said"

"Without You"

"Flame Thrower"


Check out the "Your Place In The Sun" video below:



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While rumors of a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel continue to swirl, Queen’s current singer has expressed doubt that a second part to the biopic will ever be made.


“What would it be?” Adam Lambert openly questioned during a conversation with NME. “A sequel? How would that work? It doesn’t make sense to me.”


The Queen biopic was a commercial and critical success, scoring four Academy Awards and earning more than $900 million at the global box office. Given its massive popularity, rumors of a sequel seemed almost inevitable. Still, Lambert, who had a cameo in Bohemian Rhapsody, “doubt[s]” a second film will be produced, though the singer clarified that he “hadn’t heard anything” regarding a sequel.

While rumors of a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel continue to swirl, Queen’s current singer has expressed doubt that a second part to the biopic will ever be made.


“What would it be?” Adam Lambert openly questioned during a conversation with NME. “A sequel? How would that work? It doesn’t make sense to me.”


The Queen biopic was a commercial and critical success, scoring four Academy Awards and earning more than $900 million at the global box office. Given its massive popularity, rumors of a sequel seemed almost inevitable. Still, Lambert, who had a cameo in Bohemian Rhapsody, “doubt[s]” a second film will be produced, though the singer clarified that he “hadn’t heard anything” regarding a sequel.

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Is metal rooted in the blues or do metal icons cheer for the St. Louis Blues? Maybe a little of both, as Ozzy Osbourne expressed his support and fandom for the new Stanley Cup champions en route to their first ever title.


It was a fairytale journey for the champs with many hopping on board with support for a team that sat in last place in the entire NHL back in January and hadn't even been to the Stanley Cup Finals since 1970. Osbourne has posted multiple times in the past week cheering on the Blues, first offering up his famous mug shot in which he was donning a Blues T-shirt during a 1984 arrest.

"Let's go St. Louis Blues," stated the tweet. As for the accompanying photo, it stemmed from a May 1984 arrest in Memphis when the musician was cited for public intoxication.

While the tweet served to remind fans of the infamous shot, Osbourne's fandom appears legit as he posted another photo, this one from modern day and featuring the musician wearing a current St. Louis Blues jersey with the Stanley Cup Finals logo on it, once again stating, "Let's go St. Louis Blues." That tweet came during the Stanley Cup Finals.


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Guesting on the Eddie Trunk Podcast, guitar legend George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, The End Machine) discussed a number of subjects, including the possibility of recording a new Dokken record featuring the classic line-up of himself, Don Dokken, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown.


Lynch: "We could make a great record, a record that would really, like, stand up to the old records that people love. To me, I want to do that because I want to put that other bookend on the shelf and try to wrap the whole thing up in a nice bow and say, 'Here it is, from 1980 to 2019 or whatever it is, here's the end of the story.'"

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