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Sebastian Bach Announces Australian Tour

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The Original Voice of SKID ROW, Musical Royalty SEBASTIAN BACH returns to Australia this October! He is the personification of pure rock and roll at its finest!

BACH's live shows are a non-stop party filled with all the SKID ROW classics such - “18 and Life”, “Youth Gone Wild", "I Remember You", "Monkey Business", "Slave To The Grind" plus more!

“Still one of the greatest voices in rock history… a legendary frontman” – Examiner


“The crowd ate it up as he sang classic Skid Row tunes… his voice is still there sounding better than ever!” - National Rock Review


“Bach doesn’t just sing; Bach howls, Bach yells, Bach shouts, Bach growls, Bach screams, Bach roars, all of it with the utmost conviction.” – Spotlight Report


Tour dates are as follows:


Sat 21st October - PERTH

Astor Theatre


Sun 22nd October - ADELAIDE

The Gov


Thu 26th October - BRISBANE

The Tivoli


Fri 27th October - SYDNEY

Manning Bar


Sat 28th October - MELBOURNE

Forum Theatre

From: metropolistouring.com

NITA STRAUSS Says It Took A Long Time To Find The Right Musicians For WE START WARS Project

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WE START WARS, the new all-female group led by Nita Strauss, the Los Angeles-based guitar shredder for the ALICE COOPER band, will make its live debut on May 25 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California.


In addition to Nita, WE START WARS features Alicia Vigil (VIGIL OF WAR) on bass, Seana (a.k.a. Shauna Lisse) on vocals, Nicole Papastavrou on guitar, Katt Scarlett (FEMME FATALE) on keyboards and Lindsay Martin on drums.


Asked how WE START WARS came together, Strauss told The Front Row Report at this past weekend's Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio (see video below): "WE START WARS, I always say it's the band I've always wanted to be in. When I was a young guitar player starting out, there wasn't really a lot of all-female bands that had a really high level of technique for me to look up to. I love Steve Vai, [Joe] Satriani, DREAM THEATER… That's my stuff, that's what I like to listen to. And the more I started to figure out, there's not a lot of all-female bands that play this kind of stuff, that play technical stuff. There's some incredible all-female bands and I'm not knocking all-girl bands by any stretch of the imagination. But I wanted one that was really technical. I wanted a drummer that plays really fast double bass. I wanted two guitar players that both play solos. I wanted a singer with a big range — which you have… Female bands have great singers. My keyboard player went to Berklee — [she's] an incredible musician. So I really got the full spectrum of great musicianship first and foremost, and that's what I'm really excited to showcase for the fans."


According to Nita, part of the reason she didn't launch WE START WARS earlier is the fact that quality female musicians are hard to come by. "A lot of times [when] I do press, I get this sort of snarky [question from interviewers], 'Well, why did it take you so long to put a band together?'" she said. "And I [usually tell them], 'How many female drummers do you know that live in this small area…?' I mean, I wanted to get local people to L.A., where I live. I didn't wanna bring people in from out of town. I've done it, and I always end up paying for their flight, and I just can't do it. So I really wanted to get local people that could be in a room in rehearsal when I'm gone. 'Cause I'm gone most of the year with Alice. So the girls in my band are super dedicated. They've been in the studio every day… a couple of times a week since I've been on this tour, and they're hitting it hard. So we're ready for the show."


Regarding the band's sound, Papastavrou told Guitar World: "I'd say it's super-melodic metal but also has a little bit of something for everyone. We wanted to broaden our audience — not do anything too aggressive, but there's still a little bit of heaviness in there." Strauss concurred, adding: "There's a lot of crossover appeal. Nicole and I probably have the heaviest influences in the band, but when it comes down to it, we make music a lot of people can enjoy."


WE START WARS' first single, "The Animal Inside", can be streamed below.



Strauss said of the band's name: "A phrase I heard years ago has always stuck with me: 'Some of the greatest wars in history were fought over a beautiful woman.'


"I've always been fascinated by the idea of the female warrior, someone who fights her own battles and doesn't take shit from anyone, and equally fascinated with the concept that a woman's love or defending her honor would be worth so much that people would actually put their own lives and the lives of others at risk over it. The most famous story everyone thinks of first is, of course, 'The face that launched a thousand ships,' Helen of Troy. But there was also Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Attila the Hun's invasion of Rome, Richard the Lionheart rescuing his sister Joan of England during the crusades, General Wu Sangui's betrayal, which led to the downfall of the Ming Dynasty in the 1600s, and the Celts uprising against the Roman Empire in AD 60. The list goes on and on.


"So that's the story behind the name — WE START WARS represents not only the battles that women face in daily life, but also the battles that have followed them throughout history.”

Check out the interview here:



From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/nita-strauss-says-it-took-a-long-time-to-find-the-right-musicians-for-we-start-wars-project/#751hOiJJ2hFxE87p.99

31 Years Ago: AC/DC Release 'Who Made Who'

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It was released as the soundtrack for the Stephen King film Maximum Overdrive on May 24, 1986, but Who Made Who was more than a piece of memorabilia for a mediocre fright flick. AC/DC hadn’t released a really solid album since 1981’s For Those About to Rock We Salute You and Who Made Who was a solid reminder of the Australian band’s excellence and influence.

These days, a five-year span between hit records is hardly unusual, but in the ‘80s metal bands typically put out a new album every 12 to 18 months and AC/DC were no exception. However, the records they released in the years before Who Made Who — 1983’s Flick of the Switch and 1985’s Fly on the Wall – seemed like uninspired retreads, lacking the cutting guitar riffs, salacious punch and bluesy swing that made AC/DC one of the biggest bands in hard rock. Never mind that both albums went platinum, they exhibited the band playing on autopilot and out of step with the times.

So the offer to make a mostly-compilation album to accompany Maximum Overdrive came just at the right time. The title track for Who Made Who is a pumping, thumping track totally in step with the commercial hard rock of the era. The drums are so echoey and over-processed they recall Mutt Lange’s production on Def Leppard’s Pyromania. While the rhythm is remarkably simple – even by AC/DC’s standards – Angus Young lets fly with some hammer-ons and pull-offs similar to the ones in “For Those About to Rock,” and he even plays some Eddie Van Halen-style finger-tapping during the lead. For AC/DC it wasn’t an era for originality, it was a time for rejuvenation and it worked. Who Made Who was certified gold by the RIAA on Aug. 19, 1986 and is currently quintuple platinum.

Amazingly for such a successful album, there are only three new songs on Who Made Who. And the other new tunes are both instrumentals. “D.T.” is a booming, bluesy belter that sounds like it should have vocals, but the band didn’t have time for Brian Johnson to record them, and “Chase the Ace” is a stone(d)-hard, droning jam propelled by some fleet-fingered leads.

What saves Who Made Who is the six catalog songs, which range from the almost too familiar “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Hells Bells” to the two somewhat obscure tracks from Fly on the Wall. Extracted from the clutter of the rest of the record, “Sink the Pink” is enjoyably brash and bawdy and “Shake Your Foundation” is a crashing hybrid of Chicago blues and overdriven firepower. The only song on Who Made Who to feature Bon Scott is the sultry, downtempo cruiser “Ride On.”

The new tracks from the Who Made Who sessions were recorded by George Young and Harry Vanda, who produced AC/DC’s first five albums (six in Australia). But the period in the Bahamas wasn’t just an opportunity for the band to chill on the beach and bang out a few new songs. The sessions were also the birthplace for five short, sparse instrumentals used in the score for Maximum Overdrive (but not included on the record, “Death City,” “Bad Boy,” Contra Attack,” “Scared” and “Humans Here” all heard below).



To promote the album, AC/DC released a 73-minute-long VHS tape that featured music videos for “Who Made Who,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” “Shake Your Foundations (remixed),” “Hells Bells” and a live performance of “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)” shot in Detroit in 1983. The tape went Gold in 1988.

For as much momentum as AC/DC generated with Who Made Who it’s a shame that it’s follow-up, 1988’s Blow Up Your Video, was pretty much a dud and that the band didn’t regain stride until 1990’s The Razor’s Edge, which contained “Thunderstruck,” “Moneytalks” and “Are You Ready” – not that any of the band’s live shows between 1988 and 1990 suffered either in sales or entertainment value.


From: http://loudwire.com/acdc-who-made-who-anniversary/?trackback=tsmclip


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Riverdogs, featuring Rob Lamothe (vocals, guitars), Nick Brophy (bass, vocals) and Vivian Campbell (lead guitar), along with long time drummer Marc Danzeisen, are streaming the new song “Welcome To The New Disaster”, featured on their fifth album, California, to be released on July 7th. Listen to the song below.



Mixing the soulful vocals of Lamothe with the edgy guitarwork of Campbell and solid rhythmic lines from Brophy and Danzeisen, the album marks a definitive return to the sound of their critically acclaimed 1990 self-titled debut album.


On the making of the album, lead guitarist Vivian Campbell says, “When my friends at Frontiers suggested a Riverdogs album in the spirit of the original debut record, I jumped at the chance to make it. In my opinion, "Riverdogs" was a highlight of my career with some of my best guitar playing and definitely a record that flew under the radar. Having a clear direction of exactly what kind of record to make really helped the four of us create the music and there was an intense collective focus throughout the entire process that never wavered. I really think that we hit the target in creating a record that has all the hallmarks, the integrity and the emotional strength of the original debut. The fact that we've all remained such close friends throughout all the years only added to the joyous experience that was the making of this record."

"Going in to this project, my goal was to enjoy the opportunity of making music with some of my best friends, to share this incredible experience with my family...and to create something that Riverdogs fans will probably think is pretty bloody awesome. Big guitars! Beautiful melodies! Words about crazy, complicated, real stuff! I feel like Nick, Viv, Marc and I all brought our 'A-Games' to the writing and recording sessions. That's way more important than money and awards and fame to me," adds vocalist and guitarist Rob Lamothe.


Bassist Nick Brophy sums up the writing process for the album: "In summer of 2016, I found myself in Los Angeles, reunited with 3 of my closest friends, about to begin a new Riverdogs album. Marc had arranged a rehearsal environment at a friend's house, which was to provide the creative atmosphere for writing new material. I stood there with bass in hand thinking "OK, now what?" Little did I know that a few days later we would have six new Riverdogs songs and the album 'California' was born. The remaining six songs came, surprisingly, just as easily, a testament to the amazing talents of Vivian, Rob, Marc and the effortless way in which we work as a group. Our clear goal for this album was to remain true to the original Riverdogs sound and provide fans with a new set of songs which carry on the legacy of a truly remarkable band."



“American Dream”

“The Revolution Starts Tonight”

“Something Inside”

“Golden Glow”

“You're Too Rock And Roll”

“The Heart Is A Mindless Birdv

“Searching For A Signal”

“Welcome To The New Disaster”

“Ten Thousand Reasons”


“I Don't Know Anything”

From: http://bravewords.com/news/riverdogs-featuring-def-leppard-guitarist-vivian-campbell-streaming-new-song-welcome-to-the-new-disaster

Hear Styx's Second 'The Mission' Single, 'Radio Silence'

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Styx continue counting down to liftoff with their new The Mission LP via the release of the set’s second single, “Radio Silence.”

The arrival of “Radio Silence” comes in the midst of the band’s pre-release campaign for the album, which will end a 14-year drought between full-length studio collections when it arrives on June 16. The group’s label is currently soliciting fans to tweet their local stations in support of the single, with a deluxe merchandise pack being awarded to select contest winners. That deluxe bundle is just one of several being offered as pre-order options at Styx’s online store, but many are already sold out — a reflection of the pent-up demand for new material among the fan base.

“Radio Silence” makes its debut a little more than a month after The Mission‘s first single, “Gone Gone Gone,” which was released alongside Styx’s announcement of the new LP. As guitarist and singer Tommy Shaw told Ultimate Classic Rock, the record’s songs serve a concept, peering into the future to tell the story of the first manned mission to Mars in 2033 — a return to the group’s prog-tinged roots that was sealed with his fond memories of spacing out to his favorite classic-rock acts.

“I loved Alan Parsons and the people who made records like that where there was a lot of stuff going on, [like] Pink Floyd and [others],” he explained. “I could not wait to go home and smoke a little bud, put those headphones on and just take a trip. A trip that I was part of. You know, I had kind of orchestrated what I could do to make it interesting when you had the headphones on. That was very important to us to do that on this record. There is a 5.1 surround mix of this record that is really something — I mean, if you think this is a trip, then that’s the one.”

Check out the audio here:



From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/styx-radio-silence/?trackback=tsmclip


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METALLICA frontman James Hetfield has commented on the passing of Chris Cornell, calling it a "sad story" that "makes you realize that there is a darkness that anyone and everyone can find and feel."


Cornell apparently died on May 17 after SOUNDGARDEN played a show in Detroit.


Chris's wife Vicky and an attorney representing the Cornell family have questioned the results of a medical examiner's report that said the 52-year-old musician committed suicide.


Speaking to Mistress Carrie of the Worcester/Boston, Massachusetts radio station WAAF, Hetfield stated about Cornell's tragic death (see video below): "Well, it does make you hug those around you, for sure — bandmates, family that's out here, family at home. It makes you realize that, you know, there is a darkness that anyone and everyone can find and feel that they're trapped in. And when you're there — and at least I know the depth of my darkness at times — it is difficult when you're in that space to even fathom that there's someone there that can help you or has been through that before. Sometimes you're at such a loss…


"I can't… obviously can't explain what he was going through, but we all have our darknesses," he continued. "And check in with each other — check in with each other. Let each other know how you're doing.


"Yes, it's a sad story, and there's a lot of sad stories recently, especially in the grunge world, losing a lot of people," Hetfield added. "And for us, [losing] Lemmy and all of the things that have been happening in the last couple of years, it just makes us feel even more grateful to be out here doing what we're doing."


Cornell will be laid to rest on Friday, May 26 in Los Angeles. Confirmation came from his attorney Kirk Pasich. Cornell's body was flown from Michigan to Los Angeles on Sunday, and the singer will be buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The funeral will be private.

A full autopsy and results of toxicology tests are pending, although Cornell's wife has said he may have taken more of an anti-anxiety drug than he was prescribed. His family issued a statement Friday questioning whether his death by hanging was intentional and if "substances contributed to his demise."


SOUNDGARDEN had been working on material for their seventh studio album and had plans to record it later this year.


The band reunited in 2010 after a 13-year hiatus, first touring and then writing and recording "King Animal", their first new studio album in 16 years.


In addition to SOUNDGARDEN, Cornell sang with AUDIOSLAVE and TEMPLE OF THE DOG, while also recording four solo studio albums and one live set on his own.

Check out the interview here:



From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/metallicas-james-hetfield-on-chris-cornells-death-its-a-sad-story/#cqMBuQrq5S7bVSHF.99

STEVEN ADLER Would Like To Play 'A Few More Songs' With GUNS N' ROSES

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Steven Adler says that he would like to play a few more songs with GUNS N' ROSES than he got to perform with the band when he reunited with GN'R for the first time in 26 years during the 2016 leg of the "Not In This Lifetime" tour.


Adler appeared with GUNS N' ROSES onstage last November in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as on three separate occasions during the U.S. leg of the "Not In This Lifetime" tour last summer.


This marked Adler's first appearance with GUNS N' ROSES since 1990, although he performed with members of the band at their 2012 induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.


During a May 7 interview with Argentinean rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon at the Ride For Ronnie motorcycle rally and concert in Encino, California, Adler stated about his reunion with GUNS N' ROSES (see video below): "That was so great. It was really, really amazing and a dream come true. 'Cause for twenty-five years, all I've been doing was praying that I would be able to do it. I just wish I could play more songs, 'cause I wanna do more with them. It's really hard… it's heartbreaking and hard on me to be standing on the side of the stage and watching somebody else [current GUNS N' ROSES drummer Frank Ferrer] play my songs. Which, he is great, but it's hard for me. It's, like, I'd like to play a few more songs. But I'm thankful I got to do anything at all, so my dream came true. But I do wanna do more. I hope… We'll see what they say."


Adler performed two songs with GUNS N' ROSES on the U.S. leg of the "Not In This Lifetime" tour: "Out Ta Get Me" and "My Michelle".


Back in February, Adler revealed that he was originally supposed to appear at more than just a handful of shows on the GUNS N' ROSES reunion trek. He told the "One On One With Mitch Lafon" podcast that he expected to sit behind the drum kit for all the "Appetite For Destruction" material during the entire tour, only to be told he was out after he hurt his back during rehearsals. "[Bassist] Duff [McKagan] called me and said, 'Dude, you're not gonna play with us anymore,'" Adler said. "'You're not gonna do these shows.' And I was, like, 'You're the worst fucking person in the world.'"


Adler was thrown out of GUNS N' ROSES in 1990 due to his heavy drug use, a problem he struggled with for years after his dismissal.

Check out the interview here:



From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/steven-adler-would-like-to-play-a-few-more-songs-with-guns-n-roses/#b50DZzr9P1TxdYHi.99

America's Foremost Hard Rock + Metal Festival Promoter Outlines Security Practices Following Manchester Concert Attack

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Following the tragic terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night (May 22), we reached out to the one of America’s biggest rock promoters, Danny Wimmer Presents, who put on events like Rock on the Range, Chicago Open Air, Aftershock and other massive festivals, to see what steps they are taking to ensure the safety of fans for present and future events.

Twenty-two people died in the terrorist attack in Manchester, with another 59 injured. Along with incidents like the 2015 Bataclan attack in Paris and the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida, security protocol for mass gatherings of people has never been more important.

Danny Wimmer Presents (DWP) responded to our inquiry with an exclusive statement, offering insight into how festival security is evolving. “First and foremost, let me say that we and everyone else in the live music industry are extremely saddened and troubled by this news,” states Charlie Jennings, Senior Vice President of Operations at DWP. “Those affected by the attack are in all of our thoughts and prayers. The safety and well-being of the fans, personnel, guests, artists and the general public is the No. 1 priority for us.”

He continues, “Given recent events and the world we live in, promoters are having ongoing discussions with law enforcement, security experts, other forms of live entertainment and each other to continually improve our best practices. Everything from site design, to security deployment, to screening procedures and bag policies are being looked at. Many festivals are now adopting a formal Incident Command System that includes a command center for responders from multiple local authorities to coordinate emergency response to incidents. We’re also seeing live events continue to improve their safety operations by leveraging technology, from communication tools to overhead cameras.”

Finally, DWP emphasize the “see something, say something” rule for everyone in attendance. “We always encourage everyone at the event to be aware of his or her surroundings and ‘if you see something, say something.’ If you see anything or anyone that looks suspicious, find a nearby staff member. There’s always someone ready to help.”

Concertgoers can also take several steps before attending a show or festival to help ensure their own safety. “Simple things go a long way in improving the safety and experience for everyone,” adds Jennings. “We encourage everyone to plan ahead by closely reading the FAQs and policies for an event and familiarizing yourself with the festival layout. Make sure you bring an appropriate bag and arrive in ample time to get through the screening process before the first band you want to see goes on stage. Always listen to any official instructions being given by the event and be patient. We are often forced to suspend or evacuate an event due to approaching severe weather, even though there may not be a cloud in the sky at the moment. Our goal is always to keep the show going, but everyone’s safety comes first.”

Tributes continue to pour in for the people who lost their lives in this senseless attack. We’d once again like to extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by the Manchester incident.


From: http://loudwire.com/festival-promoter-security-practices-manchester-bombing/?trackback=tsmclip


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More than 400 Garda (police) and 1,200 security team members will be on patrol at Guns N’ Roses’ sold-out Irish gig this weekend, reports The Irish Sun. The band will perform at Slane Castle on Saturday (May 27th), more than 25 years since their first gig there.


The Garda announcement comes amid increased tension around security at concerts after 22 people were killed and 59 were injured in the brutal attack on Manchester Arena last night following an Ariana Grande concert.


A garda spokesman said: “An Garda Siochana and MCD update regarding Slane Castle concert on Saturday.


“An Garda Siochana will have over 400 members on duty, including specialist units, who will be supported by an additional 1,200 security/stewards provided by licensed security companies together with a full complement of doctors and medical teams, including an on-site hospital along with five first aid posts.


“The Event Control Management Team overseeing this event have over 25 years experience within their fields of expertise.


“Please co-operate fully with gardai and stewards and follow any loudspeaker announcements as this will help ensure the safety and enjoyment for all concerned.”


Read more at thesun.ie.

Not In This Lifetime Tour 2017 dates:



27 - Slane Castle - Dublin, Ireland

30 - Estadio San Mames - Bilbao, Spain



2 - Passeio Martimo De Alges - Lisbon, Portugal

4 - Estadio Vicente Calderon - Madrid, Spain

7 - Letzigrund Stadium - Zurich, Switzerland

10 - Autodromo - Imola, Italy

13 - Olympiastadion - Munich, Germany

16 - London Stadium - London, UK

20 - Stadion Energie Gdansk - Gdansk, Poland

22 - Messe - Hannover, Germany

24 - Werchter Classic - Werchter, Belgium

27 - Telia Parken - Copenhagen, Denmark

29 - Friends Arena - Stockholm, Sweden



1 - Kantolan Tapahtumapuisto - Hämeenlinna, Finland

4 - Letnany Airport - Prague, Czech Republic

7 - Stade De France - Paris, France

10 - Ernst Happel Stadium - Vienna, Austia

12 - Goffertpark - Nijmegen, Netherlands

15 - Hayarkon Park - Tel Aviv, Israel

27 - The Dome at America's Center - St. Louis, MO

30 - U.S. Bank Stadium - Minneapolis, MN



2 - Sports Authority Field at Mile High - Denver, CO

8 - Miami Marlins Stadium - Miami, FL

11 - BB&T Field - Winston-Salem, NC

13 - Hersheypark Stadium - Hershey, PA

16 - New Era Field - Buffalo, NY

19 - Parc Jean Drapeau - Montreal, QC

21 - TD Place Stadium - Ottawa, ON

24 - Investors Group Field - Winnipeg, MB

27 - Mosaic Stadium - Regina, SK

30 - Commonwealth Stadium - Edmonton, AB



1 - BC Place Stadium - Vancouver, BC

3 - The Gorge - George, WA

6 - Sun Bowl Stadium - El Paso, TX

8 - Alamodome - San Antonio, TX



1 - Estadio La Plata - Buenos Aires, Argentina (with The Who)

From: http://bravewords.com/news/guns-n-roses-new-security-details-released-for-concert-at-irelands-slane-castle-in-wake-of-manchester-terror-attack

Dennis Dunaway Hopes for More Alice Cooper Reunion Shows

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Original Alice Cooper band bassist Dennis Dunaway hopes there will be more reunions with the surviving members in the future, and believes they will take place if promoters realize there’s a demand.

He got back together with frontman Cooper, guitarist Michael Bruce and drummer Neal Smith on May 14 in Nashville, performing a five-song set at the end of Cooper’s show with his current band. The group, which split when the singer went solo in 1975, also recorded together for the upcoming Cooper album Paranormal, following a brief live reunion in 2015.

As with their previous outing, Ryan Roxie took the place of late guitarist Glen Buxton. “When we got to Nashville, we rehearsed the songs in the dressing room with Ryan,” Dunaway said on his website. “We had to decide which guitar parts each guy would play – sometimes Ryan plays Michael’s parts with Alice, and now he had to play all of Glen’s parts. We also had to lock in which to look at for each cue.”

Dunaway also recalled how fans “raised their iPhones like a sea of lanterns” when the big moment came. “We blasted ‘Eighteen,’ ‘Billion Dollar Babies,’ ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy,’ ‘Muscle of Love’ and then ‘School’s Out / Another Brick in the Wall’ with both bands for the big finale. Whenever I looked into the crowd, I was surprised to see so many people were crying.”

He pointed out that “some shows are good, some are great, and some feel downright transcendent,” but he’s grateful to just be onstage performing with his old bandmates. It’s “very special, and since it doesn’t happen very often, magic was in the air,” he said. “I was on cloud nine over how many amazing fans had gone to such lengths to be there. Some came from Canada, France and even Australia. As far as future reunion shows, hopefully our fans will make a big enough noise to reach the ears of the concert promoters.”

Paranormal will be released on July 28, complete with a mini-album recorded by the original band. The LP also features guest appearances by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Deep Purple’s Roger Glover and U2’s Larry Mullen.


From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/alice-cooper-reunion-shows/?trackback=tsmclip

OZZY And SHARON OSBOURNE Renew Wedding Vows A Year After Split

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According to E! News, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne renewed their 35-year-old wedding vows on May 14, a date which also coincided with Mother's Day in America.


Following the ceremony, which was held at The Wynn in Las Vegas, Sharon wrote on Facebook: "The best Mother's Day ever."


A source told U.K. tabloid The Sun that Sharon and Ozzy "are obviously used to doing everything in the spotlight but made a conscious decision to keep this quiet. It was just an intimate family get-together at the hotel with their children and very nearest and dearest there."


Sharon broke the news of the impending celebration last December when she said: "Ozzy has asked me to renew our wedding vows and I'd like to. I'm happy, and, to be honest, that's all I want for Christmas this year."


Ozzy and Sharon first said "I do" on July 4, 1982.


The couple separated in May 2016 as reports circulated that Ozzy had been caught in an affair with a celebrity hairstylist. She turned out to be one of several women that Ozzy had been seeing and claimed that she and Ozzy had fallen in love. Ozzy later told Sharon that he would "go to any lengths necessary to repair the damage" that he had caused by his alleged affair. The couple went to marriage counseling and Ozzy reportedly checked into rehab for sex addiction.


Sharon said at the time: "We've survived everything: drink, drugs and now it's women... When you're fucking a load of women, one of them is going to want more. That's the one that's going to get you."


Sharon told The Sun that she didn't entirely blame Ozzy, saying: "It is hard when you are both successful and both working away. It is easy to take each other for granted… You have to have some ups and downs."


Ozzy later apologized publicly to the women with whom he has had extramarital sexual relationships.


Sharon continued to manage Ozzy's career throughout their marital crisis.


The singer recently completed a year-long farewell tour with BLACK SABBATH and is preparing to hit the road with his solo band.


From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ozzy-and-sharon-osbourne-renew-wedding-vows-a-year-after-split/#HWVzHglPcbkvGtAR.99

Iron Maiden Press Forward With U.K. Tour After Manchester Terrorist Attack

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With a round of U.K. tour dates on the calendar days after last night’s terrorist attack that claimed the lives of more than 20 concertgoers at an Ariana Grande show in Manchester, the members of Iron Maiden have vowed to press forward.

“We are shocked by last night’s terrible events at the Manchester Arena. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected,” Maiden proclaimed on their official social media channels, quickly adding, “We can advise fans that our last three U.K. shows in Cardiff and at London’s O2 will proceed as planned.” Yet as intent as they are on fulfilling their concert obligations, the band has also made it clear that “any extra means to ensure fan safety are being examined with the relevant authorities.”

Maiden, performing throughout the U.K. since early May, are in the midst of their Book of Souls world tour, which picked up in February 2017 and will see the group return to North America for a closing leg during June and July.

The specter of violence has loomed over the shows from the start — as singer Bruce Dickinson admitted in an interview early on, the band couldn’t help but consider the terrorist attack that erupted during an Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan in Paris on Nov. 13, 2015.

“You’ve gotta be grown up about it,” Dickinson said regarding the threat of an attack. “But, at the same time, you still need to be able to offer people that hope and send that message out there. They can’t stop … real life just carries on.”


From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/iron-maiden-manchester-attack/?trackback=tsmclip

Queen's Brian May on Manchester Terror Attack: 'Treat Horrific Events With Compassion,' Not More Violence

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As the music world on the whole braces for what’s next following the second major terrorist attack on a concert in less than two years, artists have been reacting and reflecting to the latest tragedy which took place at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on Monday night (May 22). The attack claimed the lives of more than 20 people, including several children, and left dozens more injured. In a new interview, Queen‘s Brian May has offered a world view on how we treat situations like this.

The guitarist spoke with NME about the horrible event that struck his home country, recapping his initial reaction on Twitter, adding, “There were moms there that didn’t even know if there child was alive or dead. It’s the most terrible thing. To me, it’s almost impossible to imagine the kind of hatred that has to exist in someone if they would bomb children.”

May, who admitted he regards “everything as an opportunity,” stated, “out of tragedy comes knowledge and realization.” Citing 9/11 alongside the recent attack, he stressed these tragedies offer the “opportunity to reevaluate ourselves,” something he said the world failed to do after the 2001 attack in the United States. “We went on bombing people,” commented May.

“Tony Blair, David Cameron… [Britain] still [has] this attitude that you can solve a violent situation by violence. I don’t believe that. I believe we have to sweep all that away and start again. If we really think we can solve this kind of violent behavior by being violent ourselves and being racist and reacting in that way then we are in for the most terrible tragedy for the world, because this is how it escalates,” he went on.

Offering an alternative, May suggested, “To me, you have to break the cycle of violence and you have to treat horrific events with compassion. I don’t mean compassion for the person who did the bombing. You have to look at the world and say, ‘What part do we play in the world?’”

Queen are slated to perform at the Manchester Arena, where the attack took place, in December, and May said that canceling the show is not an option. He mentioned that security will need to be increased and looking at the “underlying causes” is also important, as well as asking, “Why does the world hate us that much?” The guitarist also said, “We won’t cancel because that’s what they want, these [terrorists]. They want to ruin our lives, they want to stop us making music, dancing and being happy. Course they do. And we have to stick to what we believe in, which is that life is to be lived.”

Lamb of God‘s Randy Blythe took on a similar mindset following the Manchester attack, stating, in part, “We as a race, THE HUMAN RACE, have to do better than this.” Linkin Park‘s Chester Bennington also felt humanity can benefit from less hate and more compassion as he said, “As of today, my life’s purpose is one of love and understanding. The world needs to change and that change comes from within. Hate, pride, vengeance and fear are the plague of the earth. Love, kindness, compassion, empathy and service to others are the cure.”


From: http://loudwire.com/queen-brian-may-manchester-attack-compassion-not-violence/?trackback=tsmclip

Listen to Mr. Big's New Song, '1992'

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As Mr. Big approach their 30th anniversary, the band is taking the opportunity to look back. But they’re also pushing ahead with their ninth album, Defying Gravity, which will be released on July 7.


You can listen to “1992” from the upcoming album below. The song recalls the high times and emotional roller-coaster ride the group enjoyed that year as “To Be With You” became a monster hit, soaring to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.



For bassist Billy Sheehan, it wasn’t his first taste of success, but it was a moment that had special meaning. “I was fortunate enough to achieve some success with David Lee Roth,” he tells Ultimate Classic Rock. “It was an amazing time and an amazing transition from driving my ‘77 Pinto in Buffalo with the fake tire on it — the one that comes with the car and you’re only supposed to drive it until you get to the next gas station. I had it on the car for three years. Getting to L.A., the night that I [arrived], there was actually paparazzi around Dave, so it was a pretty chaotic transition.”


He eventually settled in as a member of Roth’s band and enjoyed working with the Van Halen singer on the Eat ‘Em & Smile and Skyscraper, which spawned a pair of hit singles in “Yankee Rose” and “Just Like Paradise.” But as he explains, Mr. Big were built from the ground up with a specific purpose.

“I put it together for all four of us to be equal in there, not to have anyone be the leader,” Sheehan says. “I loved having Dave as the leader, because he’s the best you could get. “But this was more of a band situation, rather than [me being] an individual in his band. There was a great deal of satisfaction from that. We were at No. 1 on Billboard for three weeks, No. 1 in 14 countries and we were on The Tonight Show and I got to sit in chair number one, so that was pretty cool.”


Defying Gravity found Mr. Big — Sheehan, singer Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert and drummer Pat Torpey — working against time. They had a week to pull the bulk of the album together — that was all the time their collective schedules would allow for them to be in the same room. They added some finishing touches individually later, but according to Sheehan, “the body of the main songs, from beginning to end, the arrangement, guitar, bass, drums and pretty much every musical part had to be done in six days.”


The tight window ended up being beneficial. “It’s a good pressure, because it really forces you to get creative and make it happen. In the old days, that’s really how it was,” he says. “I’ve done records in two days, where you’ve got just so much time and you’ve got to get in there and get it done. If you don’t get it done in time, we’re out of money and you’re out of luck. There’s nothing you can do about it, so you’ve got to finish it. So it was that kind of pressure. It brings out the best in us with Mr. Big.”


Producer Kevin Elson, who was behind the boards for the band’s first three albums, returned for the first time since 1993’s Bump Ahead to help shepherd the sessions.


“He’s casual, but he’s got good ears,” Sheehan says. “He can’t always explain it in musical terms, but he’ll tell us if something is working or if it isn’t, just from a Joe Average point of view. And it’s hard sometimes to get a Joe Average point of view, especially if you’re in the biz. You start thinking you know it all. Kevin really looks at it sometimes like a first-time listener or like a person that’s not necessarily involved in music. So he can really hear it like the people on the street are hearing it, which are the people we’re making it for. That common sense approach is really valuable.”


Matt Starr, who’s toured with the group in recent years since Torpey was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, stepped in to handle most of the drumming on the new album, working with Torpey. “It’s a great back and forth that they have, and I thought Matt just did a stellar job on the drumming on the record in general,” Sheehan says. “But the fact that he really took the Pat Torpey stylings and advice and did it selflessly and without ego and was just there to help a brother drummer, was really touching and really a great experience.”


Fans can expect a small preview of the new album when the band launches a U.S. tour at the end of the month. “We don’t want to do too much [from the new album before it comes out], because people won’t know what it is,” Sheehan notes. “We’re going to do a couple of songs, probably right up front. Plus, we’ve got another eight records to pull from, so it’s kind of hard.


“There’s a lot of songs that a lot of people want to hear from all of those records. We’re going to do our best to please as many people as possible. We can’t please everybody, but we’re going to do our best. We’ll also do, not the typical older songs that we always do, but maybe throw in a few surprises and things like that. We’ll do our best to get as much in there as possible.”


From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/mr-big-1992/?trackback=tsmclip


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Capital Chaos TV recently caught up with HammerFall guitarist and founder Oscar Dronjak on tour in the US. Following is an excerpt from the transcription, check out the video interview below.







On the early metal scene in Gothenburg


Oscar: "When I formed Hammerfall in 1993 this type of music was very outdated by the people who knew things. If you were a metal fan you were generally a fan of the harder, more aggressive music or grunge maybe, which I wasn't, I decided to play heavy metal. In 1993 it was quite difficult for me. I had some friends who liked some melodic metal still who weren't afraid to admit it, but there were not that many. We were just doing this for fun and we loved the music we were playing, and the other bands that were around at that time, some of my best friends from that era, were in bands like Dark Tranquility, In Flames or At The Gates. They all went on to become really famous in their respective death metal fields. It was a great atmosphere to grow up in."


On changing record labels from Nuclear Blast to Napalm Records


Oscar: "For us it was a matter having a label that didn't have 500 other bands, that doesn't have 500 other priorities as well, because when we signed with Nuclear Blast in 1997 this was a small growing label and we were a small growing band. It was a really good fit. We were really happy with them over the years, otherwise we wouldn't have stayed with them for 18 years."

DREAM THEATER's MIKE MANGINI Discusses His Hopes For Those That Collect His Artwork

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In the clip below, DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Mangini discusses his hopes for those that collect his artwork that he's crafted from rhythm as part of his collection.







Utilizing a variety of lit drumsticks and techniques, much like a painter would use brushes with paint, Mangini has crafted this art collection for canvas built from rhythm.


Released on February 2, the collection, titled "Symmetry Beyond Planck", showcases his unique approach to the shapes found in his drumming techniques.


In crafting the collection he worked alongside art team/publisher SceneFour.


Mangini has joined an extraordinary group of drummers working with art team SceneFour in the medium, including Bill Ward (BLACK SABBATH), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Rick Allen (DEF LEPPARD), Mickey Hart, Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) and Nick Menza (MEGADETH).


Asked if there was anything he wished DREAM THEATER had done differently in the way they went about finding a replacement for original DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy in 2010, DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci told "The Classic Metal Show": "There's not many situations in life where you can say you wouldn't have done anything differently, but this is one of 'em. I think, looking back, I wouldn't have done anything differently."


He continued: "Mike Mangini really helped us to get through a major bandmember change, and in a way, that was probably as smooth as any bandmember change could have gone. The way that he came in, his personality, his skills as a drummer, his background, his history… it clicked to the point where it was, like, if we would have met Mike [Mangini] twenty years ago, we would have been playing with this guy. If I would have grown up with him, I would have been friends with him jamming. And that's rare. It's rare to do that one time around."


Petrucci added: "You know so many musicians in bands that are having trouble finding people to play with, and who click, and so the fact that this happened with Mike [Mangini], it's really just amazing to us. And since he's been in the band, we've done [three] albums, [several] world tours and, thankfully, have had a lot of success with it, and a lot of support from our fans through all of it. And, again, I wouldn't have done anything differently. It's really amazing."


From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/dream-theaters-mike-mangini-discusses-his-hopes-for-those-that-collect-his-artwork/#SUwYML8PcjK7zXzh.99

Taylor Momsen Fights Back Tears While Singing Audioslave's 'Like a Stone' Live

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Out of all the Chris Cornell tributes from our favorite artists, this one may be the most emotional. On May 20, Taylor Momsen held back tears onstage before The Pretty Reckless launched into a somber cover of Audioslave’s “Like a Stone.”

The Pretty Reckless lived out a dream by opening for Soundgarden on what turned out to be the band’s final shows. Cornell was found dead just hours after their Detroit show, which was The Pretty Reckless’ last scheduled performance with Soundgarden.


The day after Cornell’s death was announced, Momsen put up another Instagram post:


"My heart is broken. Still in a state of shock. I have no words right now except my heart pours out to his beautiful family and friends".


The Pretty Reckless decided to give their fans in Camden, New Jersey an acoustic version of “Like a Stone” instead of the effects-heavy style of Tom Morello. “This one’s for Chris,” Momsen said as guitarist Ben Phillips strummed the song’s opening chords. The emotion was heavy for Taylor Momsen, who could be seen fighting back tears as she sang each line to “Like a Stone.”

After finishing the tribute and The Pretty Reckless’ set, Momsen buried her face in her hands and walked offstage, where she was comforted by her crew as tears undoubtedly started to pour. The Pretty Reckless repeated their tribute to Cornell the next night at Rock on the Range, where Soundgarden was booked to headline over the weekend.

For all your Chris Cornell updates and artist tributes to the late legend, stay tuned to Loudwire.

Check out the footage here:



From: http://loudwire.com/taylor-momsen-fights-back-tears-audioslave-like-a-stone/?trackback=tsmclip

Brian May Reveals New Details of Freddie Mercury's Final Days

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Queen singer Freddie Mercury was fiercely protective of his privacy, and he continued to guard it jealously even as his health succumbed to the ravages of AIDS — but as guitarist Brian May recently revealed, Mercury’s bandmates were privileged with glimpses of their frontman’s grueling final struggle.

May looked back on Mercury’s final days in a recent interview with the Sunday Times (via the Daily Telegraph), revealing that before the disease claimed Mercury, it started taking pieces of his body — including most of his foot, which had to be amputated.

“The problem was actually his foot,” May told the Times. “Tragically there was very little left of it. Once, he showed it to us at dinner. And he said, ‘Oh Brian, I’m sorry I’ve upset you by showing you that.’ And I said, ‘I’m not upset, Freddie, except to realize you have to put up with all this terrible pain.'”

As May went on to point out, Mercury’s death occurred shortly before major advancements in AIDS research led to the introduction of drug cocktails that help stave off the disease, allowing the diagnosed the possibility of long-term management — and helping prevent further agony for patients. Admitting it’s difficult to know how close Mercury came to seeing those medications become available, May stressed that he stays focused on the legacy he left behind.

“He missed by just a few months. If it had been a bit later he would still have been with us, I’m sure,” said May. “You can’t do ‘what if,’ can you? You can’t go there because therein lies madness.”

It’s worth noting that May has publicly expressed his unhappiness with the overall tone of the interview, which focused on the sensationalistic aspects of Queen and Mercury’s story rather than the project May sat down with the Times to discuss — the Queen in 3-D retrospective book he painstakingly assembled for release this year.

“This woman came into my house, pretended she was a fan and was going to write a nice piece about the book, as agreed; then went away and wrote this pathetic sensationalistic drivel. I’m angry and disgusted,” wrote May, pointing out that he’d agreed to give the Times the exclusive on the book, including any photos they wanted to run — and they “used just two of them, one of them reproduced not much bigger than a postage stamp; the rest of the piece illustrated with recycled ordinary snaps from God knows where.”

While May didn’t single out the earlier quotes as a reason for his ire, he did take umbrage with the piece’s focus on what the headline described as “the debauchery of the Freddie Mercury years.” Vowing never to give the Times “the time of day” from here on out, he assured fans that the book has nothing to do with the story presented by the article.

“I spent over two years fashioning this into the first book of its kind — EVER — a biography of a band from the inside illustrated with my own photographs — and in 3-D, with a fabulous viewer to bring them to life in three dimensions,” May insisted. “It’s honest, goes deep and is tasteful and dignified (I have been told!) but nobody reading this awful amateurish piece of journalistic opportunism would know it.”


From: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/freddie-mercury-final-days/?trackback=tsmclip


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Guns N’ Roses will begin their European Not In The Lifetime Tour 2017 in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday, May 27th. The reunited band featuring Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan is teasing some sort of an announcement on Wednesday. Check out this teaser video below stating "We're just getting started...":


In an unprecedented double-bill, Guns N’ Roses and The Who are teaming up for one-off show on October 1st at Estadio La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. GN’R’s Nightrain pre-sale begins on May 22nd and public on-sale will commence the following day. VIP are yet to be determined.


For more details click here.


According to a report from Billboard, Guns N' Roses' epic Not In This Lifetime tour has raked in $230 million since its April 2016 launch, not including revenue yet to be reported from seven Asian markets during the first quarter of 2017. The North American leg alone grossed a total of $116.8 million with over one million tickets sold.


The Not In This Lifetime tour features founding G'N'R members Axl Rose (vocals), Slash (guitars) and Duff McKagan (bass) backed by drummer Frank Ferrer, guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and second keyboardist, Melissa Reese.


Not In This Lifetime Tour 2017 dates:



27 - Slane Castle - Dublin, Ireland

30 - Estadio San Mames - Bilbao, Spain



2 - Passeio Martimo De Alges - Lisbon, Portugal

4 - Estadio Vicente Calderon - Madrid, Spain

7 - Letzigrund Stadium - Zurich, Switzerland

10 - Autodromo - Imola, Italy

13 - Olympiastadion - Munich, Germany

16 - London Stadium - London, UK

20 - Stadion Energie Gdansk - Gdansk, Poland

22 - Messe - Hannover, Germany

24 - Werchter Classic - Werchter, Belgium

27 - Telia Parken - Copenhagen, Denmark

29 - Friends Arena - Stockholm, Sweden



1 - Kantolan Tapahtumapuisto - Hämeenlinna, Finland

4 - Letnany Airport - Prague, Czech Republic

7 - Stade De France - Paris, France

10 - Ernst Happel Stadium - Vienna, Austia

12 - Goffertpark - Nijmegen, Netherlands

15 - Hayarkon Park - Tel Aviv, Israel

27 - The Dome at America's Center - St. Louis, MO

30 - U.S. Bank Stadium - Minneapolis, MN



2 - Sports Authority Field at Mile High - Denver, CO

8 - Miami Marlins Stadium - Miami, FL

11 - BB&T Field - Winston-Salem, NC

13 - Hersheypark Stadium - Hershey, PA

16 - New Era Field - Buffalo, NY

19 - Parc Jean Drapeau - Montreal, QC

21 - TD Place Stadium - Ottawa, ON

24 - Investors Group Field - Winnipeg, MB

27 - Mosaic Stadium - Regina, SK

30 - Commonwealth Stadium - Edmonton, AB



1 - BC Place Stadium - Vancouver, BC

3 - The Gorge - George, WA

6 - Sun Bowl Stadium - El Paso, TX

8 - Alamodome - San Antonio, TX



1 - Estadio La Plata - Buenos Aires, Argentina (with The Who)

NAZARETH Signs With FRONTIERS MUSIC SRL; New Album Due In 2018

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Frontiers Music Srl has announced the signing of legendary rockers NAZARETH. The band's brand new studio album will be released in 2018.


The current lineup of NAZARETH consists of Jimmy Murrison (longest-serving guitarist in the band's history), Lee Agnew (drummer since Darrel Sweet's death in 1999), Pete Agnew (founding member, on bass) and new singer Carl Sentance (who joined the band in 2015 after Dan McCafferty had to retire due to illness).


Pete Agnew says: "With Carl as our brand new singer and Frontiers as our brand new record company, the buzz surrounding us right now is the same as it was when we went in to record our very first album. Can't wait for the sparks to fly!"


Originally coming together as THE SHADETTES in 1968 in Dunfermline, Scotland, the entity known as NAZARETH came together in spring 1970 and released their eponymous debut album in 1971. The band came to prominence after the release of the Roger Glover (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW) produced "Razamanaz" in 1973. Two more successful releases, "Loud 'N' Proud" and "Rampant", followed before the release of "Hair Of The Dog" in 1975, which was an unqualified success. The title track was a staple of '70s rock radio and the ballad "Love Hurts" is a worldwide hit.


NAZARETH mantained a solid sales history during the '80s, particularly in Germany, where "Dream On" became a hit single. A tribute of note to the band came in 1993 when GUNS N' ROSES covered "Hair Of The Dog" on their "The Spaghetti Incident?" album.


To date, NAZARETH has recorded 23 studio albums, earning them platinum, gold, and silver awards around the world. Their latest release, "Rock N' Roll Telephone" was released in 2014 and generally hailed by music critics as another masterpiece in a long line of them from the band.

From: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/nazareth-signs-with-frontiers-music-srl-new-album-due-in-2018/#sty3tMlXbLe4Alq6.99